Texas Democrats Put Personal Life On Hold To Protect Right To Vote 1

Texas Democrats Put Personal Life On Hold To Protect Right To Vote


More than 50 members of the Texas House descended on Washington D.C. in an effort to stop a Republican-backed voter suppression bill, leaving their families and postponing major life events. Texas State Reps. Celia Israel and Erin Zwiener join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss their effort to persuade Congress to “move forward on legislation that will protect the freedom to vote not only for Texans, but for every single American.”
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    1. Probably already would of if not for voter suppression/gerrymandering. Hundreds of thousands of voters in a highly democratic county weren’t able to vote in ’20 due to voter suppression. That county alone could of flipped Texas to Biden.

    2. @Progressive Humanist why were they not able to vote.?? And why haven’t they went to court or filed a complaint.??

    3. Nah, we will change the rules however we have to keep Texas red and to keep Texas from looking like the trasholes they left their states in. Lol

  1. On Fox News, their narrative is “Dems go maskless on plane while running away from Texas to play hooky.”

    1. No not always. That to easily allows for fraud.

      YES, there are people in this country who will cheat if given the opportunity. ANY form of transparency and integrity can only be good. When you search and protect the TRUTH, you can’t believe lies.

    2. @J5 – AR State Rep 2022 then why are you believing lies? They have proven numerous times, there was no fraud that would change the outcome of an election!

    3. @Freedom not true. Most if not all claims were dropped for “standing”. Thousands of sworn testimony went unchecked.

      Let’s also separate “misinformation” or “lies” from the whacko conspiracies like ballots being flown in and bamboo ect. Im not talking about those lies. We all know that stuff is wack.

      We want to know how many dead people actually had a ballot cast. How many duplicates were run through machines multiple times. How many multiple duplicates were made. Those claims are all factually proven with sworn testimony that never got fully investigated. And no, recounts and “selective audits” like picking 200 ballots out of millions cast are NOT full audits. Until a FULL audit is done we will never know. If one ballot is cast fraudulent then we should scrutinize every single ballot. Our vote is about the most sacred to Americans. I want to know for 110%, without a doubt, it was completely and totally free and fair of ANY and ALL fraud. That is my right as an American

  2. I’m sorry, they “put their personal life on hold”? Yeah, they put their lives on hold like my next door does when she gets day-drunk and passes out before her kids get home from school.

  3. Mr. Biden, please tell us, Is there a single legitimate citizen of the US that you can show us that has been denied their right to vote?? Where are all of the people in all of the cities or anywhere for that matter that have been denied their right to vote? THEY DON’T EXIST. IT IS ALL A LIE! Show us one person that was denied the right to vote (Other than the one that showed up at the poles and we’re denied the right to vote because someone had already voted – with what? An absentee ballot?)

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