Texans On Front Lines Of Voting Fight 1

Texans On Front Lines Of Voting Fight


Texas Democrats have their hands full fending off attempts by Governor Abbott and other state Republicans to limit voting rights. Alicia Menendez talks with a Texas state lawmaker, Rep. Jessica Gonzales, who recently walked out of the statehouse in protest to block Abbott’s voting bill. And Former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke joins American Voices to discuss his home-state tour designed to put pressure on Congress. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Texans On Front Lines Of Voting Fight


    1. Dear dumb liberals you have to show an ID to prove you are a citizen of that community. An ID now a days does not prove you are an American citizen. Undoccument illegal immigrants can get drivers licenses from blue states like New York Massachusetts because they F..it up

    2. For those against voter id, voting integrity and border security. Let me put a hypothetical situation out there. Imagine if instead of South and Central Americans coming illegally and voting for policies that are more beneficial to illegal immigrants rather than then citizens. A politician of starts doing the exact same thing for the exact opposite but waaaay worse. The incentivize and import a whole bunch of backwater actual “white supremacists” from god knows what country and then they slowly start coming in hordes become majority illegally and then vote for very ugly policies. Would you be for voter ID at that point?? Will happily debate anyone.

  1. The wheels are coming off the chair soon. Abbott has done nothing but give our state away to corporations while lining his own pockets. He needs to go.

    1. yall vote him in there!!!!! I don’t know why people constantly vote red when they don’t really care…I grew up in Mississippi… red forever… and at the bottom of every list except poverty and obesity, but yet they will always vote red… then complain

  2. Abbott will give the money to his buddies in the hydro company as a pay off

    1. @Not RixAmoris LOL, where have you been for the last year? Basement Joe is the one who hides. Go pull one of his strings to help him stand up straight. Or are you his pudding choice at bedtime advisor???

    2. @savannah505 no donald is the one how went into the bunker under the white house…it was in the news and everything

    3. @savannah505 last year? Trump was the president in 2020. You mean the past 6 months? Trump is a weak coward who can’t take any negative news without emotionally crashing and lashing back to whoever he sees as the cause. Trump’s regressed (if he’s ever been anything else) mentally to a schoolyard bully, at least Biden has the capacity to take advice and stances he might not personally agree with.

    4. @Not RixAmoris It was in the news and everything? Really, golly gee, it was even in the news?

  3. Ercot has been remotely raising thermosats and cutting off fans during the night! How many Seniors and Children will die of heatstroke?

    1. With the new laws, he will be able to stay in power forever. The new laws allow the Texas Republican lawmakers to override any election results.

  4. Why are you against showing an ID to vote? My daughter has a service dog and he must have a photo ID.

    1. @Arc Anon Drum : In Indiana, you can get an ID, free of charge, at any BVM. If voting is important to you ? you’ll find a way to get there.

    2. @Moe Da the only political party trying to stay in power are the democrats. By attempting to let D.C take over all elections all but garauntees dems in power for ever. THATS WHY THEY WANT TO DO IT. Also the audits will not just simply overturn an election just by yelling fraud. If fraud is found they will absolutely have to PROVE THEIR FINDINGS OF FRAUD. This is just the same old mainstream media liberal propaganda. Republicans are not telling people they aren’t allowed to vote as the media would have you believe. They merely want SAFE, HONEST ELECTIONS. Liberals, under the guise of covid, made wholesale changes to election laws and now they’re acting as if these changes have always been on the books. This is not so. There is no need for months of early voting or millions of ballots mailed to every corner of the country. Legal citizens have FOUR YEARS to prepare for the general election, I’m sure that’s plenty of time to get their election affairs in order. ONLY LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS VOTE. SAFE, FAIR ELECTIONS. ONE PERSON-ONE VOTE. EASY ENOUGH RIGHT. Besides, there’s no need to worry about audits, 2020 was the safest, most secure election in the history of America, right?

    3. @Gary Campbell People have trouble getting a ride to buy groceries but voting on a workday; it’s “easy to get there”? Voting is under attack in this country, read this ENTIRE comment thread to learn more.

  5. When politicians cut the pay of other politicians you know who’s corrupt . Because the honest politicians will be hurt much harder than the crooked ones

    1. @speny spen tell that to the Republicans who refuse to represent the people and only care about one man’s delusional feelings.

    2. @speny spen oh so it’s trash now to represent their constituents? Oh I get ig now. That’s why Republicans have been getting away with representing their donors instead of their constituents. You, and others like you think they are trash when they actually represent you. Oh thanks for the clarification

  6. *FedCode Title18 Section242 Defends Constitutional Protections from CRIMINAL LEGISLATION +LEGISLATORS. Special Prosecutor NOW to RELENTLESSLY Imprison n Prosecute these Criminals.*

  7. Wait so you didn’t have enough votes, I’m instead free of political protest to cause the political process to stop. Sounds like we need to January 6th commission for you.

    1. Better than thinking P.O.C. are to stupid to have an I.D. Dems base everything on race… In lame man’s terms Democrats are the racists.

    2. Your Republican Voter, poor White racism will be your own undoing because you have probably never heard of Martin Niemöller nor learned that eventually, he got thrown into a Concentration Camp as well.

  8. It’s totally unreasonable to expect black people to have an ID….like a driver’s license. It’s not like anyone should have a driver’s license anyway….you know, like to drive a car.

  9. Good for him. NY made it so you need an enhanced id to just fly in country leaving from NY. Yet I can vote with no Id. Makes a ton of sense

  10. There is nothing good about democracy. I don’t know why democrats are obsessed with it. We need a strong leader like Trump, Putin or Xi Jinping to hod the country strong and stabilised.

  11. How does this bill limit voting rights? It extends as much as it limits – while providing more security. This doesn’t seem like an honest issue.

    1. This is how they work. They abuse big words like “pandemic”, “voting rights”, “insurrection” just to get views while their pos audience consumes it.

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