Texas Grocery Stores, Food Banks Struggle With Supply Shortage | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Texas Grocery Stores, Food Banks Struggle With Supply Shortage | The Last Word | MSNBC


President and CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank, Eric Cooper, joins Jonathan Capehart to discuss how his food bank fed 24,000 Texas residents “desperate for groceries” because grocery store shelves are empty amid supply chain issues. Texas State Rep. Chris Turner also joins, and describes how he and his staff have been working “house-by-house” to help his constituents get the “basic necessities of life.” Aired on 02/20/2021.
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Texas Grocery Stores, Food Banks Struggle With Supply Shortage | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Cruz couldn’t think of any way he could use his power as a US Senator to help Texans in need? So he flees to get running water, food supply, electricity and heating for his family. Good luck to his constituents.

    1. Ted Cruz fled to Cancun while Beto, who wasn’t even elected, organized volunteers and donations and helped call over 800,000 seniors to check on them and get them what they need.

    2. It goes to show how rude that turd is it would be like your neighbor putting up a fence but still just walks over in your yard when ever he wants

  2. Assuming the suitcase Ted brought back from Mexico was full of tacos, then it was nice of him to lend Texas a helping hand.

    1. @JohnnyBoy3000 then they got what they deserve. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      Texas elected Cruz, they get a hiding coward who won’t help them. The world is as it should be.

    2. @JohnnyBoy3000 100% correct, Texans elected these people into office….as the saying goes “you reap what you sow!” Ted and the rest of the crew are sitting warm and comfortable in their big homes thinking “what a bunch of sorry losers, I think I’ll go somewhere nice when the losers forget about this mess”

  3. Perhaps Cancun Cruz can bring relief from Mexico to Texas?
    Oh wait, Clownernor Abbott would rather see texans perish than accepting outside help, like a failed state should.

  4. There is a tragedy in Texas. When things improve, they will either address it or resort to rhetoric of deregulation and individualism and waiting for the next disaster.

    1. Conservatives are all talk. They said the same things the last 2 times this happened and nothing changed. Republican politicans only care about their donors. The oil companies.

    2. @Terry Fulds The deregulation and choices led to not being prepared. The politicians did not look out for the people. But what of the people? Didn’t they enable?

  5. Isn’t part of Cruz’s job to fund raise? Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a Democrat for NY, raised 2 million in 24 hrs!

  6. I have yet to hear any of these gentlemen that are being interviewed about this Texas crisis thank AOC for the work she has done by raising a million dollars for the state I have yet to hear one representative from that state thank her maybe it’s a page through more news something will come up you know the governor might speak up and say thank you AOC.

  7. Nice view. I remember empty shelves in my country in 80’s due to american sanctions. It lasted nine years. Karma is back in Texas.

  8. Yeah this looks like a situation from a third world country is this how Texas wants to be viewed to the world. From a little cold snap really.

    1. How ironic that a Republican senator, or congressman not sure I’m British exactly what he is, runs away to Mexico, but then backed a guy who wanted to build a wall & keep Mexicans out, wow the irony is hilarious, I bet there’s alot of Mexicans who will be climbing back over the wall, America is becoming a third world country, thought we had it bad here in Britain and Europe, clearly not !

    1. Why!? What did he do!? Other than leave ? Green propellers couldn’t keep up they need diesel fuel not wind!?

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