Texas Governor Lifts Statewide Mask Mandate | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Texas Governor Lifts Statewide Mask Mandate | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


Texas Gov. Abbott issued an executive order ending the statewide mask mandate. The governor announced that all businesses to reopen at 100 percent capacity on March 10. Aired on 03/2/2021.
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Texas Governor Lifts Statewide Mask Mandate | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


  1. Abbott thinks lifting the mask mandate will redeem him after the power failure fiasco. People don’t forget Greg.

    1. @Cason Williams
      I will put in on. But keep sticking in yours. By the way and don’t speak KKK !

    2. @Robert Persson
      If you want to take the risk fine. But then spraying the virus all over the wants who’s actually will die for your so called rights. Hypocrisy at its most disgusting form.

    3. @maysonsmith Spraying the virus? You act like people are constantly up in each other’s faces. How many times do you touch your face wearing that stupid mask?

    4. @Robert Persson
      Maybe if you stop blowing your cat at the basement and live outside your folks hause; Reality will hits your brain, it won’t fix it, but you get to know more of the half a million of relatives of the people who died. Just a thought !

    1. @DOR DOR
      Agreed. But Trump’s took it to a all new level. Biden is as crooked liar but Trump men; exploited the hate and frustration of white America like a Stradivarius. Just after our own first black president.

    2. I don’t need the stimulus check, and I am more worried about fire ants than covid. I have been around both (maskless) and the fire ants are clearly more dangerous.

  2. Not everyone in Texas has running water yet. They’re still recovering from the winter storm. Running hot water would be nice to wash your hands with. Priorities…


    2. Hopefully when the infections rise as they will, the numbers will appear in 2 weeks from this mandate that society is open and that means the order will be rescinded immediately only killing a smaller portion of people over more if those numbers were delayed by 4 weeks coming in. The virus takes 14 days in some cases to show symptoms and luckily not 28 days or a month, so more can be saved after 2 weeks of infection statistics. Now if he calls off the counting of his State’s CDC (which he can not do as they are a federal agency), that is a different story and a much more dire one.

    3. Hey, let’s not get crazy now by trying to insert some logic into a Greg Abbott news conference.

    4. Exactly! While he’s busy kissing Trump’s butt( putting Texans and the world in danger while doing so) should be making sure the got dern electrical grid is ready for the Texas summer. He’s only doing this to make it harder for Biden. I can’t wait to VOTE HIM OUT.

    1. @Darryl Bloominton meh he does what he wants whether it’s good for us or not he’s texas’s version of trump

    2. @starlight Adam’s No real American hates Texas. Only self-hating Americans hate Texas. I’m guessing you’re a self-hating American. I’m sorry the media has brainwashed you so. Find peace God’s child.

  3. They think the wind turbines will blow the mask off , yes own the Libs and order more refrigerator trucks for those overloaded morgues

    1. It a smart move because now instead of Texans talking about their $5,000 utility bills they’re now talking about wearing a mask.
      And the Governor knows Texans are dumb enough to fall for it.

    2. There was never any need for refrigerated trucks. 85 year old people were regularly dying before 2020. Influenza and pneumonia have simply been rebranded.

  4. The way they handled that cold snap was impressive! I’m sure they’ll be fine. Nice to see idiots get what they voted for.

    1. Economies shutting down did FAR more damage to people’s lives than this BS virus, hopefully your state opens up soon too .

    2. @Darryl Bloominton

      We still wear masks, but now ALL business can open up no matter what. Hope your states open up, lol

    3. Good for Texas. 99.9 % recovery rate except if you live in New York or pa where cuomo and wolf put covid patients in nursing homes on purpose.

    1. @Reason You don’t have to steal something to give it back. It’s completely possible to hand back something that was offered and accepted. C’mon, reason, reason.

    1. @Monte Cristo isnt it optional like is not like hes banning mask for the people that are really concern in texas

    1. “Crisis” okay if you don’t like it keep wearing your mask fuckwad no ones telling you not too but it’s about time they let people have the right to choose

    2. @Joe Hess u must haven’t lost someone close to u if u have you’d understand why he or she is being not scared but cautious

    3. Curl up in a ball with fear and your triple mask. Live in a bunker with your end of the world stash of canned goods. Be Quiet and bunker down forever…. another virus is on the horizon…C’mon man.

    1. Yeah and there are people out there who think this makes perfect sense. I guess the pandemic is over or we don’t need a vaccine now ?

    2. Remember Trump said the virus was just a Democratic Hoax & also it would ‘miraculously’ disappear. We are in the Twilight Zone.

  5. Maybe he should focus on getting everyone their running water back. Would make washing hands easier.

    1. @John Rainbo You’re right, covid won’t penetrate your dealerships. Carry on. Hospitals have been empty in my area since last March… in a collective area of 4 million people.

    2. @S Alan Their empty because people finally started to follow the rules and also the people who were very sick died and the hospitals are empty= less money for them because people don’t want to go to the hospital if others have covid. So take you’re masks off instead of trying to wipe out a virus that could’ve been stopped. All China had to do was shutdown the airports but Trump trashed the policy Obama put in to stop Ebola. Trump was working for Putin this whole time

  6. From the creators of “We Don’t Need Winterize Our Power Infrastructure” now “We Don’t Need to Use Masks Anymore”.

    1. Actually, the govern has said we WILL winterize the power infrastructure. Get your facts straight.

    1. @Musket Merve I just sent my resume to MSNBC. It simply says “Orange man bad. Russia”. Starting the job on Monday!

    2. @BlackDogsMatter You sir, are an American treasure. I hope you write a few books that reinforce those two points you made, so that I can read about these things after your segment is over. I want to be informed!!!!!

    3. @Tommie Brown Good question: I blame Trump! It’s actually his fault, and I think any rational person who uses their brain and is not told what to think by MSM, would agree!

  7. Texans, hold to YOUR standards to save the lives of the people you love. The ones dropping orders, knowing all we know, never cared. If the power grid issue wasn’t enough to convince you, this should be.

  8. This is coming from someone who’s mismanagement cost dozens of lives. Oh well let him explain when we start dropping like flies again.

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