Tester On The Progress Of Senate Infrastructure Negotiations 1

Tester On The Progress Of Senate Infrastructure Negotiations


Senator Jon Tester (D-Mont.) says a bipartisan group of senators is "very, very close" on reaching a general agreement on infrastructure negotiations. 
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    1. @Jack Sam do you ever feel the reason that you have 3 to 1 is the media reporting? I feel like the dems have msnbc, cnn, at the very least while Republicans have fox. This became very evident to me. So that’s at least 2 large media stations uncovering dirt on the opposition while not covering dirt in their party if preference vs 1 large media outlet. It has been made very clear that reporters no longer report news just propaganda

    2. @Ben Shapyro  With Ilhan Omar even if I grant you the antisemitism claim which I whole heartedly reject you guys have Mrs. Jewish space lasers, comparing masks to the holocaust, Angelo Saxon caucus, mass shooting denialist, qanoner Marjorie Taylor Greene. If she’s not expelled from congress you have no leg to stand on with calling for the expulsion of another representative. Especially when it comes to antisemitism.

    3. @Jack Sam The media reports on her because she garners them massive ratings. There are as many stark raving mad democrats as republicans, they just don’t get the same coverage.

    4. @mike taylor  Nope, you also know Fox is the biggest media company in the U.S. by a large margin right? Don’t know what you mean by at least they have Fox like they’re this small company on the side.

  1. Try to do the best you can and it will be a start. Please, be honest and transparent we are so tired of lies and trickery.

    1. @localpsychosis main Now, to be fair, it could be Jill Biden who has the racist potty-mouth. Or both Jill & Joe equally.

    2. @crusaderesper Hunter Biden was hauled all around the planet by Joe, including on official visits. In China, he did a $1.5 billion dollar deal, despite the fact that the entire world knew he was kicked out of the Navy for drug use. Why would the Chinese give an addict $1.5 billion? Because it was a bribe. And now we also know that of the millions of dollars in fees & commission Hunter got had a 10% set aside for “the Big Guy”. That’s proof positive of a bribe, and that makes Joe Biden a traitor.
      So, yes, Hunter isn’t the President, but when Joe was Vice President, Hunter was used by Joe to collect bribes and extort money from people. Joe sold his office.

    3. @V LAD gaming People on the set of the Apprentice say Trump used all the profanity when they weren’t taping. I’ve got articles from USA Today, Newsweek, The Guardian, the Washington Post, and his niece Mary Trump. But I guess that’s all “fake news” and doesn’t count, right?

    4. @crusaderesper so you have proof then? A video or audio recording perhaps. All kinds of other secret recordings made of trump saying other terrible things. Surely there’s one of him letting an n bomb slip. No people accusing someone of something isn’t fake news. It’s just an accusation. Without any proof it useless. I mean I saw you post elsewhere that you like to throw babies out of windows. I have no proof but I saw it.

  2. Call John Testercles
    He can redirect a ton of money to get even richer.
    Our taxes pay for these bandits.

    1. No tax increase is the reason why. It still needs 60 votes to pass; they only have 10 so far.

  3. Remember when the political parties did something that the people actually benefited from? This finger pointing back and forth across the aisle accomplishes nothing, something both parties seem to excel at these days!


  5. Florida cant even fix a street it takes months for progress. We deal with this so much that its become a GPS nightmare.

  6. No tax increase, so in other words: Add onto the national debt and let the next guy deal with it.

    1. What that’s what Congress has been doing for 60 years, But with the trillions of dollars Beijing Biden is adding we won’t even be able to service this debt anymore you can kiss the American dollar bye. It just became worthless the day that Beijing Biden was installed into the office

    2. @Julie Munoz

      Kiss it goodbye because of Wall Street. They killed home ownership and the savers market, you dope. Keep blaming politicians

  7. I’m a Democrat and I am perfectly happy on unemployment. If someone tells me to get a job they r racist because my ancestors were slaves during the time of the 18th Egyptian dynasty.

  8. Anything to do with elite profits: Easily passed. Anything to do with benefiting the people: watered down to nothing

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