Tester On Senate GOP Blocking Vote To Begin Debate On Infrastructure Bill 1

Tester On Senate GOP Blocking Vote To Begin Debate On Infrastructure Bill


Democratic Senator Jon Tester of Montana discusses the bipartisan infrastructure bill’s uncertain future after Republicans blocked a procedural vote to begin debate on the proposal, saying they wanted more time to finalize the details of the agreement.
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    1. When you have no soul you have no morals. They don’t give one iota about their constituents. SMH

  1. Collapsing bridges and train wrecks are much more interesting than CSPAN; wish there was an app where the people could tell their representative WHAT WE ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT. Educate yourself, if your representative didn’t vote for the things that matter to your daily life, DON’T VOTE FOR THEM.

    1. @Blake Jessie Maybe ya’ll should do a recount in the state to see how many votes were disallowed or dismissed!

    2. Well i did just leave a message for Rand Paul and Thomas Massie. But sadly, we all know with pride and egos like theirs, they only laugh at people against them. I’m a peasent or crazy leftist in their eye im sure. No shame in their bones at all. They could never have the audacity to openly listen to a differing opinion.

    3. D.C. has become the national stage for the countries greatest sociopaths. No persons pride or ego could EVER counter the toxic levels of pride and ego that present day politicians have. They have divided us all. While we continue to divide and fight each other, they strive.

  2. this only comes as a surprise to those not paying attention during Obama’s tenure. Joe knows better, so can’t understand this bipartisan shtick.

    1. yeah..We the People can clearly see this is Obama’s third term…you would’ve taught he’d have learned by now

    2. When you run for President on a platform that says We Need to get back together ..and there are no republicans nor democrats ,just Americans like Biden did .. and when the Biden Administration see’s the effort being put out by FOX and the GOP to say the democrats refuse to work with us and are telling everyone that Biden’s a liar because he said he wanted to work with everyone … then the Biden Administration has NO CHOICE but to at least pretend to want to with the republicans even though they are fully aware that will never happen … get that you two uniformed Pinheads

    3. @TheMobileHomestead that’s some mayor copium right there. I do agree Biden should’ve never ran on “work w/the GOP” charade, he’s just wasting precious time & running out the clock on this slim majority he’s destined to lose in 2022.

  3. How about all these politicians that got rich while in office give back and pay for this infrastructure bill bs themselves and give us tax payers a break!

    1. @Voice of Reason well you do not have to pay for your birth certificate or what ever identification that you receive when you become a naturalized citizen. So are you for presenting your Birth certificate or naturalization paperwork?

    2. @Robert Gearhart II states that want to suppress the vote with voter ID do it the way Texas does.., by making the free ID as useless as possible to deter people from getting it… also they make it difficult… in Texas you don’t qualify for the free ID unless your paid for ID has been expired for 2 years or you just never had one.. and then it is literally illegal to use as ID for anything but voting

    3. @Voice of Reason I’m sorry I have lived in Ohio my whole life and have always been required to present ID when voting. Present my ID when wanting to buy firearms, tobacco or alcohol. That same ID is required by the police if I were to get pulled over for a traffic violation. Then require them to produce their birth certificate or what ever paperwork that you receive when you become a naturalized citizen. As far as I know all states require id to vote, drink, buy alcohol, tobacco or firearms. Now how about answering any of the questions you were asked. A no you can not be psaki and circle back to it.

    4. @Robert Gearhart II I only ever need it if I get pulled over or take a flight.., I keep it under the passenger seat in my car

    5. @Voice of Reason he was a great president. Dunno about being a good person. I don’t know the guy.

  4. and with “infrastucture” they mean tax payer money for all their corporate friends and pet socialist projects….

  5. Half a million born and bred Americans sleep on our streets on any given night.

    No amnesty. Americans first.

    1. Sounds like drugs and mental health, I talked to a beggar by my house in South Florida, he makes 250 a day panhandling. Throwing money at a problem does nothing. The dude’s just shooting it right back in his arm.

    2. @Sam_ S thats exactly what i tell people when they say we should invest more in the homeless, its not a money shortage problem plain and simple.

    3. @Sam_ S I didn’t say a word about more money. If anything, we need to put a right-to-work requirement or elective service option in place for those who draw on these programs. This isn’t difficult, it’s just no one wants to make the call no one wants to hear.

  6. The vote was 51-49. Who was the Democrat that voted against it and why is the media hiding them?

    1. It was a procedural thing, Schumer changed his vote afterwards so they would be able to bring the bill back whenever they want, if they didn’t they would have to wait for what I think is about a week


  8. I’m glad. Now add what is needed to the reconciliation bill. Make sure there isn’t an increase of privatization and user fees. Make sure it is paid for. No more resistance to reset taxes for the rich closer to where it was. No more resistance to increasing Funds to hold tax evaders accountable.

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