Texas Grapples With Power Issues As Cold Snap Has Turned Into Crisis | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1

Texas Grapples With Power Issues As Cold Snap Has Turned Into Crisis | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


Texas residents have entered their fourth day of blackouts as the state continues to grapple with power issues due to freezing temperatures and snow. NBC News' Morgan Chesky reports from Dallas on when the crisis is expected to end. Aired on 2/17/2021.
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About Craig Melvin: Craig Melvin is an MSNBC Anchor and NBC News Correspondent. He currently anchors “MSNBC Live” on Saturdays and Sundays, contributes reports for “TODAY,” and fills in as host for Lester Holt on “Weekend TODAY.”

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Texas Grapples With Power Issues As Cold Snap Has Turned Into Crisis | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


  1. Texas GOP backed legislation for Texas to secede from the Union… and then? They couldn’t even make it to the end of f*cking February before needing Federal Aid.

    1. @Tech ti are you for real? Wind power was up 12% on average during cold snap. A FEW turbines froze. Turbines are in Denmark and the UK where its MUCH colder. You dope

    2. so stupid comment. because they already gave almost all their money to the federal government. does it make sense to you?

    1. @Tech ti They did not winterize the windmills. That oversight is not the fault of Obama. Texas has other sources of energy: Coal, Solar, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Wind. It’s not all Wind generated. So, hat screw up is leading to the failure of coal, etc to transmit power? Oh, right. It’s all Obama’s fault. LOL!!!!

    2. @jlo Yup! Texas: We’re Texan’s. We don’t have to plan, prepare or winterize. Mother Nature: Hold my beer, dear.

    3. Texas is like 25% wind power, they lost about half that generating capacity, in a time of high demand losing that much generating capacity put you in a whole world of hurt. Losing 10% easily makes the grid unstable

    4. @Betty Dunn just because you see them turning does not mean they are putting out full capacity or anyting near full capacity. Canada’s grid is very well interconnected two other power sources. When your windmills stop generating you import power from other places. For some crazy reason the Texas grid is not very well interconnected with other power grids so they can’t really import much power from other sources. Why Texas is not well interconnected, I have no idea and I’m an electrical engineer. Not being interconnected seems like a stupid idea to me

    1. @Ratna Mani is that why everyone is fleeing California to come to TX? In California poeple are literally taking sh*** on the floor. Lmao. Yea California is so wonderful.

    2. @Tech ti My power is on and we are hitting mid 60s and sunshine. Also my real estate taxes are lower then Texas. No hurry to live in your dystopian paradise.

    1. @Jatmo Phil Was I Speaking To YOU?
      OH BTW, how did the Climate change Initiative work for you IF you live in Texas? Wind Turbines BROKEN!
      COAL Gens– BROKEN! Natural GAS BROKEN! Solar..not so much!

    2. @Delekham should have followed into those regulations y’all keep balking at. Put de-icing tech on the windmills like the regulations said. Upgraded the infrastructure with tax payer money like the government regulations said. My state follows regulations and my power is on. I have heat and wifi. This was self inflicted. Y’all didn’t listen and y’all did this to yourselves but want sympathy. I have no sympathy.

    3. @Jatmo Phil HAHAHA.. I am glad you don’t live in Texas!
      I also have water Heat electricity. WE just do it better than Texas!
      WE know what snow and Ice will do!
      BTW? I live in Canada! Southern Alberta to be EXACT!
      So don’t give me your B.S. about De-Icing. All OUR windmills are working! Even at -30 TYVM!

    1. @Jock Young No point in trying to debate if its climate change related or not every time it snows in Texas, rains in January in Eastern Canada, or the fires getting worse in Australia. We know, as a fact, that the climate is getting increasingly out of whack across the planet, and that means weather extremes and unusual occurrences, and weather linked natural disasters, are going to become increasingly worst and frequent. Weather stability is part of a highly habitable planet, the least stable climate becomes, the less habitable our planet will be… this is JUST the beginning! Things are bound to ”snowball” into worst case scenarios once we pass certain thresholds.
      What we need now is to knowingly prepare for the worst and what used to be unlikely.

    2. @3shayll my understanding is permafrost is thawing in places it never had previously in canada… probably not a good sign.

