1. @kandy77 if they don’t turn the people against the government of jamaica I don’t really care “what they’re like”.

    2. @kandy77 If you look at history you would understand the risks of having a proclaimed ‘independent’ state within your territory, for example terrorism or separatist movements.

  1. Colonel if you reading this…Big up!! Them DUNCE,is a set a dunce ya Try help .We a we own worse enemy and remember you can’t have slaves offsprings settling with offsprings of maroons cuz them ago become a snare to unuh!! Respect again mi G

  2. I just wish Jamaican could do better and try to uplift our country. When a leader is set over you just try to work with that individual and build back our country.

  3. There have to be laws and rules at home and abroad, but some times the people who are given those authority forget the human part of it and becomes a dictator, that’s when things becomes hectic for everyone as some will agree and some will oppose, no government can please everyone. What the hell then ?yes there are those who do their job in a humanistic way while some only want to be honored and don’t do shirt.

  4. a descendant of the maroons should be respected. jamaica please be respectful to the chief. the system already cast out rasta we dont need anymore internal warfare

  5. Smear campaign including this reporting from TVJ news. Keep doing the job chief. We are behind you 100 percent. You are the only one in leadership in Jamaica who is standing up for preservation of Jamaica’s natural resources. The others want to sell out Jamaica to the highest bidder and collect their share of the spoils. We are not blind.

  6. Big business and other secret entities desire all the Maroons land. There land is aplenty with mega rich natural resources. And because he will not sell out his people he is making very dangerous and powerful enemies.

  7. Since the fallout with the government recently there have numerous reports of incidents in the community which I find suspicious. The destabilisation of the community I safely assume is politically motivated.

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