Texas Dems Demolish Trump’s Big Lie In Dramatic Fight Against Voter Suppression 1

Texas Dems Demolish Trump’s Big Lie In Dramatic Fight Against Voter Suppression

Texas Democrats left the state in a show of strength to block a voter suppression bill. They plan to wait out the clock on the special session in the state and to lobby Congress to do something. Texas Gov. Abbott is threatening to arrest the Democrats. MSNBC’s Dr. Jason Johnson is joined by State Rep. Nicole Collier, who just met with Vice President Harris about the situation, and Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Assistant Dean for Civic Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin, to discuss the situation.
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  1. I hope they do! Its about time people stand up to Trump! It’s the only way for his craziness to end! Trump is dangerous man!

    1. @Jerry Stephenson Perhaps the results of voting audits will prove he was wrong. On the other hand, perhaps they will prove he was right. In any event, an audit can be a very healthy thing. It well might relieve suspicions and fears that the system has been corrupted. If the system is truly clean then no one has cause to fear. On the other hand, if corruption is exposed, then there would be many people with much to lose. I suggest we wait to see what the audits reveal before we decide whether anything is broken.

    2. @Paul Kruggel I haven’t heard any results with the blue light looking for bamboo. Nor have I heard any futher development on the theory that the results were beamed to Germany and relayed to Italy to change the results so donald would loose.
      I do know that there were periods of time when the chain of custody of the ballots were not secure. And I do know that the Cyber Ninjas prior to the “audit” had no experience in the field and that the main guy begind the company was an active proponent of the “stop the steal” conspiracy theory and a vocal trump supporter prior to the “audit”.
      I also know that the cyber ninjas have taken months longer than originally planned which resulted in stopping the “count” while high school dances were held in the facility and security for storage of the ballots was compromised
      Given all these factors any evidence that supports the “stop the steal” conspiracy theory has about as much credibility as Rudy’s claims that currently resulted in his license to practice law being revoked in the state of New York.

    3. Lol man you have TDS bad. Also what they did was illegal btw-then again I guess Democrats are fine with breaking the law as well

    1. @V Republicans do this kind of thing ALL THE TIME. It’s good they get some of their own medicine.

    2. @Thorax999 I can’t take seriously anyone that can’t spell. Go away and annoy someone else.

  2. Why would these Texas democrats be arrested when they return home. Rafeal (Ted) Cruz should have been arrested when in winter Texas power was broken down.

    1. @Bruce Wagner yeah and you believe this govt is squeaky clean? Potato how has open borders, won’t allow Cubans in tho. Why is that? You’re clearly not American. No doubt.

    1. @Thorax999 socialism?I wonder how many recipients your state has of ssi,or ebt cards…and or people on Medicare and Medicaid. We have social programs. There’s a big difference

    1. @Concerned Citizen Concerned citizen you must not be too concerned, do your due diligence and inform yourself. The time bomb has left the white house.

    2. @Nena Pina
      The sad thing is all you whiners got your stooge in office and you’re STILL complaining. You are clinically depressed and nothing short of severe therapy will help you. Seek help and stop the madness. Go love yourselves.

    3. @Concerned Citizen As more trash is being exposed on the former guy you concern should be alarming. On the contrary, I am off therapy now that we got rid of the Putin puppet.

    4. “Taking a stand” ? How is going on a tax payer paid vacation, taking a stand? And what are they taking a “stand” against?

  3. I’m so tired of all of this. I don’t belong to a political party because I don’t agree with everything that any one party believes in. This whole party line game is too much. No president or vice president is ever going to be able to fix anything in this country without support from both sides. We cannot have one party making all the decisions, especially when those decisions are made for one person who isn’t even in office. What happened to the good of the American people?

  4. Friendly reminder that the Stable Genius’ lawyer held a “Stop the Steal” press conference at Four Season Total Landscaping because they were too dumb to know it wasn’t the Four Seasons hotel.
    And when they finally figured it out…they STILL went ahead with it!

  5. Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott: “Isn’t that the most un-Texan thing you’ve ever heard? Texans running from a fight?”

    Ted Cruz: “Hold my snow cone.”

