Tennis Player Novak Djokovic Tests Positive For Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I can’t wait for sports to come back, I miss 15 minutes of my news being dedicated to some one having done something with a ball

    1. Isn’t it amazing that even though people are dying left and right because of covid-19 yet the only thing on some peoples mind is _When can I see some grown as men toss so balls around_ .

    2. @Intelligent Design Lighten up a little, we all wish life would return to normal sooner than later.

    3. I quite like the sports reruns from 10 years ago because by now we have all forgotten the results

  2. Very silly of the Adria tour not to implement covid 19 safety rules. No facemasks, no social distancing, no hand sanitizers etc?!

    1. really your going to use that as an excuse it was his own fault for his stupid attitude, he better hopes someone doesnt die as a result of his careless actions

    2. No respect for the narrative, I guess. Kepp living in fear, sheeple, we choose to return to our lives against the 99.7% virus.

  3. He was against vaccination and this is the result. The West attacked him 5 mins before the final.

  4. Let’s all feel sorry for him. I tested positive 3 months ago. Where were youbthen? Oh boo whooo

  5. MLB is deciding to reopen the season today… 😆😁😂🤔🙄😒😟😨😫😩😵😕😠😡

  6. BangG adria tour was humanitarian tour…all procedes were going to ppl in need and players that are ranked below 100 place on atp. Man and women. So get your facts straight first

    1. He could have written a check for the same amount of money and not put lives at risks. And my understanding is that he only donated 30k to lower ranked players.

  7. So WHAT!? No symptoms – got immunity. Tell me any other athletes who actually died (or got any problem ) with this influenza.

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