Tensions High in St. Thomas | Gov’t Defends SOE | TVJ Midday News – Oct 21 2021

Tensions High in St. Thomas | Gov't Defends SOE | TVJ Midday News - Oct 21 2021 1


  1. You all must put the forms available for everyone who needs it . If given individual mp they don’t do the right thing

  2. How can you hold anyone in custody for a year without charge? That shows lack of intelligence and it is really a tool of an appresive regime. Stupid.

  3. Anthony shirt tight ehh 🤣🤣. On a serious note my condolences to the family. I hope this be a lesson to people to handle situations the right way. Call the police or detain the person until police arrive but don’t take anyone life.

    1. As I saw him that’s what I said; shirt tight like he was trying to fit into baby clothes.
      Things not looking good in this country at all. My people prayer changes things.

  4. No wonder murder is so prevalent in Jamaica. There is a general disregard for human life across the nation. Yet we call ourselves a God fearing Christian country.

  5. An innocent man lost his life and the convict still at large, smh. Condolences to family and friends.

  6. Jamaica needs a cleansing too much wickedness a gwan.the hurricane that’s coming next week might just do that .

  7. SOE is not a crime fighting strategy, it is being used to violate the constitutional rights of the Jamaican People. Community Policing and economic policies that will improve the lives of the crime producers will help to alleviate the crime situation in Jamaica.

  8. This is a sign and wonder it’s the first time am hearing that Davian Bryan was charged for rape all long I never heard the reason for his incarceration, I don’t understand why was he out. But if some of us never love to kill well this mistake in identity would never resort to someone losing their life in the first place, plus innocently.

  9. The government should be blame for the 2 girls that was taking away how can a person with two crimes like those outside walking up and down like everything is fine. now we see what kind of Monster he really is.

  10. Had it been a policeman who was murdered by that mob I’ll bet they all would have been rounded up already MR.CHANG where is the justice for this poor man ?

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