    1. Cancun Cruz and his buddy Gov Abbot are not only fools, they are brazen HYPOCRITES! (they have much in common w the orange GQP guru!)

    2. They were running from evil demons, in their Wh in Texas. Flee from evil says the Lord. Amen Democrats.

  6. It’s not running away, it’s going up the chain-of-command. Sorry Abbott, humilation isn’t going to work with these folks. Looks like you’re losing the fight.

    1. @Larry Young Saying what exactly? That a quorum break is not an insurrection. That is what I’ll say, just as I’ll say that a filibuster is not an insurrection. You sound like a child trying to defend what happened on Jan 6 with this transparent false equivalency. Jan 6 was violent and the aim was to bring down the elected government. People died. It’s really not hard to see how much more serious it was and how different.

    2. @Federalist Papers By the way, thanks for the history lesson. So you have to go back to 1964 to find Dems using the filibuster to block major legislation, and when you do, it’s a bunch of racist Dixiecrats of the sort who either no longer exist or would be in the modern Republican Party if they did, and they’re obstructing not the Repubs but their own party? Man. That is so weak it’s laughable.

    3. @Federalist Papers what I read was that, a person had to WRITE DOWN their Drivers Licence Number on it. If they didn’t have a DL then the last four of their SSN.

      It’s obvious that you are a lier and never really, read this bill like you claim!

    4. losing the fight? those dems just lost about 50 seats in texas you realise right? they will just redo this bill again and it will pass, again.

    1. Dont Worry he’s got it covered. Love how the left hangs on to stuff like this lol now let’s move forward and focus on the issue at hand

    2. @D Fran lmao died from a virus. Wow I didn’t realize that was their fault. Let time I checked dr fauci gave Americans false information about masks just so people didn’t buy all of them out so healthcare workers had some. Think about that. Oh wait you’re incapable of that because that comment is just ignorant

    3. Biden and Kamala should maybe check what the root problem with the Cuban people’s protests is.
      Could be climate change.

  7. “texans running from a fight, they’re quitters” said the guy who shrugged off the winter power company failure that led to people freezing to death in their homes or burning their furniture to keep warm while he now turns his attention and the state’s resources to building trump’s stupid wall. putz.

    1. Have you actually read the bill? In no way, shape or form does it hinder ANYONE from being able to vote. It’s literally making it harder to cheat. For these dems to run away instead of upholding their duty to represent the people, they should be stripped of their jobs and held accountable. It’s quite pathetic to put it nicely.

    1. @Slam Adams : in this beloved country of yours, even voting can be considered as a crime and gets you jail time. Look at this lady who, out of jail on parole, went to vote, not knowing she couldn’t, cast a provisional vote, ultimately discarded, and got herself 5 years’ prison. Isn’t that how a true democracy works? And about the same happened to a man as well. Just a detail : both were Blacks.

      As for voter fraud, it’s a crime with jail time, provided the fraud is proven. Which wasn’t the case in the 60+ cases brought before various courts by Trump’s lawyers Giuliani and Powell. They were all rejected as frivolous or lacking evidence, and now the lawyers are facing a lawsuit. Love it!

    2. Well, maybe you’re the person who can answer the question with a reasonable answer… How are they “suppressing the vote?

    3. What you are talking about is propaganda. The Georgia, Florida and Texas laws prevent vote fraud and expand voters rights. This law will make it harder for the Republicans to cheat during the next election. These Texas Democrats are in embarrassment to our party, flying in private jets. Who is paying for all of this? These people need to resign immediately because they are not doing the job that they were elected to do.

  8. Hey Gov. they are not running from a fight. On the contrary, this is legal warfare at its finest!

  9. Manchin will not do his duty as a dem, he will not cut off his cashflow from corporations. He is not
    concerned about the future of his fellow Americans.

  10. “They will be arrested…until they get their job done.” He means until they do what he wants. Hang in there, Democrats! Democracy needs you.

  11. Mr. Abbott fills me with disgust. “I will arrest you for not letting me abuse my power!!!”. Really!!!!

  12. Funny how state democrats did what Washington democrats seem unable to do. Actually fight. I see a lot of talk up in Washington, but no action. Typical.

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