Tensions high after Iran blamed for attack on Saudi Arabia

Tensions high after Iran blamed for attack on Saudi Arabia 1


U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo accused Iran of an attack on Saudi Arabia. Ohio Northern University's Robert Alexander discusses how U.S. President Trump will respond.

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25 Comments on "Tensions high after Iran blamed for attack on Saudi Arabia"

  1. Thanks a lot Trudeau

  2. Stop the propangda. The Yemenis are taking the war to Saudi Arabia because they are tired of a coalition of countries bombing them into humanitarian crisis!

    • Isn’t that Pompeo’s propaganda?

    • Yemenis don’t have the technology for this type of attack, although the Yemenis are right to overthrow their kingdom dictatorship.

    • @Ray Bod You forget, the Yemenis regained control of their oil fields so they have money to buy the technology and it’s business for any arms dealer.

    • You mean the Houthis. Yemen is split into three right now so you can’t speak of the Houthis as “Yemen.” They are just a clan that doesn’t want to be governed by another one. The whole situation is a quagmire and no one side is the right side.
      And actually the Houthis claim they are capable of producing their own missiles and drones but it’s likely due to Iranian support.

  3. This is not true
    That is the face of a liar.
    Study it closely folks because MSM is full of them.

  4. Let’s start bombing Iran already

  5. Only Iran has the technology and hatred towards Saudi Arabia to do it. Who launched in their place doesn’t really matter.

  6. What do you think happens when you bomb Yemen for 5 years? Stop The Lies

  7. Henry Calvin Ajax | September 15, 2019 at 4:42 PM | Reply

    Interviewer: So, President Trump, what country are you trying to start a war with?
    Trump: Iran.
    Interviewer: And when you were drafted for Vietnam what did you do?
    Trump: I RAN!

  8. sonjakronic88 kronic | September 15, 2019 at 5:01 PM | Reply

    Bla bla bla lügner

  9. I tried to make a small documentary about if USA would invade iran because of the Saudi oil attacks. I just started this channel and wonder you guys opinions on the video quality. Thx for checking out if you did

  10. Harvey Holloway | September 15, 2019 at 8:53 PM | Reply

    If the site is ever properly analyzed and finds scraps of the bombs, want a bet they are either Israeli or American?

  11. Created by USA to combat Iran.

  12. I’m an Indian, and I think it was done by CIA, to engage axis of evil(USA,UK, ISRAEL, SAUDI ARABIA) on war with Iran!
    Haha,, USA again using blame game and false accusation to start a war!…

  13. who cares canada should have pipeline coast to coast now.. is that trudeau’s trust fund on fire?

  14. It looks like some wanted the prices of oil to rise a bit if any,
    its always about money!

  15. Anyways i think Russia will be buying Canada soon.

  16. One more attack and Quebec is in big trouble.
    Not to worry, the west will save you with the new pipeline.
    Oh darn you cancelled it. Sucks to be you!!!

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