Texas governor threatens to defund legislature after walk-out 1

Texas governor threatens to defund legislature after walk-out


Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott threatened to defund the legislature, cutting salaries to state lawmakers and non-partisan state employees who work in government, after Democrats walked out to effectively kill a vote on an election reform bill that they say threatens voting rights. CNN's Ed Lavandera reports.

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    1. @Mr Archer Whatcha talking about? It was left-leaning media that released the flight logs.
      As Bill CLinton was raising money for the CLinton Foundation he took a whirlwind tour with convicted child sex offender and international arms dealer money launderer, Jeff Epstein. YOu don’t need the flight ogs, the Manifests show every stop they made in Europe and the sub-continent of India, and everywhere else.

      Trump took a trip with Eppy once too, they departed FLorida and Epstein’s pilot dropped drumpf off at a little used airport in New Jersey. It’s all common knowledge.

      What you probably don’t know is that Drumpf bought the Trump Princess from the father of Jamal Khashoggi and Gizmayal’s dad was involved in the deal. You also probably don’t know that Epstein laundered illegal arms sales to finance the purchase or that Mr. Maxwell did a “Natalie Wood” off another yacht purchased through Eppy and financed by Khashoggi Sr.

      BUt, yeah, we “lefties” like to hide the truth, right?

    2. @Mr Archer Thanks, I’ll take a look at that. The hierarchy of responses here doesn’t make the best of sense. It should have been obvious, but it wasn’t. I apologize for not taking the lameness of Youtube into consideration

    3. @Harry Johnstone aaaaannnd that’s the split. Left news also broke the Hunter laptop story. WaPo just released Fauci’s emails. Trump, with a ‘T’, was right. Yeah, Trump has faults. Quite a few. But, people push the propaganda too far. Epstein hung with billionaires. Some more often than others.

    4. @Harry Johnstone I never claimed the representation on the right was perfect/righteous. However, the left is pushing cooky sh*t. Have you seen the BluesClues episode, the first grade “biology” lessons and cartoons for children celebrating this month? Not right wing.

    5. I think that’s an excellent idea..been pondering it lately. Take care of them, sure. But no political officer can be paid any type of salary, including exchanges of monies between any businesses or conglomerates.

  1. “Americans are just sick and tired of being sick and tired!”
    A good quote that really sums up the state of the US right now.

    1. @Norma Owens There is no evidence to support your claim that the election was “free and fair”.
      You are going to have to actually prove your claim.

    2. @Tacit Tern I agree with about everything you wrote, but I have to start by saying that I’m a foreigner, so my opinion doesn’t matter much, does it?

      However, and I hope you just forgot it in your post and that you will agree, I would add this: “… to see and hear for oneself, without the spin of MSN” AND Fox News and most other partisan news outlets.

      And if your democracy is “a dynamic and ever-increasing one”, i’m afraid it is definitely not on the right path currently since it is moving fast toward an autocracy or worse: your “Constitution is no longer sufficient to outline your republic” and is unlikely to avoid this nefarious downward spiral.
      Timothy Snyder is a major read. Stay safe.

    3. @William Springer actually I don’t since Biden is our president! I guess that means prove your claim, which no matter how many times your side has tried you have failed over and ever!

    4. @JM B
      Despite the fragility of many these days, disagreement is good as well, and of course your opinion matters. Especially if your within the NATO family. A problem is that Americans typically have no world travel, are under educated; and have no frame of reference for our own politics, let alone geopolitics.

      Although it may seem tangential, It’s definitely worth remembering that the same countries that won’t provide their own citizens with the internet and social media; are the same ones weaponizing it against those that do.
      ….and to think i thought it was bad enough people were being algorithmically pipelined into echo chambers, and radicalized by insane conspiracy theorists; without the additional exacerbation of foreign influence operations.

      I wish you well and thank you for your thoughts.

