Texas' Gun Bill ‘Would Be Laughable-Insane If It Wasn’t So Dangerous’ 1

Texas’ Gun Bill ‘Would Be Laughable-Insane If It Wasn’t So Dangerous’


Matthew Dowd, founder of Country Over Party, discusses Texas Governor Abbott set to sign a “constitutional carry” bill allowing most adults to carry handguns without a permit, background check, or training, a bill that is out of step with a majority of Texans.

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    1. Well, if we dont/can’t learn, we’ll just go extinct. We’ve been “out of the caves” some thousands of years. Before agriculture, we were nomadic FOR MILLIONS of years, murdered our “native intelligence “, and appear to be devolving. We are now in the Anthropocene Extinction. Look it up.

  1. So how do you know when you’re living in a 3rd world sh’thole country?
    When it’s easier to buy a gun, than it is to vote.
    There’s your sign.

    1. @Danger Close Actually, there are such things as assault riffles. Most of those weapons are owned by the military.

    2. It’s harder to get a gun than it is to vote. You have to get a background check in order to purchase a gun. If you are a felon you can’t buy legally. You saying it’s harder to vote is like saying we should allow anyone from another state or country have an input on how it’s residents want to live. I can’t go to another country and vote, why is it so absurd that we require proof through identification to vote in our elections?

  2. So in Texas, the women who become pregnant by men who do not want to support them can buy guns without licenses.

    1. You could always buy a gun in Texas without a license, you don’t need a license now to carry.

  3. This sounds like a great idea. I don’t want to hear one person who is the “victim” of a shooting in Texas complain. They voted for these people who make these absurd laws. You CHOOSE the behavior, you CHOOSE the consequences.

    1. @Suzan Robinson I’m a red stater too. It’s hard to fight against gerrymandering and voter suppression. My state’s strength is our black voters. You all really need to work on getting those Hispanic votes locked in…Luck to you!

    2. @YellowDaffodil
      who defended all the victims of the mass shootings?
      Thinking That bringing even more guns to the street will solve any problem is just ridiculous.

    3. @YellowDaffodil They CAN & DO. BUT those with NO training cannot be considered responsible gun owners. Careless gun FOOLS and “laws” just make it harder for those of us who are RESPONSIBLE OWNERS.
      Look at all the kids killed YEARLY playing with their irresponsible parents’ guns!

    1. @CG Mason how does getting rid of the carry license not make it easier? please explain that. Like I said criminals are criminals it doesn’t matter what the punishment is. murder is life in prison or death penalty but people still murder everyday. there’s crazy people everywhere that won’t change anytime soon

    2. @Aaron Smith because nothing is easier for them, they will just continue to carry illegally like they did before there has never a giant magnet hovering over their house, the punishment is punitive

    3. @coconutmix and pointing out what’s going on in democrat cities ISNT blaming. But typical you would play the victim card and think your being blamed. If that’s what you think then you must feel guilty and it’s a true statement about those cities. Otherwise you wouldn’t feel that way. Man that hilarious. You leftist democrats truly are some of the most pathetic people

    4. @CG Mason but before the bill law enforcement or other people in authority could ask to see your license, now they can’t so obviously the number of people carrying will increase adding more criminals to the ones already doing it illegally. more criminals illegally carrying guns what could go wrong? your common sense meter is on empty.

  4. The country does not know what to do. Let’s go back to the Western style…cowboys, killings and bank/chariot/wagons robbery.

    1. Especially when you consider the Mexican drug cartels Run their American operations out of Texas

    2. Here in El Paso a cop was just arrested for forcing a 19 year old girl to fellate him , and more victims are showing up. Maybe the girls need to carry to protect themselves from being taped by the cops.

  5. Yet another nail in the coffin of the USA as the self-proclaimed “Greatest Country in the World”. How many more before we bury it?

  6. The GQP has lost it’s collective tiny mind. Turning the clock back in Texas to the 1880s. This is nuts.

    1. @CG Mason that’s what democrats tell themselves to avoid the inconvenient truth that republicans ended slavery and the kkk was southern democrats. They prey on dumb voters. Jus like with guns. They try to convince people who know nothing about guns to advocate for certain guns to be bannned. They all think AR 15 means “assault rifle 15” . None can even define assult rifle. It’s a meaningless term jus like “weapons of war” to scare people. A handgun is the most common weapon of war. Lol
      The left preys on the weak. The right is more for individual freedom and responsibility. This is what I see coming from a lifelong liberal now registered as no party

    2. @Mystical Alchemy The mass shootings will only get worse, because cops will freak and start shooting MORE PEOPLE when they see multiple guns on the site of an active mass shooting.

    3. @Drakkenmensch Silverflare wrong. Mass shootings won’t happen. Cause they pick soft targets where they know no one can defend themselves. Criminals prey on the weak. Not the strong. If they think other people are armed, they never would try it and if they did they would be put down.
      U will be praying if ur in a mass shooting u have a gun on u instead of hiding under a desk or in a corner waiting to be a victim by the shooter.

    4. @Mystical Alchemy THIS is NOT THAT.
      This is manipulated fear+anger = societal collapse.
      Read Dr. Masha Gesson on the history of cause/progression of developing authoritarianism.

    5. @Mystical Alchemy Dems are only screwed due to dirty redistricting and republicans rigging future elections

  7. Lol….TN already did that last year in the middle of a pandemic! The bill slipped under everybody’s radar!

    1. @Johnny Rottenpiss Growing weed for medical purposes is illegal in Texas. You can’t raise weed to sell in Texas. If it was, I’d be growing it. Abbot has already said he would not legalize weed in Texas while he’s governor.

    2. In Texas, people love to shoot each other when they’re angry and impulsive. I’ve heard all the stories, and something tells me they don’t always report the correct number of incidences, I’m sure it’s higher than they report.

  8. Gov. Greg Abbott is going to LOVE it when all of the protesters at the next BLM rally show up with (legal) guns. Awesome!

  9. Crazy republicans & Q representatives getting armed up. Maybe an insurrection being prepared in slow motion.

  10. God bless tx, licencing was a scam to keep the right to carry out of yhe hands of people who couldnt afford it. Proud to be texan

  11. You guys do know that open carry of rifles including the armalite rifle-15 everyone’s so afraid of has always been fully legal here in Texas right? No license needed… only need to be 18. Yet this will suddenly enable more mass shootings?

  12. “You can’t put out a fire without throwing fuel on it.”
    ~ Gun Logic Quarterly

  13. Remember all the outrage when New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine passed the same law? Me neither.

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