Texas' Energy Grid Gets Fresh Scrutiny Following Major Storm | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Texas’ Energy Grid Gets Fresh Scrutiny Following Major Storm | Morning Joe | MSNBC


More than four million Texans have lost power after a weekend storm crippled the state’s energy infrastructure, and the crisis has made the state's energy grid the focus of fresh scrutiny. Reporter Alana Rocha discusses. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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Texas' Energy Grid Gets Fresh Scrutiny Following Major Storm | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @William H Music 2021 Still trying to avoid the truth about your own sexuality? You realize that you’re using your comments to call for help? You can keep pretending you’re straight or you can seek professional help. But stop shoving it in our faces.

    2. @William H Music 2021 You can’t stop thinking about bisexual and homosexual males, can you, William? It’s all you talk about. It’s all you think about.

    1. You got that right, a bunch of republican cowards are in office and they’re still afraid of their disgraced leader djt.

    1. Agreed. Fellow Texan here and we were without power a long time as well. I hope they take responsibility and wast time blaming others. Find out what they do in other states who routinely get extreme weather and do the same thing here!

    1. @Brooke B This is not green energy. This state is relying on gas and coal. Refuses to participate in a federal state power grid, using deregulation policies, not saving for emergencies like this, and using fossil fuel and coal to produce a mixture of half green renewable energy and half defending on fossil fuel. Texas had to be stupid and depend on their own kind of power grid without a back up plan for such disasters. Don’t ever go listening to FOX’s versions of events because they always have to have ignorant, anti science Republicans that refuse to admit their own mistakes for fear of losing voters so they play this game of reporting twisted facts and partisan bashing conspiracies to explain away their reasoning. STOP WATCHING FOX and News Max. Scandinavia, Canada, Germany, and even other colder states that rely on wind mills and solar energy never have this problem. This is all Republican greedy politicians and the fossil fuel industry cutting corners to make a buck. This is the result of that.

    2. I regularly spend my winter vaccations in the northern most part of Norway to watch northern lights. There is see wind turbines made by Siemens operating reliably in the harsh arctic conditions since many years. If president Joe Biden is serious about the green new deal then Siemens will be happy to open wind turbine factories in America to supply the United States with some proper wind turbines made by american workers.

    3. @Piotr Trebisz If they work I have no problem. I think population and demand in USA is much greater than Norway.

    1. Leadership can only be as good – or as bad – as the people who put them into office. Lousy citizens = lousy leaders.

    2. Fortunately for Texas, lots of folk from more reasonable parts of the nation are trickling in to dilute the less desirable local mentality. Who knows, with enough time and enough people, Texas might become a point of pride for the country.

    1. @Luke Amato that is only empty drum talks. They talk about separation but quickly cry to biden to beg for assistance. They are all mostly empty cans. All hot air. Zero substance and is willing to sell their mothers up the creek if it helps protect their political careers

    2. @Cary Andrae ya its pretty sad, I feel bad for the people that have to deal with this because of their criminally negligent politicians

    1. @free thinker Check out the NASA ice cap images and get back to me! Oh, and go back to school and take a science class.

    2. @Ian T Oh, please, not even comparable the the damage (unremitted) the fossil fuel industry has done. There are 35-45K idle oil wells in California alone that need to be decommissioned. All the fracking companies are going bankrupt and abandoning their sites. I suspect we the taxpayers will end up with the bill.

    3. Guess why it is so cold in Texas right now. This is not normal, right? Due to massively increased temperatures in the arctic the polar vortex broke down, all the cold air can now escape further south while the warm air from the south moves to the north pole. The temperatures in the north are now as hot as it is cold in Texas which only accelerates the meltdown of the arctic. Without all the CO2-emissions from the past Texans would not freeze now.

  1. Hey Ted Cruz remember the fire in California, that you mock? This is your payback, and you let your constituents suffer for your fault.

    1. maybe they planned on shooting their way out of this. Guns do generate heat once fired. How many rounds to warm a three bedroom house?

    2. He (Ted Cruz) is probably not in Texas at the moment and if he is, his residence or neighbourhood didn’t lose power. He has no clue or the capacity to empathize with those who are currently without power. It amazing that a man that made such a comment was running and probably still hopes to run for the highest office in the land. Hopefully, he would surround himself with top-notch advisers and listen to them.

  2. Anti-Science & Greed are behind this DEADLY Failure. Go ahead Secede Texas.. Continue the experiment at the expense of Life Itself.. (Regulations are put in place for Very Good Reason..)

    1. Let’s be honest, the ‘south’, is our least educated demographic. They are very easy to manipulate and control through debunked conspiracy theories and right-wing propaganda.

    2. @Jeremy Backup Nah, they are just looking for a reason to figure out why so many people are willing to give so much control over their lives to a government they have done nothing but complain about as long as I can remember….We have already ruled out common sense, so you must have to be some pseudo-intellectual to understand it….

  3. Fox News needs its license revoked. Feeding LIES to protect a soulless politician. These slugs see every incident as another opportunity to blame Democrats for something anything. Instead of doing their job as the party in power, they play politics. Abbot will probably say people have to make sacrifices for their grandchildren … at least the ones that don’t freeze to death.

  4. Incredible stupidity and poor planning. Not to sink pipes to a depth that protects against extreme changes in weather is just criminally negligent.

    1. @T D no beta here old boy just wait till they try and implement their agenda and half the country tells them to go screw themselves and watch what happens…

    2. @Altrusian WolfDog what do you think the Republicans are doing? The Republicans and doing nothing but crying to the state because they feel they don’t get anything .

    3. @Altrusian WolfDog if you were following the election I’m sure you were aware that there were a few red states that announced they counted mail-in ballots last, remember the key word here is LAST…. In case you can’t tell me why I’ll let you know why, they already planned on having the excuse they’re stealing the election,”where did all those votes come from last minute?” simple, the majority of the mail-in ballots were going to be for Biden because he’s the one running who suggested it, Trump’s base wasn’t going to do that. Hence why Biden caught up in the end, it’s not that difficult to figure out .

      You guys fell for it bought it Hook line & sinker . If anybody knew basic politics this is just common sense… There’s a reason why the majority of his base is religious, because you already made room in your head for false beliefs to believe that crap

    4. @Altrusian WolfDog simply put, if you’re a trump supporter you’re not stupid, you are a special type of stupid . There’s a reason why a trump supporter that I work with can’t even do simple multiplication tables…. “What’s 10 x 14” he asked me…

  5. they’ll just blame democrats or try to say the left is laughing at their pain, then use that misinformation to elect more republicans..

    1. ….Antifa …antifa must have brought that cold weather…. perhaps „they“have done it with these Jewish space lasers ….or noooo Bill Gates just created a virtual reality…..with virtual cold feelings and a virtual breakdown of the energy system….. all of Texas is not real…..

    2. For the record, I’m not laughing at their pain. I’m laughing at their willful ignorance.

  6. Spoiler alert: It was the Republican governor and legislature cozying up to private business interests, as per usual.

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