Texas homeowners take in delivery driver during winter storm 1

Texas homeowners take in delivery driver during winter storm


When a delivery driver's car began sliding down on an icy Texas driveway, the driver closed her eyes, praying she wouldn't hit the client's home.
She didn't hit the house but Chelsea Timmons' car crushed a flowerbed outside an Austin, Texas, home as a snowstorm paralyzed the state. She didn't know it yet, but she would soon be grateful to end up in this particular driveway.
Homeowners Doug Condon and Nina Richardson checked on Timmons to try to help get her Toyota Rav4 up the driveway, but it was stuck. They invited her to wait for a tow truck inside their home.
The bad weather persisted a lot longer than any of them thought. Five days later, Timmons was still living with the couple.
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    1. @Wally Censorship What are you talking about I’m a black Texas? This story is about the true Texas state motto “THE FRIENDSHIP STATE” don’t put my state with Republican, Democrat division stuff we have enough problems here we are Texans first American second. God Bless Texas

    2. @fck you So the fascist Republicans who stormed the Congress to stop the Democratic process I guess you called them Americans am I right. An as a black Texan I’ll call you a a Nazi lover

    3. @Chauncey W Hey !! Wait I’m a texan I love AOC, may not like some of her policies but I truly love her heart

    1. They’ve always known. What a completely ignorant comment you made but….that’s your forte isn’t it?!

    1. @Anita Mendez Alright then let me lay down some facts the people of Texas are not his responsibility that responsibility lies with the governor and mayors of Texas the senators only responsibility is to represent his or her state while passing bills and that’s about it and if you wanna go off of logical reasoning him and his family being in Texas would just be more mouths to feed instead of it going to people who actually need it and even if he stayed in Texas what would that change exactly the answer is absolutely nothing and that’s just a fact, the most he could do is set up a food drive which would require people to drive on icy roads which is dangerous enough on its own but is even more dangerous for people who have rarely if ever driven on icy roads at all

    2. @José Hunter’s EW&F Remixes If we’re going to talk about punctuation then where’s that period to mark the end of your sentence???

    1. @K B Y’all? Guess your from one of those states where people marry their cousins. As for homeless Cali just needs to kick out all the clod kicking morons from hick states. They go to Cali where its warm during the winter and mild during the summer and too stupid to find a quality job.

  1. I was delivering when tornadoes were touching down around me when the people I was delivering to begged me to come into their home. I refused and made a break for it but there is good people in this world. I’m black and they were white

    1. I once drove a fellow student from Kansas to Ohio, and I was really road weary when I got him home. His parents invited me to stay the night. I am white, they are black. We all are just people.

    1. @EDUARDO OLIVER OLIVER Well hello again Ed. Yes you are right. Biden is storming ahead to get America back on track.

    2. @K B Did you have to pull the tweezers out to a rise for yourself with that low-life remark…..Worthless Pissant

    3. @Mimi Keel It was a morally repugnant remark. Your taste in funny is in conflict with the general rule of humor…except in maybe your local bar….not on a public forum. So go pound salt.

  2. Hey Texans;
    When a grocery delivery driver & good Samaritans are better representatives of your State than Ted Cruz.

    1. @Ewiger Schüler Just because they’re a different party, doesn’t mean they don’t have a heart. These are what represents togetherness


    3. @kaiss-K -Ci because republicans are hypocrites and if you want to blame cumo for those deaths than look at yourself and your party, not wearing mask, attending big rallies, you don’t care about people nor are you pro life.

    4. @Daniel Virrey this Cuomo scandal has nothing to do with partisan politics. The man knowingly manipulated his staff to falsify government documents with false information. His gross negligence, refusal to be remorseful, and arrogant attitude towards the families is inexcusable. He’s not a terrible Democrat, he’s just a terrible human being.

  3. Inspiring and heartwarming story
    Blessed for that samaritan couple
    for welcoming stranger in their home. I wish all “KARENS” out
    there could learn from them.

    1. @soonersdevil Report and ignore. Youtube is paying a bit more attention now, with all the Russian Troll bots all over these kind of videos.

  4. This is just the story we need to hear right now America is praying for all Texans and God bless the family that allowed the young lady to come in and get shelter for 5 days

  5. Thank you for being an example of how kind Americans could be. Empathy and consideration has been so lost on Americans these days-this story was everything!

  6. While AOC raised $4 million for Texans, Cruz turned tail and ran. He still can’t fathom his responsibility to help his constituents. He’s not stopping the electricity price gouging and insuring that the utility executives and their shareholders bear the full burden of the record weather damages and winterizing costs for their generating plants so this doesn’t happen again.

    1. God forbid teddy bear got his fat butt out in the streets and did a little actual labor.lol he is so creepy

    2. @Creme Brulee His power may stop at begin a senator, I can’t image him sitting in the Oval Office after this stunt.

