1. Let’s remember who incited riots against his own governors over the shutdown? Who refused to shut down a single US territory and left it to the Governors? Don’t wear masks, etc. 100% dereliction of duty. Only wants credit, never blame.🤔

    1. He is guilty of the “negligent murder” of 140,000 Innocent American lives and also “criminal endangerment” to all of America due to his dereliction of duty to protect us from COVID-19 as well as ignoring the Fact that his butt buddy in Russia put bounties on our Military! The entire government needs to step up and kick this impeached individual and his entire administration out of the WH! Now before it’s too late

    2. @ako tairi Thats your argument? Cuomo says ONE stupid thing is the same as EVERY SINGLE NIGHT “Left wants to destroy you. Its the enemy, they hate america”.
      Fine. Arrest Chris Cuomo for saying that, as long as you arrest the people who say worse EVERY NIGHT. I’ll take that trade any day. No more Cuomo and no more Hannity, Carlson and Ingrahm.

    3. When it came to testing and PPE he said it was up to the States but when it comes to the protesters he’s all get out of the way I’ll take care if this. He couldn’t get more disgusting

    1. This and That The protesters are peaceful. There are criminals and opportunists like white supremacists inciting violence.

    1. Anyone can wear camouflage and drive an unmarked mini van. This is absurd. If the local police stand up against this and hold their ground it can spark a fight. Americans fighting Americans , so sad 😞

    2. @Kelly Fehr sad you always have to result to racist tropes like go back to your country. They’re American buddy. Get over it

    3. @Gary Campbell nah, it’ll be fine. . Just worry about your fine people and the crazy Karen’s too 🌊🌊🌊🌊

    4. @Bigg Diff Oh! I think you misunderstand my words. I’m not against masks at all. I was pointing out to him that the President is currently killing all of the old people who were unfortunate enough to be hoodwinked by the President. They and/or their friends are going to be dying in horrible numbers in November. There is no way his President can win and I was spelling them all out in that same double-speak they use to tell lies by pretending to tell the truth. I pretended to tell lies while telling truths he did not want to hear. Thank you for fighting for what you feel is right and good in your heart. 🙂

  2. Putin used unmarked troops to invade the Crimean peninsula.
    The orange one is failing.
    There will be much suffering until he is removed from the white house.

    1. @ako tairi National Guard is under the command of the Governor. Cuomo of New York would have deployed them the next day.

    2. @Michael Warren that makes no sense. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t even have the courage at police level let alone bringing up the National Guard.

    3. @ako tairi Yeah, I see all you TuckerTots pointing to that one incident as an excuse to violate the most basic civil rights of US citizens. Please tell me again how outraged you are. I’m just about moved to tears by your fake passion.

    4. S You can see where trump, or maybe miller (small letters intentional) got their ideas from, Putin did this in Crimea. He sent in troops with no identification to arrest protesters. It’s really scary that this can happen in a democracy, something has gone very wrong in the USA, trump has got to be voted out otherwise say goodbye to freedom, liberty, free speech, a free press. This administration has got to be removed.

  3. This footage will be featured in a t’rump campaign ad by the end of the month.
    But hey, what’s a little federal take-over of a US city between friends, right? 🙄

    1. Cant wait for the Lincoln Project and others to address this! Vote, by mail, vote Biden then blue down ticket. Get everyone you can to vote and vote early. It NEEDS to be a landslide, to the point the Electoral College is ompletely neutered. Talk to your Republican neighbours and friends, most of them no longer support Trump. Otherwise, kiss democracy goodbye.

    2. And, hey, there were only **some** people bundled away to….somewhere….and by……some guys hiding their faces and identity and driven away in unmarked vans.

  4. Pillars of government and the constitution? He’ll knock those down ? not traitors statues? ARTICLE 25!

    1. This isn’t a distraction. This is him testing again to see how far he can go. His goal is an Authoritarian government.

  5. Trump ordering this calls for an immediate removal of that Trump. So many evil people out there enthusiastically obeying these illegal commands! We need to hold every single one of them accountable! Why can’t we remove those evil doing lawbreaking sociopaths immediately?

    1. @Logan Harbo oh and who are you? Some kind of movie minded troll for Trump. You like the Empire don’t you? You are one of those Imperial fascist-hearted inhuman sociopaths right along with them saying things like that.

  6. Trump and Barr’s private army is back out again like it was in Washington, I am sure he doesn’t want to be elected or Putin has already rigged the election that’s why he is brazen.

    1. I don’t think he has any intention of leaving no matter the vote outcome in Nov. and this may just be a sample of what’s to come.

    1. +@jeff mcgowan When the US Marines blast you off the street with helicopter gunships then most of the Scum will be off the streets.

    2. @jeff mcgowan Trump sent the thugs to Democratic cities, against the wishes of the mayors and Governors. How are you going to feel about it when a Democratic President sends goons to your town to kidnap people because of the color of their clothing, dump people into unmarked vehicles, with unmarked, unidentifiable troops, and just ”disappear” people?

  7. This is not “political theater.” This is about Barr and Trump testing the waters to see if they can send Militia to various cities and what the Governor and other government officials do about it. This is just like DC when he sent in Militia to break up a peaceful protest so he could hold up a Bible in front of a church. Make no mistake, he is going ahead with his plan to overturn our Democracy and make an Authoritarian government with him at its head. Wake up people. We are under siege by a madman.

    1. I would have believed this if it was Russia, China, or North Korea. Just never happening in our country, unless called from Govenor of that state asking for help. Unlawful, to say the least.

    2. @Mary Clare Bartlett Yeah have been for awhile. Have never been this anxiety ridden my entire 60+ life.

    3. Yeah. WE are not free unless we can destroy property. This is legit protest to burn down and destroy our cities.

    1. That’s exactly what that is. Nothing more. The federal and local governments should be communicating and working together. Basically, they just abducted a man and took him where? Was he released? Is he safe? They’re not working with local police. So where is he?

  8. Where’s all the anti big government conservatives? Everything they say about the Authoritarian left is happening with the Authoritarian right!

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