Texas County Seeing 'Unprecedented' Rise In Rate Of Infection, Says Doctor 1

Texas County Seeing ‘Unprecedented’ Rise In Rate Of Infection, Says Doctor


Dr. Esmaeil Porsa of Harris Health System in Texas joins Morning Joe to discuss the surge in cases in Harris County.

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Texas County Seeing 'Unprecedented' Rise In Rate Of Infection, Says Doctor


  1. Abbott and DeSantis are competing for the title of worst Governor in American history. Whoever is responsible for greatest number of needlessly lost lives in their state wins.

    1. @scott christian NY and Cal have followed the global trend of densely populated urban areas having high COVID transmission rates. Nothing unusual. What is unusual is sparsely populated States like South Dakota showing such a high death rate

    2. @Marc F. Nielssen all news companies are owned by the same people. You have to get news from independent sources. I recommend project veritas

    1. we are, we are living free. freedom or death. understand? you can wear your “chains” or you can break them and join us.

    2. @hpqz hpqz I guess you don’t realize he did away with the remain in Mexico policy. And we currently have record numbers coming into the us. Over a million already this year but you seem to ignore reality. Here is a question for you, why do you support mandatory vaccination for Americans but aren’t calling on Biden to force illegals being allowed in to get a shot.

  2. Charge Abbott and Patrick with public endangerment. Oh wait. Their AG is being investigated for illegal Trump proctology.

    1. HA! “Illegal Trump Proctology” is great. My MD father was always a fan of “perhaps we should suggest some trans-cranial, high-speed lead therapy.”

    2. You are really naive or something! this is the most uneducated comment that I think I have seen , Biden has the Border open to over 160 countries during a pandemic everyone gets a free Biden t-shirt, 1500 this week tested positive for covid now they’re are 1 million migrants here now in just seven months! Do some research.

    3. @terry harker You are dead wrong about all of that. Biden has kept the Trump era border restrictions in place. The only immigrants behind let in are thr unaccompanied children. Adults are sent back. Everyone who is taken into custody is tested for the virus, and isolated if they test positive. The problem isn’t the immigrants, it’s American citizens who don’t wear masks and won’t get the vaccine who are risking everyone’s lives.

    4. I just read that the aide who accused Cuomo has filed a criminal complaint. Arrest coming soon. Yet these GOP traitors are still running free. Travesty.

    1. @hpqz hpqz yes I said on many comments CNN NBC an even FOX news but they told where to go. TRUTH is never told on FOX news. My comments where DeSantas or Family or good friends OWN or have stock FUNERAL Homes. Because DeSantas is definitely sending business there Way. It doesn’t matter the people of Florida will elect him again an of TRUMP DERANGED IGNORANT voters will elect him. TRUMP STATE. TRUMP CLONE. Even there CHILDREN can die an they elect DeSantas is HORRIFIC an DISGUSTING

  3. Double all insurance premiums for the unvaccinated. They are self-defining as higher risk than the rest of the population so they should pay accordingly.

    1. @The Insane Shecklador Upper 90’s thinks that an excellent score for an IQ test. He’s so proud he scored in the upper 90’s he put it as his chat name. He thinks 100 is tops. And he’s found that if he just deflects, changes the topic, or pretends you don’t understand what he said, he can always say he’s the winner.

    2. @Maggie Norris Upper 90’s thinks that an excellent score for an IQ test. He’s so proud he scored in the upper 90’s he put it as his chat name. He thinks 100 is tops. And he’s found that if he just deflects, changes the topic, or pretends you don’t understand what he said, he can always say he’s the winner.

  4. Hospitals should simply refuse to take anyone that hasn’t been vaccinated. PERIOD!

    1. @Slingshot Chicken — Leaving them to die is not way over the top. The unvaccinated are making irresponsible choices that put others — especially children and healthcare workers — at risk. They’re also the single biggest factor in whether or not COVID-19 mutates again into an even more virulent and infectious strain. Bioethicists have stated that “my body, my choice” is a false and empty value in the case where an infectious disease becomes a pandemic and must be rejected IMMEDIATELY. With the exception of those who have health exemptions, people who unvaccinated should not be allowed ANYWHERE… including hospitals. Vaccine passports should be immediately instituted throughout the U.S.. And those who refuse to be vaccinated and fall ill with COVID should be left to their own devices and either recover on their own, or left to die — alone and without professional medical care. They made their choice. They need to live and die with it. So, take your sense of horror and stew in it. You fail to understand that — increasingly — Americans are becoming fed up with those spreading anti-vax messages and the unvaccinated. They’re endangering children, healthcare workers and are a blight on our country and our ability to stamp out this pandemic and thrive. They deserve their deaths if death is what happens to them. Their bodies. Their choice. Their problem.

    2. @JERRY RICHARDSON — Ohhhhhh… yes it is an option. If not taking the vaccine is an option — thereby putting others at risk — then rationing limited resources is also an option. You’re going to find your precious sensibilities increasingly challenged. The longer these unvaccinated people continue to ruin our capacity to stamp out this pandemic, the more you will hear increasing numbers of people calling for that very rule. Your body. Your choice. Your problem. Don’t trouble others with it.

    3. @Denise Kulawik Regardless of your opinion regarding the matter doctors and nurses , with perhaps a 1% exception don’t feel that way and they will work hard to save people. I’m frustrated with the ongoing arrogance and ignorance of the anti maskers preceding the vaccine and the anti-vaccine people as well. However, I am now frustrated with you unwilling, even if able, to save others. That’s on you, I will never buy into such consciousness. I will do my best to save others, even you when you are willing to let people die.
      I agree there’s a balance between Mercy and Justice and if you have reached your ropes end on these people, my opinion means nothing to you. Even so, our paths diverge and I will not be condoning or supporting your consciousness in this matter at all. Neither will the doctors and nurses. The real disease is negativity, let’s not spread that around between us, I wish you no ill will or harm but I strongly disagree with letting people die who catch the virus. We’re done here Denise.

  5. Most of us cannot believe we have to beg so many of our fellow Americans to permit the medical community to save their lives with this miracle of modern science that so many in the world are so desperate to receive. We must look like spoiled brats to much of the world. They just might be right.


    1. Quote : ” not a single person who has lost their lives due to Covid was vaccinated.”
      The good Doctor can shout that from the roof tops all day long and these in sufferable idiots will remain determinedly ignorant and a continuing threat to their wider community, state and country. Infuriating that the consequences of their behaviour are avoidable.

  7. What? you mean the GOP “lets make Biden look bad” plan is backfiring ?…that is the only reason this is happening … only reason ….

  8. these mentally ill people that have such large egos say that wearing a mask is unconstitutional. That is “f” en insane.

    1. Nothing in the United States Constitution denies a person the right to walk around in public “Butt-Naked” those fools should try pulling that one off, watch what happens. Good Luck.

  9. Florida and Texas: We are opening up no more masks no more restrictions. Nothing can stop us

    Covid: Hold my beer

    1. That’s a good one!!!👍🏼 😂🤣😂
      Just like, “now let’s march to the Capitol, I’ll be right there with you!” How’d that work out for them?

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