Texas Dems Urge Federal Government To Take Up Voting Rights 1

Texas Dems Urge Federal Government To Take Up Voting Rights


Congressional Democrats warn that communities of color could see "the worst redistricting" if voting rights legislation fails to pass. 
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  1. Look how free you guys are. Now I understand why you never stop telling everyone about it.

    1. @Make Racists Afraid Again Proud of DIRT-DOGS and SCHMEG HARVEST yes I understand

    2. @William H Music 2021 Right, as William points out, Democrats support all Americans, no matter their race, religion or sexual preference. I wish we could say the same of Republicans.

    3. @William H Music 2021 katlyenn Jenner- republican linsey gramm – republican . Why- just joined… not suspicious at all

    1. What independence? They depend on everyone lol most of the West coast is powered by Canadian hydroelectric dams. America’s massive wealth is due to access into the allies markets. America would be a toothless tiger without depending on the entire alliance

  2. If we had a decent and representative Supreme Court, we wouldn’t have to worry about this anti-democratic assault, because the Voting Rights Act would not have been gutted and would be enforced against states with racist Republican state politicians like GA, TX, etc. Time for Dems to get serious about defending democracy by every means possible.

    1. The Supreme Court is not meant to cater to popular opinion. It’s simply meant to interpret the law. Using your argument, cases such as Loving v. Virginia should have not been made, because the majority of the public opposed what it legalized.

    2. @Mr. James You’re thinking of judges, the Supreme Court is meant to judge constitutionality, and yes, the members of the court affect the decisions, as much as they’re supposed to be impartial, repubkicans can’t be, and currently the court is republican leaning, so kind of a problem.

    3. @Lex Ruptor That’s a pretty one-sided statement to say that Republicans can’t be impartial. Limiting the idea of being impartial to one political party seems somewhat fallacious.

  3. US Constitution: Every citizen deserves a vote and no one should deny them that right.
    GQP: WRONG!!!!

    1. So showing legal ID is some how preventing people from voting? Man, if only that was just as effective to preventing teens from drinking.

    2. @Solstice of Snow How many underage children do you think will be drinking in bars this weekend on “legal ID’s”?

    3. @LotWizzard he’s just a confused little trans kid, lashing out at the world because his parents rejected him.

    4. @Solstice of Snow C’mon dude. You’re smart enough to know that all things being equal, if the policies are good, you will win the votes. Ask yourself, “why are republicans more focused on voter fraud than getting their message out?” There’s a reason why the GQP cares more about Mr Potato Head than healthcare.

    1. As EVERYONE knows nothing says Anti-America quite like supporting the shameful Democrats obviously

    2. @TheBase1aransas Help me out here. How is making voting as accessible, convenient and easy as possible akin to encouraging voter fraud? Unless of course, there’s this nefarious, deep-state network of millions of democrats throughout the country paying DNC crisis actors to dress as Antifans in order to raise deceased “illegals” from the dead and bus their carcasses into polling places to turn every god-fearing, Bible thumping, Apple-pie-eating, ruby red state, blue.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas Becausre the mail in system is easily avalible to anyone. I mean anyone, not just American citizens, but just anyone. No need for to be a citizen to vote through that way. Tell me this, how are all these laws some how, “surpressing” people to vote? Are the blocking the doors? Are they shooting them on sight? Or could it be that the want LEGAL ID?!?! OH MY GOD, SO SCARY!!!

    4. @William H Music 2021 Not quite correct. Well, tbph, not remotely correct. You’re so wrong, it’s horrifying

    5. @Solstice of Snow False, it’s not just open to anyone, but I doubt you actually looked it up any, being sheeple someone prolly just told you that and you 100% believed it without any research

  4. Truth be told, most of us in Texas do not want to live under a monarchy. We do not want a King Abbott nor do we want a Prince Patrick meaning Dan who is not the man.

    1. @TheBase1aransas for what a sham audit? You understand that the results of the AZ won’t even be admissable in court right? If it’s not admissable court than it doesn’t prove anything lmao. The reason it’s not admissable court is because the results can’t be replicated by following yellow book standards lmfao. You people are so stupid and easily manipulated it’s a wonder you made it to adulthood.

    1. probably for the same reason texas should get back on the national energy grid before another natural disaster and ted cruz has to escort his daughters to russia…

    2. @John Big there’s things your gun won’t save you from like natural disasters and antifa but keep living in fear…it’s good for your mental health…

    3. Why are the crybaby Republicans trying to change the rules instead of supporting ideals that Americans would actually vote for?

  5. The rules being written in Republican states are wrong headed. Our democracy should do everything it can to support and encourage voting!

  6. Were headed towards a split. Msm and politics have us so divided right now. Were eventually going to have conservative states to accommodate the conservatives and liberal states for the woke crowd. Its the only way to make both sides happy and neither side is willing to bend for the other. Its sad but we have taken a sharp turn for the worse in the past decade. I blame social media. Msm and the goverment.

  7. Thank you for protecting us from voter fraud Texas Gov. here in Pennsylvania have a lot of voter fraud specially in Philadelphia, a shithole city…. and we pay for it in high taxes, high crime, bad roads just terrible

  8. Fight like heck? How about we actually SEE HIM DO SOMETHING? He’s got all the power to get it done, and he does nothing. He’s never once punished Manchin and Sinema.

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