Tension High in Central Kingston | TVJ News – April 22 2022

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  1. This man have a gun 🔫 that man have a gun 🔫, laad them just killing each other for fun,, ,, God have to visit Jamaica 🇯🇲 fi real 😳

  2. But at least we can still celebrate our 60th year of “Independents,” and look back at our “achievements” that we had made. Jamaica land we love. 🎉🎊🎉💥💥

  3. “This is not a situation where we pretty up fi the one dem weh a duh wrongs ” who heard it?? SIR P never tell a lie…

    1. She was just giving an hypothetical situation. She didnt suuggest that she was covering up for wrong doesr. She is simply saying that situations like that does happen in Jamaica. No news here

  4. This is Ja, where hard working persons have to keep and eye in the back of their heads every second of the day, SMH. No block roads or protesting in the streets, seems almost strange. And when the waste man dem we a do the dirt dead, when the Royals visit, and when George Floyd died in the USA, not Ja, USA! pure noise and road blocking, . Ja is a real joke place. RIP Yute.

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