Tensions At GOP Retreat Heat Up As McCarthy Won't Say If Cheney Should Stay In Leadership | MSNBC 1

Tensions At GOP Retreat Heat Up As McCarthy Won’t Say If Cheney Should Stay In Leadership | MSNBC


NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell discusses House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy saying "that's a question for the conference" when asked if Rep. Liz Cheney is "still a good fit for your leadership team."

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Tensions At GOP Retreat Heat Up As McCarthy Won't Say If Cheney Should Stay In Leadership | MSNBC


  1. He is the type that KARMA snatches up around the collar.. He will get exactly what he gave.

    1. No one escapes karma.
      Once you identify your so called enemy you mistake your own identity.
      You,and your father,and everyone is one.

    2. At least he can face the press and answer a question. Not like your demented puppet President who still screws up the words he reads off the TelePrompTer. Why are you NOT INTERESTED Do you know who is really running this country? Because the puppet that was supposedly elective certainly is not! Y’all are too stupid to even realize your vote has been usurped!

  2. McCarthy: “I am the leader of the republican House minority, and I will lead effectively!”
    Also McCarthy: “No comment. No comment. I have no opinion. Ask someone else. No comment.”

    1. If you bet on everyone in congress you are doomed to fail, you have to keep your friends and people you trust close and distance yourself from anyone who is a danger if you want to survive as a HOR.

    2. @Youngstown529 How about Jeffrey Epstein, the big Democratic donor and friend of Hillary and Bill’s. Uh oh, don’t like that one, do you. Disgusting.

    1. What’s he flip flopping on? He doesn’t make policy. He doesn’t have ANY power at the moment in the House. Pelosi has ALL the power and control.

    2. @Gary Rentschler Well at first, Trump was responsible for inciting a riot and then doing nothing to stop it. Now, after Trump’s squeezed his nuts a bit, Kevin is all about how Trump did nothing wrong on the 6th. The man has a slinky for a spine.

    3. @Lunar Wuffy A riot? How MANY buildings burned to the ground? How MANY stores looted? These dems and their media allies even lied about the deaths!! They claimed FIVE. It turns out to be one. The 44 yr old lady from San Diego who got shot in the neck for walking into the Senate chamber. The dems AND media LIED and said Trump supporters bludgeoned a Capitol policeman with a fire extinguisher. It turns out he died of NATURAL CAUSES due to a bad heart!! You SHEEP have put this country in great danger:( You’re all GULLIBLE:(

    4. @Lunar Wuffy Btw…As for ” doing nothing” to stop riots…that was your dem mayor’s and Guv’s all last summer:( Maybe all those death’s, looting’s, whole city blocks destroyed, 6 blocks of downtown Seattle ‘occupied’…just a summer of love…lol…even the mayor of Portland has now had enough of the ANARCHY:( Oh ya, so how did Trump incite a riot? He explicitly told everyone to protest peacefully.

    1. The Republican party clearly enunciated its policy platform at the GOP Convention of the 2020 election; Trump’s America First. But, what is America First? It seems to me to be very simple. America First is whatever Trump believes or wants it to be. The GOP believes and wants America First to be whatever it is that Trump tells them. It requires no thinking and no explanation, just say the words. It is simply – America First.

  3. Policy ?? What policies is he talking about? Mr Potato head ? Dr. Seuss ? Oh now it’s red meat.. Wow they’re deep..

    1. he couldn’t say “well,daddy trump told me..”….give the man a break ,he needs the money from the cult.

    2. @David Schalit No. The Seuss Foundation stopped production of some books. Not like we’re gonna hear parts of “How the Grinch stole Christmas” being bleeped.

    1. you shouldn’t be casting any stones with people like Schumer Pelosi Maxine Waters and shif Running your party.

  4. McCarthy is not a leader. He is going to waffle until the polls tell him what he thinks. And as the polls change, so will McCarthy following the latest puffball in the wind.

  5. Kevin McCarthy: I think whatever I’m told to, or whatever causes me the least amount of discomfort in the short term.


  7. We know their policy but you can bet they’re scared to death right now that they have very little time left to; triage, and either treat or surgically remove the many cancerous tumors within their seriously ill party.

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