Tense exchange between Trudeau, Blanchet at French-language debate 1

Tense exchange between Trudeau, Blanchet at French-language debate


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau had a tense exchange with Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet over Quebec.

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  1. They are all the same…. politics is broken worldwide….. I wish they would allow for a ‘None of the Above’ option on the ballot box…..

  2. A country going in multiple directions, is no longer a unified country. As shown here!
    But they all go to the same taxpayer to pay for their ideas!!

  3. Curious how folks from Quebec feel about this exchange. I don’t think Trudeau handled that well, the little dictator.

    1. @Starky513 He doesn’t run anything he merely panders and plays on the heartstrings of the lowest common denominator with his dramatic crocodile tears and preschool teacher tone. He’s the epitome of a moron…

    2. @Starky513 he handled it like a petulant child, he’s a trustfund surfer that never grew up hence his childish outburst

  4. I don’t like Blanchet but the way he kept murmuring “relaxe, relaxe” to Trudeau’s tantrum got me laughing a bit!

  5. Throw gravel…he’s a victim, poor thing. Thing is we’re all victims of you and your masters. But play nice London. Oh but don’t mention the fact he’s destroyed our country.

  6. Did Blanchet really say “relax, relax, relax” when JT started freaking out? lol

    JT really fell into his hands.

    1. Think he just got a bit emotional which he has a right too. I mean the guy was born there and has lived his whole life there

    2. @Soban Faiz – He was actually born in Ottawa, but yes, I get your point.

      Still, JT fell right into Blanchet’s debate tactics. He was rattled after that.

  7. Who cares if he is/feels, isn’t/doesn’t feel? Nonsense drama queen when they should be debating ACTUAL Canadian issues. What a brat.

    1. yeah, exactly what i was thinking: “drama queen”. obviously some emotions and feelings have a place in politics, but there’s a line. this is just embarrassing

  8. What they really should be saying: “I’ll screw over Canada the most for the benefit of French Quebec” “No, I’ll screw them over more for French Quebec” “No, I am screwing them over more for French Quebec”….

  9. Can you imagine being born and raised in Calgary, and having Kenny tell you that “you aren’t an Albertan!”… Blanchet is a joke.

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