Texas Democrats Fight Restrictive Voting Bills During Special Session 1

Texas Democrats Fight Restrictive Voting Bills During Special Session

The fight over voting rights is unfolding during a special session of the Texas Legislature. Republicans lawmakers introduced new legislation to make it harder to vote. Chris Turner, the Texas House Democratic chairman joined American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss the path forward in protecting voting rights. 

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  1. Having to prove who you are when you vote “restrictive”. Who cares about fair and secure elections

    1. @Steve California has a $75 billion surplus, and Governor Newsom is going to refund much of it to the taxpayers.

    2. I think it’s funny
      You need a ID to get a vaccine
      But Democrats say it’s racist to ask for a ID to vote lol

    1. @jacksparrow good point. But if they came for a vaccine on my property they’d be walking out of town….

    2. @Da Trap Pro Productions easy to call people names when you are protected behind a screen.

    3. @Da Trap Pro Productions the poor crackheads need to determine how everyone else needs to vote,. Does not make sense

    1. @Stephen David Bailey your full of crap. Texas in 2020 there were at least 2 people arrested and criminally charge for voter fraud. Caught filling out ballots with other people’s names on them. Stop lying.

    2. @Alex Mark yeah they’re both very high. The number was going around a bit early in the year when the id stuff first started, but now it’s hard to find with all the other news. States like arizona have free ids for 65+ year olds, and people with disabilities. There’s also organizations like homelessidproject. But they only cost like $12, which poc aren’t struggling to get

    3. @Alex Mark no to cheating it’s just in uk we do it alternate reality we don’t need ID b’coz our Voting card that gets posted by the government. It’s got our Voting number and that’s our ID.. If we don’t have the Voting card we can just give our name and date of birth so the people moaning about Voter Fraud must be the ones cheating. We also have postal Voting for those with illness and disabilities so spineless repugz cry Voter Fraud b’coz they know they cannot Win an election without cheating. That’s why the orange face urangutan keeps Lying.

    4. @Stephen David Bailey So, cite your sources. Chapter and verse. Just because you say so does not mean it is true.

    5. @G.W. Rick When people start calling people names, that means that they are losing the argument. Typical Demorat!

    1. Texas has nothing on their side. The future belongs to progressives. That is a fact, whether you like it or not.

    1. @Ivan Trabka that’s part of this bill.. several states sent out absentee ballots without them being requested in the last election

    2. @MrPhilbert what’s your point exactly. They themselves admitted to having outdated voter rolls. Many ballots were send to people who died, moved out of state, or they simply just got wrong. They couldn’t even send stimulus checks to the right addresses. You clowns are naive to a fault, dumb and complacent just the way the Democrats like em

  2. Voting used to be on the second Tuesday in November. So, let’s keep it that way. In fact, let’s make it a holiday to vote.

  3. Someone back hand that guy. Get Real. Lets vote again when theses are in effect and lets see the outcome.

    1. @Stephen David Bailey actually Barr said there was no wide spread voter fraud. At no time did he say no fraud at all. Wording matters

    2. @Stephen David Bailey you are way off base. The 2 arrests made in Texas in 2020 the accused were filling out ballots for the Democratic Party. Republicans don’t vote for the other team. I live in Texas and have all most my life. Texas is a red state. Republicans don’t have to cheat, Democrats keep our decision easy every time they encourage more illegals to come on over.

    3. @Stephen David Bailey wait you just said a handful of cases. Earlier you said no fraud in Texas. Thank you for admitting you lied the first time. This is what you Democrats don’t get, any fraud is too much

    4. @Stephen David Bailey
      First there’s no cheating.
      Then there’s cheating but only republicans did it, gotcha!

  4. “ID to vote is racist”

    The left is assuming that certain demographics are “not smart enough” or “too poor” to get an ID to vote

    Who is racist now?

    1. Racism = ignorance.
      I watched a video on CPTV 20 years ago and a doctor/scientist found markers in our DNA and made it possible to trace the true origin of man by males blood. So he went around the globe for ten years drawing blood and came to scientific fact that every person on this earth comes from a black tribe in africa 50,000 – 60,000 years ago .
      I saw that twenty years ago and racism still exists ? Unbelievable, sad.

    2. @Co Vidio but you didn’t quote one of them. That like saying there is lots of voter fraud evidence, without providing any.

  5. The Dems whined about the same thing about four years ago and the border counties had record turnout from the Hispanics. Just more of the same lame talking points. You get 2 weeks to vote in Tx. If you can’t vote in that time frame then maybe you are just pure lazy.

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