1. This guy has been saying he’s going to eliminate border crossings for YEARS…. How is he going to accomplish this?

    1. @FAFO you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about!
      We lived in Mexico for years and they’ll blow your brains out if you just look at them crossways!

    2. @Rob Crebs this is America not Mexico. If Mexico tried to take Texas they’d be met with such an overwhelming force that they cry. I’d LOVE to see them try.

    1. LOL that’s actually a good point. “We haven’t eliminated rapists before…. but we promise to do it now.” Republicans are just flat-out insane Neanderthals.

    1. @Bruh
      You are in error on two counts:
      I said nothing about “Republicans.” I said “RepubliKKKlans.” I don’t equate the two. I’ve always known there was a difference.
      Apparently, you regard them as interchangeable? Not my fault.
      FYI: I’m apolitical. Haven’t voted since 1988.
      We should remind ourselves that one man’s story may seem true, prima facie, until someone cross-examines him, and sets the record straight.
      They say there are two sides to every story. I say: “At least.”

  2. So if you’re lucky enough to confirm your pregnant by six weeks, you’re still fxcked, as the six weeks is over …

    1. @Jimmy MacKinnon dude, you can’t catch pregnancy from a pregnant woman. But you can catch covid from a nuckle dragging, anti science, anti mask neanderthal. Covid is a contagious disease, pregnancy only effects the woman or girl.

    2. @David Drake People’s rights are the same. Yes, they should be treated EXACTLY the same under the law.

      “nobody is above the law”

    1. It’s not 6 weeks, it’s the first heartbeat, which is usually around 6 weeks. I agree, it sucks, but we have to make sure everyone is on the same page here.

    1. He cant… he got no leg to stand on. And is not a upstanding kind of guy. You ever see a Texas hot wheels? Give wheely pupper their a cowboy hat. How many horse power is that chair and do he tell it to giddy up ? I’m just going to walk away…… walk.

  3. You can also eliminate car accidents or why not … HouseFires by being there 30 minutes before thefire
    begins !!! Have you ever heard a bigger demagogue????,

  4. The GOP is more Pro Death then pro life, how will he do this Miracle when he can’t even fix their Simple power grid?

    1. @Madison McBurney The original comment that I replied to makes it seem like only Republican states have power grid issues. You and I know that democrat states have that same issue. That’s my point

    2. @Jimmy MacKinnon I didn’t hear of anybody freezing to death last winter except in Texas no nine-year-olds in any other state froze to death in their bed!

    3. @mary johnson Over a thousand people die from frostbite every year. I understand that Texas has issues but so does every state. I can state how many die from horrible policies in every other state. Pointing one bad policy in one single state means nothing in broad retrospect. You seem to miss the point

    4. @Jimmy MacKinnon Texas has its own grid to avoid higher taxes. Other than Texas. Everyone shares grids, Republican and Democrat states combined.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Wish still had my old ZAP collection! Looks like our minds were corrupted in formative years, lol! Cheers!

    1. @Jimmy MacKinnon probably because of better schools, since Texas and southern states are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to issues like that

    2. @G you can! You’re right about that. Doesn’t mean that it’s run better though. There’s a reason that houses are cheaper..

    3. @Madison McBurney lol. That’s just not true. UT Austin is a great school. along with a bunch of schools in Florida. You seem to really be misunderstanding the education system

    1. @Louis Tully ‘Most likely’ now is it? Whatsa matter spud? Your conviction slippin’? Why you’re no patriot at all! *snickers galore*

    2. @Bud Fudlacker Bidens overall approval rating at the end of his term will no doubt still easily eclipse Trump’s shoddy numbers. Pout all yuh like…that won’t change the odds.

  5. The umbilical cord doesn’t belong to you. Stay out of a woman’s body. It’s her choice. It’s between her and God… Not y’all!

    1. @Jimmy MacKinnon, they aren’t forcing anyone, just like no one can force the businesses to allow them into there business. A business sets the rules for using its services, like “no shoes, no shirt, no service”.

    2. @SOMETHING BIG IS COMING!, who “owns” the baby than? I would reason that the woman does since it’s here body carrying it. You don’t own your TV just because it’s in your house/vessel” so I should be able to tell you what to watch on it, sound reasonable?

    3. @Scott Allen lol. That’s not what is currently happening in NYC. Look it up. You seem to be stuck in your own bubble

    4. @Jimmy MacKinnon, true, I don’t keep up with every state in the nation at all times. But I could easily ask you a question about a subject you didn’t know about, doesn’t mean you’re in a bubble. Good day.

  6. I believe anyone who backs the anti abortion acts, needs to contribute $20,000 per year per baby born to a woman denied an abortion until that child is 18 years old.

    1. I believe that anyone who breaks any laws in the Constitution should go to jail. Your comment is full of BS cuz guess what, it’s not written ANYWHERE in the Constitution. Open your eyes

    2. @Mary Monroy Did I hurt your feelings? Looks like someone is offended by the facts. It’s called cognitive dissonance. in which reality differs significantly from what you believe it to be. You need to be a well informed citizen, not a puppet

  7. Here’s a thought: This Texas Abortion law is built to send women in this modern era back to the middle ages, back to a time where, especially where cruel, evil and unscrupulous men can practically prey on unsuspecting women to attack and destroy their physical constitutions. 2022 is coming and once again it’s time to turn up, turn out and vote.

    1. This is how the Texas GOP got it wrong, they thought they would “pray” on the women of Texas (thank you Lord Jesus), but alas as you stated, it is more treat women as “prey”.

    1. That about sums it up actually, and it’s the only way they can stay valid anymore. Conservative views have become the minority so they need to take their rage out on someone and paint them as the devil to make themselves valid again.

    1. @Florida Man George carlin- Conservative are all about the unborn. But, once your born FU you are on your own. until they reach military age.

    2. @Jesus’ Fish Room being pro life doesn’t mean you’re required to support a full on government welfare state. Such a bad argument 🤣🤣

  8. The governor’s position is obscene as rapists can only be arrested (after) the crime. The governor is sick to play games with women’s lives.

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