  2. The federal representatives should also be defunded when they refuse to show up and do their job!

    1. @Federalist Papers lol you on YouTube go somewhere where you will acctually make a difference ya keyboard warrior

    2. @keep it pushin
      If you renounce your US citizenship, I’ll buy you a ticket to any country you think is better, A Yoyo keyboard warrior.

    3. @keep it pushin
      keep it pushin, Adam Arroyo….. How many troll YouTube Accounts do you have? Two for sure, prolly more.

    1. @J one and also the republican lieutenant governor and all of the republicans in the state legislature

    2. @My Tale yeah Texas wants to be their own country anyway. I say all Trump followers should move there and let that idiot be the president for them

    3. Actually, given that the case under discussion is that of crypto-fascist Texas Governor Abbott threatening to bludgeon Democrats into submitting to his will through defunding the state legislature, the proposal hardly qualifies as sane. Machiavellian, crudely calculating, subtle as a brick, but not sane and appropriate.

    4. @KesArt If Texas Democrat legislation can’t vote for non-fraud election process, then exile them to a communist camp, where voting won’t be problem

  3. The governor obviously doesn’t care too much about the people he was elected to serve, or have any confidence that his election was legitimate.

  4. When they dragged out the stimulus talks forever it was just “negotiations”. Now they can’t take what they dish out.

    1. @Rosby Bailey That is republican. And no you can call me a soldier, father, and husband but to define me by a political party like that is what is creating more of a divide in this country. My statement is true above but I guess you feel the same as those who walked out. Well walk out on your job and let me know how that works out for you. I for me it will not work out so well regardless of why I walked out. There is a right and wrong way to handle things in government and this was not it. There are people at the federal level who don’t like what changes are being made but I only see the democrats acting this way when they don’t agree with the change. Prime example was the State of the Union address gave by Trump did not have Democrats show up. When the point of the address is for him to tell congress. So by not showing up they did not do their job. This is a common thing in politics because republicans do other things when they don’t get their way. It all has to stop. To many people lost their lives creating this country and protecting it for our government to act this way! If you condone this you should be ashamed. Our country is slowly becoming the laughing stock of other nations.

    2. @The Hoff our been the laughing stock for awhile… The retrumplican party is so crocked and shady… All these bills they are passing to restrict voting but they call it “voter integrity”… So, you feel the same way towards all the retrumplicans that didn’t show up to vote on the Jan 6 commission??? The GOP doesn’t care about the people… Neither party does actually, but y’all retrumplicans are pathetic…

    3. @Rosby Bailey Again making statements like i’m part of the party that you can not even spell right. We don’t call them Bidencrats even though the man says pedophile things and the other half is saying his son lost his dad and his VP is President. So again I will correct you in the fact that is is Republicans. And yes those who did not show up to vote for a Jan 6th commission were wrong. But that commission is not necessary. Those who did wrong that day are being found and arrested. And they can hold accountable the people in charge who repeatedly refused to have the National Guard there that day before the event took place. We do not need a commission wasting more taxpayers dollars for that. It is the divide and things being done like this to divide us even further that make us a laughing stock.

  5. So the Governor does not want to pay them if they’re not there to do their job, cool fine by me. it’s not like they had to go any amount of time without a paycheck during covid..

    1. @Mar E are you going to run for office, what is your plan/solution.. I might vote for you if you’ve got something good..

    1. It’s also like $600 a month, it’s not an amount that will drive any of the legislators into poverty. It’s more of a PR move than anything else.

  6. I think that there is a pretty simple solution to the filibuster problem that preserves the ability of a minority to counter what they see as truly critical to be countered. Don’t end the filibuster, but fix it. Return it to requiring that the senators actually filibuster the bill. Make them talk until their filibuster is successful.

  7. Mitch McConnell is Lucy, and Joe manchin is Charlie Brown. The football always gets pulled away but Joe manchin keeps trying to kick it.

  8. He will be defunding Republicans as well as Democrats. I say go for it. See how many of them show up without pay.

  9. Abbott must be shown that being a Governor,
    and a Duncanville HS grad does not make him a King!!!!

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