Tennessee Democrat Decries GOP Push To Block Covid Protections 1

Tennessee Democrat Decries GOP Push To Block Covid Protections


TN state Rep. London Lamar tells Ali Velshi that the push by Republicans to stop local officials from imposing Covid regulations will kill people. Lamar says the GOP effort is especially cruel because it came on the same day that one of her staffers died from the virus. Dr. Diego Hijano also joins the conversation.
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  1. Republicans are no longer pro-life, pro-police, pro-democracy, or pro human decency. Trump demolished the party, and the Republicans still support him. Tell me again why anyone should ever vote for Republicans?

  2. It’s incredible that some politicians have chosen to put politics ahead of public safety. They need to hear from us voters. I say contact them and give a comment.

  3. Yesterday, (8/11/21) an 8 year old girl died from complications of covid/delta in West Tennessee. Our local ICU has 18 child patients with 4 currently on ventilators. This will not end well.

    1. Could it be the Republicans figure they already have the 22 & 24 elections legislatively rigged in their favor? When their authoritarian rule begins their “people” will finally realize they have been duped and become the resistance. The Republicans are letting Covid help take care of that problem.

    2. More minorities aren’t getting vaccinated. Do some research so you don’t sound so dumb next time.

  4. The solution is easy. Those who oppose masks and vaccinations for their children should be taught virtual or in separate facilities. Masked and vaccinated children should be taught in different locations. It is looking as if segregation is resurfacing but under different circumstances

    1. I agree too, let’s see who grows up with a stronger immune system. Probably not going to turn out the way you think.

    2. @Win Big with Lena & Mike what’s your point? It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong. Thats a different issue. Separate the masked and the unmasked. Argument settled.

    1. They demand freedom over their bodies when it comes to masks & vaccines. But would deny that to women choosing abortion .
      And have no problem threatening the lives of others with covid recklessness . These people are uneducated , immoral , irresponsible & a threat to themselves and others .

  5. Put that picture up with the Texas democrats having a mask less party on that plane when they we’re supposed to be in Texas working for their constituents. They ran to Washington and spread covid throughout the capital. They should all be fired.


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  8. Praying this lady is successful in her fight for Covid common sense. So glad there are people out there truly trying to make a difference. Ted Cruz is a perfect example of the voucher agenda this lady is talking about. Cruz publicly denounced mask mandates in school and public yet sends his son to an expensive private school in Houston that MANDATES everyone to wear masks. Hypocrisy of GOP IS disgusting

  9. Democrats protect yourselves and your kids. Whatever the other people want to do is their problem. We don’t care.

  10. How stupid do they think people are? There only one reason these changes are made to just make less likely someone will vote. It’s not to stop you from voting just make like 50 car lined up at drive thru are not stopping you from getting a big mac…

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