Tennessee Parents Protest School Mask Mandate, Shout At Board Members 1

Tennessee Parents Protest School Mask Mandate, Shout At Board Members


Protests erupted in Tennessee after a school district reinstated a mask mandate for elementary students, and video captures one man screaming at an individual wearing a mask as they walked to their car, saying, 'We know who you are.' State Attorney for Palm Beach County, Dave Aronberg, discusses.

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Tennessee Parents Protest School Mask Mandate, Shout At Board Members


  1. So the video footage at the start shows men threatening a man in a car and they then try to prevent him taking a photo/video of him, while there is a news cameraman filming them!! These are not the smartest or most organised people.

    1. @Daniel Enrique Hernandez so you have video evidence yet it’s taking four months plus to prove you right? Sure buddy.

    2. Larry J no more meat, no more cars, no more land, intermittent power, everyone living in a cramped skyscraper, half your taxes going towards the global south, etc. I consider the destruction of our way of life an atrocity.

    3. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. Ok watever..
      Cuz yall love sleepy joe..
      Things should just b fair..
      Share m video on election fraud..wat u scared of??

    4. Calvin R. Johnson Jr. funny, if that’s our identity how come so many Indians like Arvin obsess over changing our immigration so they can move here?

    1. @Secondary Containment They will the be ones hiding their zombie bite so they can be free to infect everyone else.

  2. And one of them, Dwayne, was fired by Kelly Clarkson, live onstage, because he was abusive to her fans.

    1. And just like that, I snapped out of my listless state of compliance. Thank you for lifting the veil. This comment is worth 1000 mushroom trips of insight.

  3. Lol the police needs to get involved. I wouldn’t go to the extreme like they did with mask but it an observation that left makes threats takes people job and they sit here and gaslight

  4. What state did Tom Segura suggest building a wall around? Florida’s easy, just a wall across it and a Naval blockade. SWEET.


  6. These are self-absorbed parents, who for some reason feel they’re entitled to neglect their own child(s) health and well being, as well as their classmates & teachers. Isn’t that considered abuse? Also, didn’t that so called adult male, behaving like an elementary child, threaten a person? Why, oh why wasn’t he arrested?

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