1. Any person that makes threats with guns needs to be put on a “no gun sale” list and treated like any other nut job who’s a potential threat. I don’t care who they are.

    1. @Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT Agreed! Every Texan would be beyond happy if you all would just kick them out, you’d be doing them a favor!

  2. I think they know they lost. This just comes down to intimidation. Guns and threats of violence and outrageous disproved claims. But they know it attracts the crazies. And all this from the party of Jesus and justice and family values. Wow.

  3. “Biden was not legitimately elected” but everyone else on the exact same ballot was? Please explain how this makes any sense…


  4. I’m from Missouri and I think Greitens should still be in jail. When he ran for governor, he was shooting a machine gun at opponents campaign signs. Only the modern GOP would run a failed governor, threatened with impeachment, “convicted” of sexual assault and violation of privacy rights of a woman with whom he was having an adulterous affair, as a U.S. senator.


    1. The only consequences I’m seeing right now are the consequences of what a mail in President gives you

    1. @MaskedMarvyl Errr you just named 90% of RepubliCON congressmen and senators 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 A random collection of fake talking points.

  5. So what happens when some nut job actually goes out hunting for “Rino’s” & succeeds? Will these idiot politicians be held accountable?

  6. The Republican Party really needs to work on some laws getting passed to give as much help to the mentally ill as possible. They need all the help they can get. The Party if full of senators with grand delusions of grandeur, psychopaths, and sociopaths.This is what happens when you put all Republicans in the same basket, with Trump.

  7. Happy to see more of Chris here. One of my favorite talking heads. Solid sense of humor and a decently candid manner of speech. Hope he moves up in the world and gets a larger segment of his own.

    1. He does, I think it’s called “And that is the Point”. New vids Tuesday and Thursday.

  8. Is it really OK to make death-threats to people according to the 1st amendment? You must be joking….

    1. @Angela Shaw Clark-Westoven what that guy did in the video is borderline terroristic threats and conspiracy

  9. I thought threats of violence are one of the rare things that don’t get 1A protection. Declaring it “RINO hunting season” is certainly incitement to violence, and that isn’t protected by 1A.

    1. LOL, I’m going to give you credit that you’re smarter this and making either a joke or a hyper-partisan talking point. They’re obviously talking about the midterms and voting out “republicans in name only” over gun rights.”

  10. “Support the military!” “Back the blue!”
    But only do that when they agree with everything you think is real

  11. Imagine that the GOP placed truth, duty and honour before self interest. Come on America! Reject the liars. What would be left if you took the liars out of the GOP?

    1. @Michael D If things get bad enough fascism will sound like a great idea sadly. Better than babies not having formula.

    2. @Dziban Art All it takes is for one spark to start our Rebellion. Then someday their Empire will fall. 🙂 God bless the Real USA ❤🤍💙❤🤍💙

  12. We shouldn’t allow those who denounce democracy to be able to run for any kind of office

  13. My friend from Scotland spent time in Texas and said he had never come across so much backward people.

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