Terrorism Expert Fears Extremist Threat To Government Officials Could Remain | MSNBC 1

Terrorism Expert Fears Extremist Threat To Government Officials Could Remain | MSNBC


How a Trump-supporting mob could breach the Capitol is analyzed by MSNBC Analyst Malcolm Nance, who tells Tiffany Cross that the threat of extremists to government officials could remain.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Terrorism Expert Fears Extremist Threat To Government Officials Could Remain | MSNBC


  1. It does still remain, and our national security officials need to think outside of the box for Jan 20, because attacks can be launched from miles away.

  2. Locate everyone who breached the Capital building during the coup and charge them with a felony so they will never be able to vote again.

    1. @mutt naughton his point was. only republicans burn the flag while chanting USA USA USA. because when the others burned the flag they where screaming death to america and democracy

    2. It’s not USA it’s their white nationalist impulses that drove them to commit such heinous assault against democracy.

  3. This is exactly how Putin talks to Trump
    He’s give him the Playbook to dictatorship that’s why Trump never talks bad about Putin showed him the ropes

  4. When you teach certain people over generations that laws don’t apply to them (as much), don’t be surprised when those people feel entitled to break those laws to your face.

    1. @frog mann Not at all. If you don’t have the education to spell and do the basics correctly, no-one with any sense is going to listen to your drivel. The only way to make your point be taken seriously is to express yourself coherently.

    2. @Morning Sky and to be coherent and taken seriously, you need to apply the same standards everywhere. I’d rather listen to someone who has trouble spelling instead of listening to a hypocrite

  5. It’s called an “inside” job.
    A planned COUP orchestrated by Donald J Trump & Republican sycophants.

    1. @Bo Henderson – so she didn’t do anything illegal or wrong…asking questions is not against the law.

  6. These extremist were talking about murdering Vice president Mike Pence and many other law makers on the Capital Hill steps before storming into the building.

    1. They had no ideas they would have consequences behind their behaviors? They must know the day would come when they would say goodbye to the world or to their freedom. The only choices these people have is to run looking over their shoulder the rest of their life, until their caught, jail, or death to start fighting against the United States Government.

    2. @uppgrayyed you don’t know what library of congress is, do you? and how it documents everything word a sitting president writes and says?

    3. @Andrew there is corruption on both sides yet attempted murder is what it is, not left, not right, just wrong.

  7. “Be you ever so high, the Law is above you” If America is to heal, then not only must justice be done…it must be SEEN to be done.

    1. If we had proper laws preventing hate speech like all other democracies in the world do, it would never have gone this far. Trump wouldn’t have gotten elected, as he would have been jailed long before the election, and Faux News would have been shut down and its broadcasting license revoked.

    2. @Jim J. You just came for the comments, cause obviously you missed the point on the video… you are the type he is describing

    3. @Jim J. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. Let’s sit you down for a heartbreaking talk. Take a deep breath and listen. Santa isn’t real. Your freedoms are not under threat. This is something for adults to discuss. Go eat Cheerios at the little table.

    1. This is every one of their delusional wet dreams, all now aimed at one thing; remove “their” traitors and set Trump up on his petty throne of lies.

      America is starting to become a Confederacy and Nazi party all meshed into one. Anyone that stands in their way is just another target, unless that target overwhelmes and utterly destroys that confidence.

  8. Dang, this is some crazy dangerous times. Domestic terrorist infiltrating the secret service. Our new america led by the satanic narcissist Trump. smdh

    1. Especially when they did this with basicly no consequences at the time. how many others watched this, thought ” man that’s cool can’t believe I missed it! I’m definitely going to the inauguration!!!” And it’s gonna happen again worse.

    1. Infiltration has happened. They are is everything, at all levels and could be running the operations in some cases. Be very, very concerned.

  9. Interesting choice of words he said, “what they would call undesirables.” Comparing them Nazi party, which is accurate.

  10. Trump ordered the capitol police to have a limited presence. He knew. This was planned. Traitor!

  11. One of the first things trump did when he lost the election was to install his own people at the pentagon, why? He’s tried using his supporters as cannon fodder, what’s next?

  12. Putin: “I love it when a plan comes together.” Russian visit to the Oval Office without US security in the room, …

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