‘Terrifying’: Soldier describes encounter with Russian fighters

CNN's Erin Burnett talks with Volodymyr Demchenko, a Ukrainian filmmaker and soldier, about what he is seeing on the ground amid Russia's claims of scaling back forces. #CNN #News


  1. What a dude. Stay strong. Keep up the good fight. The world is with you, even if the governments aren’t.


  2. It is a shame we have to witness life being dragged off ordinary people, beautiful cities being destroyed like he just said, people behaving like animals, crowded with no food, water, in cold.
    Where is the love and compassion?

    1. @Flash357 u can’t say the world is both( insert ) and then name more than 2 things. Both refers to two thing

    2. @Elgx3 13 One of the both is the GOOD side, and other is the BAD side. Not sure if you got that or not….Apparently you didn’t…..Yes, I know that Both means 2. Just think of Good and Bad in general terms.

  3. I really appreciate this young man’s honest assessment of this terrible war that has brought so much destruction for no reason -Putin is clearly insane and can never be allowed in normal society again – the Nation and People of Ukraine have my deepest respect and admiration


    2. @Kimberly
      Calculating and evil is the answer to that one.
      Insane people shouldn’t be insulted with the comparison.

  4. Ty to this brave Ukrainian, soldier, & filmmaker for helping to show the world that these are People – Human Beings, not faceless statistics.

  5. This dude is so legit. Even his assessment of what war does to you even when you think your cause is just.

  6. so true what this guy says…. in terms of basic humanity, oftentimes there are no winners in war, just people scared for their lives and killing before they get killed

    1. @Shinkajo There are also winners in the political arena. But not always. Putin appears to be losing I the political arena.

  7. the way he describes it so down to earth and so honestly. It really hits home. Take care out there Volodymyr. what a hero.

    1. thanks for your support! You’d know how many times I played your music cruising around my beautiful city of Kyiv🙌🙌

  8. As a combat veteran, I am extremely grateful for guys like him that are documenting this. In the moment of it all you don’t really feel the impact of it on you emotionally. It’s not until it’s all done and over that it hits you, and the majority of civilians don’t understand this at all. I never used to believe PTSD was a real thing. I thought guys were just trying to screw the system; and then I got PTSD myself and now fully understand how bad of an injury it is. It’s as real as cancer. The worst part of it is that people can’t see it so they judge it and think they know but really have no idea at all. Guys like him will bring more awareness to it which is very much needed. We loose more soldiers to this after the wars then we do in the war. It’s extremely difficult to go from living like that back to living a normal life around people that have no idea, but I think they do
    I have no doubt at all there will be people judging this comment.

    1. @Donald Morris Too true! As a soldier, I had all the right stuff. I was exceptional in weapons, from rifles to LMGS, a variety of explosive projectiles, enough to be endorsed for RIP. I didn’t follow through with any endorsements, I liked my job. I think a big part of that was because I knew I would be required to use those skills far more frequently than I was comfortable with. I did not and have never endorsed war or violent conflict, I have only ever said that in the worst of times, it’s strictly required. That was one of the reasons I had joined in the first place. 1st for the additional technology skills and education support. 2nd for the combat tactics and weapons proficiency ‘just incase’.

  9. I’m glad this guy was honest about being afraid. So often people just put on a tough exterior, but taking somebody’s life and having your own life threatened are very upsetting. This is why so many trained soldiers end up with PTSD.

    1. @PhilLesh69 no you’re just clueless about combat and a warrior mentality. Bring “scared witless” isn’t an option and often the kindest and most intelligent people thrive in combat and the pain and after effects hit later. Shouldn’t speak on things you know nothing about.

    2. And yes sometimes the bravest, most well trained and seasoned soldiers develop PTSD. Not because they were afraid but because constantly being in hyper violent environments rewires your brain and yes causes a lot of trauma

  10. Wow! What a fantastic interview. He has tremendous insight and his documentation will prove extremely valuable as time moves on.

  11. Praying for the brave soldiers and civilians defending their country, you’re all heroes and an example of patriotism…

  12. Yes….not only a tragedy for the humans and their pets having to flee….a tragedy for the beauty of the cities. Community. And culture. I would have loved to have visited Ukraine. Now…will it ever be the same. Tragedy

  13. Typically I’m not a fan of CNN, but this was an excellent interview. Great work and best wishes to Mr. Volodymyr Demchenko.

  14. Jesus – this guy is so brutally honest and level headed. Just like a lot of Ukrainians I’ve seen talking about this. What remarkable people.

  15. thanks to Erin Burnett for letting him speak and thanks to the brave soldier for discussing so honestly and openly.

  16. All of these brave men and women of Ukraine are in my thoughts and prayers. They are a inspiration to the world.

  17. I sincerely appreciate this man’s honesty. Normal people don’t want to go out and kill anyone. These men are put in a position of defending their people and their country. May the Lord continue to be with them, giving them confidence, guidance and protection. I ask this in Jesus Name, Amen. 🙏🌻

  18. Really appreciate this guy’s honesty. It’s hard to imagine having to do what they’re doing, and I hope they get the support they need after.

  19. This guy knows exactly what is going on. His words are simple, factual and poignant. Yet I’m sure he’s broken way inside, and it is close to impossible for me to fully relate to the experiences he’s been through.

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