Texas Gov. Pushes One Of The Worst Voter-Suppression Bills Ever 1

Texas Gov. Pushes One Of The Worst Voter-Suppression Bills Ever


Tiffany Cross breaks down Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s attempts to restrict voting, reproductive rights, and care for migrant children.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Texas Gov. Pushes One Of The Worst Voter-Suppression Bills Ever



    2. @sealyoness it doesnt matter if about knowing him, we can’t do anything about it if they keep putting unconstitutional voting restrictions at the state and ferderal level so we can’t vote!

    3. @sealyoness well they just made Trans segregation a law in Tennessee. So don’t speak yet as to the lows of mankind

  1. Abbott has Trump’s support for re election. That makes him a co constitutor. Lock him up and take away his wheelchair so the other prisoners can’t roll him off of the roof.

  2. “Thank you for electing me. I want to be your leader for many years. I am going to make sure of it.”

  3. When a top leadership lost a faith to the democracy, all that consume their heads are “how to keep their own status of wealth and power” and here is the good example.
    And when they surround themselves with the same “selfish and greedy, insane and ignorant” followers, their decisions will never be “democracy for the people by the people” but it will be inevitably “authoritarian, dominance, control, suppressing” notion like Hitler once had.

    1. These poorly educated, traitorous ‘people’ are one rally short of praising Hitler and Globalists.

  4. In any sane country (which will have a REAL constitution) this fine governor would be tossed into prison immediately, and it would be a very long time before he got out.

    1. @Mike Graham maybe you should study 1933 Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. The GOP and its enablers are coping it to the tee.

    1. Please be responsible and get yourself and your family vaccinated as soon as possible! President Biden wants 70% of all America vaccinated by July 4th! Remember that kids 12 and over are now eligible, please be safe and get your vaccine today!

  5. Dear Mr Abbott I voted for you because I thought the woman who ran against you was not prepared to lead our state. Guess what I am a Democrat who from time to time I vote for the person ant not the party. This time around I made a huge mistake. I voted for you secondly because it appeared that a person on a wheelchair would be more compassion towards the needs who need medical care and you are against people that dont have the sexual orientation that you believe in. You dont feel equality for every color of citizens in Texas is important, though I understand your children are not 100% white. Think of the consequences of what you are creating because someday your great.grand kids may come out a little beige and they may not be able to vote. From now on I am going to be careful and not cross the line when voting.

    1. @John Colen Considering there was no cheating in the election, your comment is idiotic.
      So you’re saying you WANT to live in an authoritarian dictatorship like Russia or China then.

    1. @Randy Gibbons He already sat you don’t need a license to carry a gun what’s more powerful a gun or a vote?

    1. @John Colen Oh right, the Dixiecrats never left the Democrats to join the Republicans, and Robert Byrd was buried in his Klan robes I forgot.

  6. If you tell big enough “LIES” and tell them frequently enough, it will be believed by some.

    1. You would think it would only be some but unfortunately millions of these imbeciles believe the big lie…

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