  7. Republican response to California emergency: “Your blue state sucks. Haha!”

    Democrat response to Texas emergency: AOC raises 5+ million for Texas.

    1. @Obi Calzone in reality about 5% of the population cares what happens to others, go do an experiment, go sit on the curb like your homeless, and out of ten people MAYBE one might stop and help with something, the rest will walk by like you dont even exist. Better yet go to a shopping center or somewhere in public and fall down and hurt yourself or get in a car accident and see how many people stop to help, maybe two or three out of ten at the most IF your lucky, that’s reality, people suck.

    2. @Alan Peters I completely get that sentiment but we need to be better. I’ve seen the best and the worst of people but that’s no excuse to be a better person.

    3. some ideas for a better planet

      Matthew 5: 27-28
      “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

      Luke 17:1
      And he said to his disciples, “Temptations to sin are sure to come, but woe to the one through whom they come!

      better stop producing / uploading / watching “music videos”.. (or similar videos, pics, profile pictures, thumbnails, title names, headlines, usernames + harmful comments, bad words, swearing, lies, disrespect, harmful lyrics etc! on social media + everywhere else too.
      “Temptations to sin” / seduction etc. must stop)
      start deleting? censoring etc?
      destroy your smartphones, cams, data storage devices etc? would be better.
      remove temptations / seduction + other evil things from TV, magazines, radio stations, broadcasting etc? would be better.

      many young people are watching those videos (or reading / typing harmful comments, or doing other bad things!) etc. all over the world. and its NOT ok!
      parents? (or people in authority): intervene?! seriously

      wait.. there is more:
      harmful drawings / comics / animations etc, clothing / styles / hairstyles / behaviour, facial expressions, gestures, dancemoves, acting, exercises, sports etc.
      harmful things in video games, news, reports, interviews, vlogs / blogs, tutorials, movies, series, trailers, entertainment shows, video productions! (+ backgrounds + surroundings), books, art, artworks, calendars, posters, business flyers, catalogues, leaflets, packagings, stickers etc. (words, speeches (+ voice types, vocal color etc), music, sounds, visuals, references! etc)
      harmful things in stores and online shops, advertisements + advertising, commercials..

      + better stop online dating and other harmful things!

      support ocean or river! clean up organizations? (i think it is of high importance) (in india, pakistan, africa etc)
      + support animal welfare (animal shelters (money for food or new fluffy dog beds? blankets?, small fluffy carpets? (+ washing machines?), pet vitamin supplements, + pet supplies (dog toothbrushes?), pet toys, dog hairbrush? (parasites!) bath towels, medical checks, dental care? / nail, paw care? etc. pet heating pads? heated dog houses? (for winter or in cold areas), pet cooling mats / pads (on hot days, summer), diesel powered portable generators? (outdoor electric power generation) (to run vacuum cleaners, washing machines etc), solar lamps?, transport vehicles, maintenance work + other improvements, additional staff + volunteers, more safety, beautifications? etc. topiary??
      + animal rescue ? (dog rescue projects in india?), animal hospitals?? (in poor countries or districts) or homeless people in your area? (btw governments should help these people! seriously. fast / adequate / individual support?!)
      support some of them?

      + always be careful: corona etc!

      or become a firefighter, volunteer firefighter (+ driver? (pump operator), paramedic or ER doctor? ER nurse? ambulatory care? or shuttle service? (for people with disabilities)
      + be cautious: corona, hepatitis, tuberculosis etc!
      become an instructor? (fire and rescue?, emergency medical services?, advanced driving techniques?, advanced first aid?, psychological first aid?, wound care management!? + preventions (decubitus!, contractures!, thrush!, periodontitis!, loneliness?? etc) (nursing homes / home care / hospitals etc + training seminars for employees) + hygienics?, high angle rescue techniques?, first aid for pets?, basic pet care?, junior firefighter programs?)
      start reading medical books? (anatomy? / physiology? / ECG interpretation? / EMS (paramedic books?) or nursing books? or blood banking and transfusion medicine? or dental engineering? medical or rescue engineering? medical dictionary? (illustrated)

      become a dog trainer? (rescue dogs, avalanche rescue dogs, therapy dogs) education? + watch out! dogs, cats etc. can transmit / spread corona!
      become an animal rescuer or animal doctor? + watch out! CORONA! (protection, safety measures etc)

      caution! they say: Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people!

      maybe.. plant a tree? many trees? a walnut tree?? in a park, garden or backyard?
      a walnut tree = food source (for birds etc) + oxygen generator.

