Teen Shares His Experience Getting Vaccinated | MSNBC

Teen Shares His Experience Getting Vaccinated | MSNBC 1


    1. @Adolf Hitler Only a Trump Supporter would use Hitler as a yahoo name, pathetic you are using the name and discouraging others from taking the virus.

    2. @Adolf Hitler 100% True. They did 2 of mine. first 1 I had since 2008. Idiots can’t put 2 and 2 together.

    3. @Josef as should no one be taking it that will NOT have anything wrong with them. so, 99.8%

  1. There is that word again, “hesitant”

    I am not hesitant. I am firmly shouting *NO and NEVER*

    1. @Tom W It’s a “stand your ground” thing. Kinda cool Florida passed that law, huh? Get too close to me and, well, you’re just a threat to my life, so . . .

  2. According to Yale…currently, 60 percent of people being treated for Covid are fully vaccinated. Thats over half !!!

    1. That is an absolute lie. Show a source.

      And don’t bother telling me to look for myself. You made the claim, back it up.

    1. Yeah I know , I can tell you don’t text much ! And if you do and you spell everything correctly including punctuation. You are a whole weirdo out here 🤷🏾‍♂️👋🏾

    2. This isn’t texting either, but I’m sure you talk like that. Why would an American doctor have a foreign accent?

  3. A well spoken and compassionate 12 year old… good job mom and dad. Teach your children to be kind, makes the world a better place.

    1. Hahahaha My God. I hope them, you and anyone who got this months old Test vaccine, well, guess.

    2. @SuezieQ Brainwashed Seals is all you clowns are. I know a ton of people. 3 is the number that has tested posiive. 2 with not a symptom 1. The other was 77 last fall, while in Florida. Doctor gave him 4 doses of HCQ and he was 100% great less than 2 days later and drove back to Wi. then 3 days after that was cutting firewood. No one I know wheres mask, hasn’t worn one. Well, to clarify, not more than maybe 10 minutes here r there or if at a Doctors visit. And been to various yearly parties..NO MASK. How are we all a live? Are we medical marvels? 16 months of this nonsense counting all types of deaths as the Wuhan Flu and so many other use to be deaths have declined. Everyone total has a 99.8% chance of being just fine. Those 18 and under has a 99.995. So Why TF should anyone get a vaccine that was made in a few months? Especially kids, who died more from the FLU in a 4 month Flu season than 16 months of this.

  4. It’s sounds like he wanted to virtual signal to people with like identity traits as himself.

    Like this is the new way life has to be and it’s the only way to “get back to normal”

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