1. @Dementia Joe Kid Touch You have a creepy fascination with little boys. Let me guess, you’re QAnon too. 😳

    2. @Geff Joldblum Yeah, just sat back and let her expose herself as a serial liar who damaged numerous criminal cases she testified in as “expert witness” by faking her credentials, the monster! πŸ€₯

    3. @On This Spot Little boy πŸ‘¦ you would not be smart enough to debate me no matter how old my account was!!!! Is that what you say when you have no point????

  1. Is it really that difficult to briefly show a little map indicating where exactly in the state this is occurring?

    1. If you take the interstate from Nashville to Memphis, about a third of the way there, you are in the flood zone.

    2. @ruth depew Right, I figured that much out on my own. I suppose it’s time I lower my expectations to match “modern” sh!t for brains journalism.

    1. What an absolutely terrible comment you were making. People are dying and you can laugh at this and make it a political event. This post is despicable and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    2. T. R. Campbell ; I agree with that. It’s so easy for people to make jokes about other people’s misery anonymously online. It’s just cowardly and disgusting.

  2. When are you all gonna realize it would be less expensive to fix climate change than to clean up all this mess? No matter what it costs to fix it.

    1. that would require for people to actually accept climate change and humankinds role in it. So far too many people deny or refuse to accept reality and so it is what it is

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