      + provide water for animals in summer? fresh water source? or bird bath?
      or food? (daily? or several times a week?)
      use checklists to improve efficiency?

      snowy days? become a snowplow driver? (volunteer?)
      or towing service worker?
      or pharmaceutical supplier?
      + be cautious: corona!

      new technologies + other cool things:
      Far-UVC light (222nm) efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses?? (+ flu virus and many other?)
      do research? progress? + installations? (in offices, busses, trains, cars, restrooms, elevators, classrooms, corridors, stairwells, hospitals etc?) .. could save lives.
      + improve immune systems? (food nutrients?)
      + portable plexiglass virus shields? (for counters, offices, workplaces, waiting rooms, buses, trains, passenger cabins etc) + air purifiers? (with HEPA filter) or cased UV air purifiers?
      + limit the number of customers in stores, shopping malls, buses etc?, keep distance + distance floor markings?, + keep windows / vehicle windows wide! open for ventilation?
      + stay at home?

      amazing tools for rescue workers: portable hydraulic StrongArm (r) for firefighters etc.
      ( jawsoflife com ), hands free thermal vision (in mask imaging system), in mask heat vision (temperature display etc) or c-thru technology.
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      high rise rescue solution? SPARS parachute rescue system? ( cosmic-rs com )
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      smoke detectors with LCD display?, CO detectors?, fire blankets?, fire extinguisher? (+ fireproof clothing, cap, gloves, safety glasses etc?) (+ fire extinguisher selection chart?)
      fire suppression systems? smoke extraction? fire protective coatings? (or anti corrosion?), seat belt cutter? useful gift idea? for family or friends etc. (or useful teaching books etc)

      support fire and rescue departments / services in poor countries or districts? (new helmet lamps, safety clothing + shoes, new equipment, fire escape hoods,
      thermal monitoring? (thermal vision will help you to track down a fire’s source and smouldering fires in dark. glowing embers as well as fire hot-spots can be detected and fighted very fast and efficiently! + mobile infrared cameras could detect hidden hotspots or locate people in smoke-filled buildings),
      first responder kits etc / communication devices (wearing! portable radios), new vehicles? a turntable ladder?? training verhicles? new motorcycles? (+ customizable / agility / more efficiency, + difficult terrain / crowded areas etc),
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      new reanimation boards (for nursing homes / hospitals etc), new lifters? (patient transfer solutions), protection equipment / protective gear (corona), medical oxygen??, ventilators?, AEDs + first responder kits, pulse oximeters, diagnostic penlights, glucometers? (+ strips), + various batteries (or battery charger?), blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, weight scales, label machines? (for clothing or other personal things), rescue blankets?, stifneck collars?, thermometers, neck pillows, heating pads / cooling packs (or aspirators + tubes, IV poles, (+ IV (intravenous) nutrition), breath exercisers, electric shavers!, nail clippers!, glasses cleaning cloths, non-slip socks! and many other good things + health care products (high quality products?) etc, compression bandages, medical dressing (+ anti pressure sores (decubitus!) elbow / heel protectors / pads / comfort cushions etc), CPR training simulators?, disposable ambu bags?, new rollators + replacement parts (+ hip protectors etc), wheelchairs + replacement parts (footrests, leg rest, headrest + cushion, armrest pads + comfort pillows?, cushion pads etc. to prevent pressure sores!), gel pads for shoes + back heel pads etc (+ improved skin inspections?! + treatment + reports + regular checks (+ photo documentation? with digital camera (disease / wound / injury processes! etc), anti decubitus air mattress for additional prevention?, + prevent hand contractures? (hand / wrist / finger splints?, hand therapy ball exercises?), auxiliary eating spoon and fork? (stroke hemiplegia rehabilitation training) comfort grips cutlery? (great for parkinson / disabled, suffering with tremors and trembling hands etc), medical alert system solutions?, own phones for all employees? (more efficiency / more safety), electric armchairs (more comfort), ergotherapy? (useful + less loneliness! + caution: corona!), water dispensers (less dehydration) (+ caution: edema / pulmonary edema / other diseases etc.), outdoor corner sofa + table? (garden, terrace / + all weather proof) + electric awning?, lighting solutions? + cool floor / garden lamps? (solar?, waterproof), teamwork + helping each other? (+ watchfulness, attentiveness, helpfulness, care, + honesty, accuracy, + giving helpful tips / hints, + politeness, being thankful, being focused), + preventing back injuries? (employees! / patients) (lift and carry properly. (+ teamwork? / use tools and aids?) + gymnastic exercises for a strong back?, (+ protect (treat carefully) your joints, elbows, kneecaps etc! + your nerves!), + energy and resource saving concepts?, tasty / healthy food? (+ additional: instant soups?, ready meals?, canned foods? for hungry employees / night shift etc), (+ vegan cooking books? give it a try? at home?)
      + other improvements, beautifications, more safety, comfort etc + spreading good mood? (less sadness) (+ please be careful: corona!)

  8. Thank God for these people who took her in. Reminds me of what Jesus said, to love your neighbor as yourself. They were good Samaritans.

    1. @Pete Melon There’s going to be a point where the rest of us agree that you guys can’t stay in society anymore

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