Texas Democrats May Be The Most Potent Force For Voting Rights 1

Texas Democrats May Be The Most Potent Force For Voting Rights


Author of the Washington Post’s “Power Up” newsletter and editor-at-large for the 19th Errin Haines discuss Texas Democrats continuing their voting rights battle on Capitol Hill and how President Biden can help
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    1. @Rell 1984 You say all that about the 2020 election and then you guys say the Democrats Rigged the election so there is no way that Biden got 81 million votes? Without making sure that they won too? Do you truly believe that? ARe you really missing the whole point of your OWN argument? Are the Democrats too stupid, or are they too smart? make up your mind …

    2. @Leif Massarene they rigged the election against Trump. What’s your point? They lost seats everywhere, and losing local elections in blue districts. You don’t like facts

    3. You can see when all the Reich-wing trolls come out. It’s always late at night (daytime in Russia) and usually when an MSNBC link is posted on some right-wing propaganda site. All the MAGAt minions then decend upon this one video to disparage it. It’s so obvious. Then the next day, when the majority of sane Americas reviews the videos, comments go overwhelmingly back to normal.

    4. @Rell 1984 So you really believe that< that they would rig the election against trump, without making sure that those same votes would also NOT favor their own Democratic Candidates? Are you serious? You believe that the Democrats are smart enough to rig the the Presidential election leaving concrete no proof of fraud, yet said "F!ck it we're done" and NOT rig it for their own candidates for senators and Congress Persons, that they would actually LOSE seats? Are they planning something in the future? What is your explanation? What Qanon conspiracy theory do you have to explain that?

    5. @Leif Massarene you’re thoughts are all over the place.
      There’s hard evidence of fraud despite the the lengths they’ve gone to cover it up.
      They literally admitted to “fortifying” the election in the Times articles.
      You clowns get so caught up in political affiliations that you fail to see that it’s authoritarian globalist elites vs populists, not Dem vs GOP.
      Your who argument is based on feelings lol

  1. I wish just one of these “news” channels or politicians would show exactly what part of the bill is so restrictive …the bill is public to read so why not show us what your are crying about

    1. @Kevin Turner actually, they’re called countries where they actually have journalistic standards on what you can air as news. You can’t just wilfully lie and tell your audience not to vaccinate. Not as “news” anyhow. Fox airs worldwide, maybe as parody. And I actually have spoken to people where fox news doesn’t air. They have never seen it except online clips. 🙄

    2. All of it. Empowering partisan poll watchers for one.
      Who needs Q terrorist watching your every move.

    3. @Kevin Turner they have affiliates worldwide. Fox america, fair and balanced quackery doesn’t air. Not on syndication

    4. @GratefulHippieChic so not only are you a slave driving racist, but you also have no idea what you are talking about

  2. When people become so dumb that they don’t even hide the propaganda anymore you know it’s bad. Not confirming identities does not equate to voting rights.

  3. They are the group throwing the biggest tantrum because they didn’t get their way. That’s one thing all of America agrees on

  4. Kind of like the GA voter laws were so restrictive that the Dems pressured MLB to move to Denver that has more restrictive laws already on the books and, BTW, is 70+% white? You people are a joke.

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