    3. OMG, why is everyone worried? Are we now saying that Covid-19 is the RULE? This Planet has Survived Thousands of years. SO TIM: I ask you this Question with some background!
      The Dinosaurs Died WHY? They didn’t have cars. nor electricity nor any political standing or pollution..THEY JUST DIED! The Earth reformed itself, and Humans became Dominate.
      So my question is this. Why do you say ” The Climate is changing”? I know the reason for the first…yet, I don’t know the reason for the latter. Mother Nature takes care of herself. What we think means NOTHING to her!
      So going with that “CYCLE” we will die also! I don’t mean that to be fatalistic all I am saying is this. Once you are born…you are dying. The Cycle of Life.

    4. @3shayll You SPOKE WELL! Mother Earth is the Greatest Speaker. Yeah, I know calling Earth “Mother” is kinda over the top! But I believe in what you say. We need to work together and relax. The Earth isn’t going anywhere!

    5. @Delekham Thousands? More like billions!
      The worry is that what is currently starting with climate change is A LOT different then the natural balances in climates our planet has seen before. The worry scientists around the world have is that where we are currently heading our planet is towards the END of its habitability period.

      See, its not just life that sees cycles on planets where life is possible… planets themselves have cycles of their own and when (and if) they are able to sustain life depends on many delicate factors.

      Mars and Venus, for example, were once very similar to Earth and there are VERY good reasons to believe that they had periods where they held the right conditions to sustain life. We don’t know for certain (spatial paleontologists are not yet a thing), but we know they very much resembled earth AND had tons of oceans, lakes and rivers and so on. At some point something changed and they got increasingly hot and lost most of their water… and they will likely never be habitable again. This is something that would naturally happen with our planet one day… in about a billion years when our sun is predicted to change burning changes. But with what we are currently doing to our planet the fear is that we are speeding things up by potentially literally billions of years!!!

      While we are certainly not the first, nor will be the last (maybe not even our own solar system) planet/moon where life will have appeared and thrived for a while, the fact that we are urging our whole planet towards a potential doom billions of years earlier than it should has something many consider a bit tragic.

    1. @A Parker Howdy, Parker. I’m a teacher in Houston. A “hart” is a “deer” and a “heart” is “the cardiovascular organ that pumps blood.” As a Southern teacher, I gently refocus you to type, “Bless their HEARTS.” Now go on and git!

    2. @Matthew JayGreetings, Jay. Welding’s my game. Not grammar measuring contest with teachers. So I will sarcastically remind you of the universal teacher insult. Those that can. Now bless your little texas heart. Aorta’s, Ventricles and all. Now kick rocks. Yall come back now ya hear.

  2. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the republican failure to provide – what was the phrase, Ted Cruz? – “basic functions of civilization.”

    1. Canada is watching. We are amazed. Similar to our province of Alberta, Texas talks tough and complains constantly. When the going really does get tough they insist it’s because everyone let them down. They are the architects of their own disaster and they blame others like spoilt brats. Meanwhile many suffer.

    2. @Kris McTopher Yah, you know, it’s a funny thing. We talk about Alberta being our version of Texas, but mostly the similarity ends at cattle and oil. Understand, I’m BC born and bred. After suffering MASSIVE sustained corruption from both the right (BC Liberals) and the left (NDP) I’m a little jaded regarding politics in general up here. But I’m old enough to remember when Alberta was truly fiscally responsible.

      They had a massive surplus of oil cash stockpiled during the first big run-up in the ’70s that they could (and did) use responsibly. That they could dip into when emergencies arose.

      But then the Federal government under Trudeau (Sr.) illegally brought in the NEP (National Energy Program) and quite literally stole an estimated 50 to 100 billion in oil revenue from that province. A huge sum at the time. This was added to the (still ongoing) siphoning of cash in the form of transfer payments from the the so called “have” provinces, mostly here in the west to the “have-not” provinces ie mostly Quebec, who continuously bit the hand that fed them.

      At that time, and for a long time after, the west saw little benefit in return for the money taken. So while I’ll admit that things have gotten better, a lot of bitterness remains and is being exploited by the politicians like Kenny (currently) to act as “architects of their own disaster”.

  3. If coal energy has been phased out, so has the source of black lung disease. The real question: why doesn’t Trump believe in climate change and why didn’t he do anything to help prevent something like this from happening. Stupidly.

    1. I am surprised that the Republicans have not shown up with rolls of paper towels and toilet paper to throw out to freezing people. They are more interested in themselves than in protecting their constituents.

    2. America believe that there are more powerful than mother nature so there is know need for preparation in Americans mind but as someone from the Caribbean if I listen to the weather and it say storm I get prepare even if nothing happen

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