Texan Political Shifts In The Trump Era | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

Texan Political Shifts In The Trump Era | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1


Despite his initial public defense of Trump's border wall, Senator Cornyn (R-TX) claims he has always privately opposed some of Trump's policies. NBC's Steve Kornacki explores developing trends in the political ecosystem of Texas. Aired on 10/19/2020.
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Texan Political Shifts In The Trump Era | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

82 Comments on "Texan Political Shifts In The Trump Era | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC"

  1. J&JB Transport | October 19, 2020 at 5:34 PM | Reply

    Cornyn is corny. He think dissing Trump now helps with his reelection! lol

    • @Joni M.L. so did I in Texas

    • Hahahahahaha!! Corny was the first thing that came to mind. Another Snake seeing the Tires on the road coming!! LOL

    • Deborah Husted | October 19, 2020 at 7:21 PM | Reply

      At best it’s too little too late

    • Thank God, I just seen these posts of patriotic Texans because these poll numbers turned my world upside down thinking Texans were gonna let this slide? I’m praying the 60% of sane Americans we have left in this country Vote blue all the way down the ballot!!! This Republican party has to be held accountable for everything they’ve put us through!!!

    • @Maria Parada – Congratulations for doing your part!! I’m so heartened by the outpouring of Texans, that’ve had enough and now no more grifters and bootlickers❗️🌊🌀💙🌎

  2. kevinmuehl Muehlkevin | October 19, 2020 at 5:35 PM | Reply


  3. Make Austin less weird. Vote the maroon buffoon out.

    • And he can take the Orange Clown with him. 😆

    • @Christine King zaggly! If California seceded from USA states like Moscow Mitch’s Kiin Tuckeee would have to fend for themselves.

    • José Duarte Miranda | October 19, 2020 at 7:21 PM | Reply

      @Dan13lMECE Please cite to a .edu law review article or published judicial decision indicating that larceny is occurring as you allege.

    • @Dan13lMECE California and New York generate all the money that keeps the southern republican states from starving to death.

    • Austin is actually rather young, cool and hip. For a long time, it was about the only blue city in all of Texas.

  4. Bah. Now that Trump’s coattails are frayed, the “I never liked him” stories will emerge- cowards.
    Wait till Lindsay Graham double reverses and release pre-dated recordings of him at John McCain’s grave weeping for and cursing the name of Trump

  5. Cassandra Suitor | October 19, 2020 at 5:40 PM | Reply

    Come on Texas kick these chumps out. I know I voted for MJ Heagar.

    • Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant | October 19, 2020 at 10:31 PM | Reply

      @that one guy You expect the Ukrainian President to say Trump blackmailed him as the GOP aquits him? Lol Trump’s own staff confirmed his guilt under oath, Trump refused to testify, further witnesses were blocked by the GOP. The US is now an international joke, according to surveys, no one takes us seriously anymore.

    • @Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant lmao “surveys” nice the rest of the world can stay out of our politics. Which one of the presidents staff testified because all this was based off a private phone call between president zelensky and president Trump ??? Lmao you’re so called “victim” said everything democrats accused him of was false, so I’m still trying to figure out what yall impeached him for???? Sounds like yall did it just do it??? Lol you need to start thinking for yourself and quit letting the media think for you

    • @Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant so you think president zelensky was lying???

    • @Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant hate to break it to you BTW but the rest of the world doesn’t get to tell us how to run our country. We are the o ly country to stay under the same constitution for 244 years. Since we became a country France has gone through 17 constitution.

    • And for being one of the youngest nations in the world and still being one of the superpowers i say that we are doing pretty good

  6. vote for integrity and civility…
    vote for equality and inclusion…
    vote for common sense and medical science…
    vote for basic human decency…

  7. Everblue Freediving | October 19, 2020 at 5:41 PM | Reply

    Oh… voted to acquit a criminal POTUS, pushed the idea that we should be willing to die for the economy…. but 2 weeks before the election the GOP begin to maybe act like they have spines. Cornyn, like all of team Trump and the GOP, has failed to show any integrity. Vote them out.

  8. So funny. Didn’t see Republicans denounce Trump’s actions over the last 4 years, only a month before elections where Trump is unpopular. Fun fact: He lost the popular vote and was unpopular 4 years ago btw. You’ve just buried yourselves for 4 years. Time to get voted out,

  9. There are enough women, seniors and veterans who may have very well decided the same.
    If Texas even becomes purple…(let ALONE blue)! Y’all know WHY. 😂😂😂😈😠

    • People are fleeing California IN DOOVES to escape that mental disordered government! AND then they vote in the same mental shitheads! THATS INSANE

    • @PACE ARROW No voting against Trump is equivalent to your vote against Hillary. You see we learned from you how to win.

  10. Texas Gov. trying to suppress the vote. We know why.

    • His voter suppression is not working. Gov Abbott’s time is coming, he need to sit down somewhere. Absolutely no pun intended.

  11. A GOP bloodbath is there for the taking if we ALL get out and vote.

  12. The GOP loses Texas…🤣🤣🤣🤣….that would be EPIC

  13. Wow do these people realy think Americans are fools. People bhave memories and recordings of every word these hypocritical politicians utters. Shame on him I hope he’s voted out

  14. entire usa is changing and will turn democratic in 5 years or break.

    • Pete Chapuswike | October 19, 2020 at 8:53 PM | Reply

      I tell you, the democratic party will split into two in 2024. The far left and the moderates will go seperate ways, thus Republicans will be winning all Presidential and senate races henceforth.

    • boybabygirl1928 | October 19, 2020 at 9:13 PM | Reply

      @Pete Chapuswike Good

    • democratic party but usa will split in 14 countries. if u are architect u can design 14 Whitehouse and make tons of money

    • The future will be progressives versus moderates and fringe right wing. It is like a battle how far left to go. A lot of Europe is like this. Our moderates are right wing to those countries.

    • Pete Chapuswike | October 19, 2020 at 10:36 PM | Reply

      @saybanana rhe right wing will be wining all the general elections starting 2024 till the end of the world.

  15. I hope Texans teach Gov. Abbott a lesson for trying to restrict voting locations so severely. Republicans have become the enemy of democracy.

  16. Has anybody noticed that lately we’ve had a landslide of Republicans that suddenly don’t know Trump anymore wonder what that’s all about

  17. Also known as ‘rats leaving a sinking ship’. GOP members all out to save their own skins now. Cornyn is a rat, don’t be fooled Texas.

  18. Diabolik Mitchell | October 19, 2020 at 6:03 PM | Reply

    Some of these old dinosaurs still don’t realize that everything they say is recorded and instantly accessible and verifiable. Stuck in the microfilm era.

  19. Cornyn has sided with Trump on everything he’s done, so Cornyn is not to be believed.

  20. If TX goes blue even once, that’s going to increase the possibility that we can get rid of the electoral college.

    • If Democrats take the presidency, along with both the Senate and the House, they must *finally* do away with the archaic and un-democratic electoral college system.

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