Texas Gov. Abbott Wants A Border Wall Despite State Power Problems 1

Texas Gov. Abbott Wants A Border Wall Despite State Power Problems


As a heatwave grips Western states, the Texas grid operator is asking Texans to conserve electricity. Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Wednesday that he was putting a $250 million down payment on a project to… build 'The Wall.' Joy Reid addresses this and other controversial actions by Abbott in this edition of 'The Absolute Worst.'
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    1. I honestly haven’t really seen an issue with the power out here, I’m really not sure if that’s even a thing still since the snow storm

    2. The power really isn’t a big issue ad much as it’s made out to be. What is a problem is that there are south Texans having to stay at home at all times to protect their children from roving bands of working age men walking through their property.

    3. Mass illegal border crossings are DESTROYING the southwest, temporary power outages are a non-issues in comparison.

    1. @emma
      Biden failed against Putin because Joe is an incompetent old fool.

      Even other world leaders in the G7 laughed at Joe.

    2. @emma

      Florida’s anti riot bill is hilarious.

      My state already allows us liability immunity against rioters in the streets. That’s why there’s no assaults on drivers in my state.

      They can’t stop a several thousand pound vehicle.


    3. @Annie Warbux

      Using chemical and nuclear attacks on American soil?

      How pitifully ignorant of you.

      You think they would be able to fire a rocket off in time? Do you forget that the military is majority conservative?

      Anyone who tries to nuke their own American cities will likely suffer sudden fatal lead poisoning.

      Not to mention….if you live in the same area, then you’re as good as dead as well. Have fun with that.

      And the only reason the Democrats haven’t tried to seize control of all of the US is because us Americans are armed to the teeth. With legality to go to war if need be.

      So, in short, you’re a fool.

    4. @Snow Fox Actually conservatives are the ruling minority by design. But don’t let facts get in the way of your fragile white-grievance death wish.

  1. Why doesn’t he focus on the still overwhelmingly messed up energy problems in Texas? The one that is now failing to provide power to cool the homes of millions of Texans. Always grabbing for the next GOP headline because… he has what? Presidential notions? It’s all about power, but not the right kind.

  2. Wasn’t abbot the same one that sang high praise to trump for BUILDING the wall?? Now he’s saying we need a wall….why would we need something that he claimed we Already had??
    The right debunks THEMSELVES better than anyone else can.. immigrants aren’t the problem in Texas…
    Texas can’t even run their power system , can’t get off the highest poverty list and can’t get off the least EDUCATED states list…

    1. not to mention that our governor has authorized more fracking – we have not got millions of water to spare is there some political or $$$ payback here?

    2. Taxpayers deserve a few Luxurys and it gives jobs stimulates the economy California has a surplus and can afford it

  3. It’s just a matter time before it starts getting Xtra hot at the collar of the worst president ever- EVER!!!!

  4. The America last crowd wants this chaos and lawlessness at the border to continue. Someone needs to follow the money here. Cartel money is going into someone’s pocket.

    1. Yup, keep building a wall when most fly over or tunnel under. You really know how to throw good money after bad. You selling ladders or something?

    2. @Debra Jensen majority are crossing on foot. Hundreds of thousands who crossed in April alone were caught not in the air or under the ground. Biden has created a humanitarian disaster at the border. Texas is doing what is right.

  5. The ritzy snail thoracically influence because rain gergely flood modulo a direful fork. future futuristic, typical camera

  6. Is this Abbott’s way to steal money from Trump’s fundraising for his own campaigns?

    Poor Retrumplicans having to dole out more money for fake or useless projects. Some might argue that the new Republican party is a useless project.

  7. Vote this clown out. He’s never going to fix the grid it’s not even worth supporting that notion.

  8. I thought the border was finished because the stable “jenius” know how to build walls like nobody ever did. Very quickly very powerful. Still waiting on that cheap tremendous beautiful healthcare. Did the former guy lied to us?

  9. Passing stupid laws and letting Texas fall apart is the GOP way, this has been going on for years.

  10. Texas government has made Texas a very unpleasant tourist attraction and Texas used to be a top attraction .

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