Texas Charges Man Who Waited Six Hours To Vote With Illegal Voting 1

Texas Charges Man Who Waited Six Hours To Vote With Illegal Voting


Rachel Maddow shares details of the arrest of Hervis Rogers, who gained brief celebrity for his dedication to his civic duty when he waited in line for six hours to vote in the Texas Democratic primary in 2020, and has now been charged with illegal voting and is being held on $100,000 bail. 
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  1. Especially egregious because a White woman who deliberately voted for Trump three times only got a piddling fine.

    1. @Jean Roch It is the belief in superiority simply because of ethnic appearance that is at issue, that false believe just exists in North America the most with Caucasians. The irony is that such beliefs are often due to an inferiority complex and also ironically is counter to the American Constitution’s first words of the equality if all men though to be frank, the founding fathers did not actually see everyone as equal, just rich male landowners of the appropriate race, they actually saw everyone else as less than human. I can understand that you are unfairly denigrated when it us generalized to “white” supremacy but you must admit that though not every Caucasian may be consciously racist, only some are but even of those that aren’t consciously racist or intended to be racist themselves, systemic racism throughout society has granted them privileges and advantages that they would not have had, had they and their ancestors not been Caucasian. Just saying we shouldn’t tag all “white” people as racist though fair doesn’t get you away from having benefited from system racism.

    2. @Ann Ramsey technically natives were solutreans so they are french so natives are european watch ice age colombus

    3. @Ginger Nightmare But she might actually have a valid point there – Isn’t the mere fact that she voted for Trump prima facie evidence of dementia?

    1. Paxton committed a voting crime but he is free to lock up a American citizen for a voting crime paxton should be in JAIL WHAT GIVES HIM THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM 🤔😥😥

    2. Paxton *SHOULD* have been locked up a long time ago. He’s been under investigation for YEARS for corruption and other charges. Hard to believe the highest ranking “law enforcement official” in the state being soooo crooked and remain in office.

    3. Prison? Good luck. These people have too much power and influence. Better to throw him to the public and let them enact justice.

  2. But we don’t need to embrace Critical Race Theory b/c the U.S. isn’t a racist country. Right.

    1. @Jojo Diver yeah because it turned out that in most of those cases, those doing looting, arson, and whatnot were entirely unrelated to the protests. Police found that all of them except one or two people were just random opportunists trying to take advantage of the fact that police were busy policing peaceful protests

    2. @Jojo Diver The violent rioters could have been plants paid for and organized by Roger Stone on behalf of Donald Trump.

    3. @Eddie Wiggins I do think the country is racist if you consider our institutions, particularly the criminal justice system.

  3. Dawg…the fact that this lady got 5 years in prison for a vote that didn’t even count is crazy. Wtf

    1. @TR Hansen
      Tolerance is tolerance, not faith.
      Faith is believing when you don’t have evidence.
      I’m aware of the difference. You don’t seem to be able to demonstrate that you do.

      I’m demonstrably more tolerant than you are, so I am in no need of your advice.

      Besides, I’m pretty sure you don’t have an understanding of science, either….believer.

    2. @TR Hansen just do the world a favor and stop talking. Brain cells are dying everywhere you go.

    3. @TR Hansen yeah ok, were not the ones who committed insurrection because we lost so little hypocritical of you to be calling us violent.

  4. “it’s not about keeping the black vote oppressed” “oh wait is that black person voting?? ARREST HIM!!”

    1. And we are supposed to take Maddow’s word on this? She lied about so many things, not the least of which was the Russian collusion. How can you possibly trust her?

    2. @TR Hansen just because you don’t like the news doesn’t mean it’s a lie. Your bible is a lie, though.

    3. @TR Hansen How do you know she lied? Considering several people went to jail for lieing. Trump refused to testify.
      Face it trump is a criminal.

  5. And that, Mr Chief Justice, is the systemic racism you claim doesn’t affect voting rights any more

  6. It’s just egregious 25 years in jail and so much parole time and then to arrest him for that vote- it’s sickening beyond belief

  7. Why isn’t anyone pushing for a pardon for the young lady. This should be still in the news.

    1. @Stephanie Adams I think you are misinformed. And listening to Maddow won’t help. God help you.

    2. @TR Hansen no need to listen to Maddow. If by hearing Trump and his posse you don’t conclude they are racists, then it’s your brain that is no longer working properly

    3. @Stephanie Adams hey! You’re not delusional. tRump has brought out the worst of the worst people out of the woodwork hiding. Now they’ve found their GOD. It is unbelievable how tRump has split this country, between friends, family, neighbors, your church. I see so much hate, killing, voter suppression. My God. My ancestors came here for a better life. A Democracy. What they had to do to get here, to America. Ever been to Ellis Island? If people don’t like it here they are the ones to migrate to another part of the world to start their own beliefs. And leave us alone. I’m an Independent. I wish for tRump to shut his mouth and go away like NORMAL EX presidents do. He is a nut job and so are his sheep. You are thinking clearly. Thank God there are some people on here that can see day from night.

    4. @TR Hansen dude you should probably learn how to argue a point because every response you give is just showing your chauvinist ways.

  8. Texas keeps claiming to the rest of the country and world, “we’re not who you say we are.” Then Texas proves they are exactly who people say they are.

    1. @Jojo Diver Exactly what Left-Wing lie do you think is being taught? I don’t expect an honest answer.

    2. Randy Rogers,
      You said, “I can think of alot of other factors having a greater impact on individuals’ pwr within society than just race.“

      Would you share some of them with us?

    1. Rick Perry’s CRIMINAL CHARGES where… “Pardon”. Good luck with this other typical CORRUPT GOP CRIMINAL.

    1. I agree. Get rid of all the KKK judges. We have to start taking out the trash before it gets out of control.

  9. I hate Ken Paxton. He shouldn’t be allowed to do anything since he himself is under investigation


    2. We do not require people to resign just because they are under investigation nor should we ever do that since an investigation does not mean anything. However, an indictment (and even worse, a conviction) is a far different story. In most cases when you are a government worker, if you are indicted, you go on paid administrative leave. Mr. Paxton has been under indictment for FIVE YEARS and he has not yet gone on trial. That is the real crime here.

    1. Biden cannot pardon him !!!! Biden can ONLY pardon Federal crimes….not state crimes.!!!! If Texas by some bizaar chance elects a Dmocrat for Governor (and if it doesn’t get overturned by the rethug legislature) the governor can pardon him!!!!

  10. Just a question, how is he still on any kind of supervision if he has been out of prison for 15 years?

  11. MEANWHILE….The tangerine tyrant who started a riot, and tried to overturn an election…is out free as a bird

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