Teton County Coroner holds a news conference to discuss the Gabby Petito autopsy | USA TODAY 1

Teton County Coroner holds a news conference to discuss the Gabby Petito autopsy | USA TODAY


Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue holds a news conference to discuss the Gabby Petito autopsy.

Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue ruled Petito's death a homicide but has provided little other information. Her disappearance and subsequent discovery of her body last month fueled intense interest across the nation and spurred a search for her missing fiance, Brian Laundrie.

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  1. So sorry Gabby was hurt this way. My heart goes out to the family. Such a senseless and tragic loss of a beautiful young life.

  2. That first question wasn’t the smartest lol that reporter watches too much ‘CSI’ and ‘Bones’ for sure

  3. When BL is caught and he will be, his defense attorney will say her death was caused during a sex game or rough sex. He will never admit to killing her. I hope he reaches for a weapon when contacted by the police and they light up his world like the fourth of July.

  4. Fantastic to hear John Welsh from. Americas most wanted. After what John went through he’s fought for justice for so many.

  5. I heard it was strangulation her death. To strangle takes long time and a strength. How horrible. The details of strangulation was discussed at Chrs Watts murder of Shanan

  6. Big thumbs down, it’s a waste of time he can’t comment on anything and it’s shockingly put together no one is in a rush to ask questions in the beginning omgosh, I’m so out.

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