Texas Ignored Report Predicting Power Grid Emergency For 10 Years | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Texas Ignored Report Predicting Power Grid Emergency For 10 Years | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Houston Chronicle reporter Zach Despart and University of Houston Energy Fellow Ed Hirs join Chuck Todd to discuss the power grid emergency. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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Texas Ignored Report Predicting Power Grid Emergency For 10 Years | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @R L T Sweetie ?? Is that your way of asking me to Dance ? I accept, as i do like a good two-step. Unlike trump who was ALL missteps… You take care.

    2. It’s going blue because everyone from California is migrating there trying to escape the horrible conditions of their state while not realizing they’re bringing those same horrible conditions that caused them to leave their original place there. Hopefully this minor storm sends them back.

    3. @tnbrfller Orange Man’s missteps are nothing compared to the hundreds of Joey Biden daily gaffes LOL. (Yesterday he said he liked kids better than people. LOL again.) Remember when he said he was running for US Senate…not once but twice during the campaign? Remember when he slurred his words during a speech and nobody could figure out what he said? (There were 12 people in the audience. LOLOLOLOLOL.)
      Well hon…I guess I should ask if you are mail or female….biological that is. Cheers.

    1. Yeah where’s that big mouth ted cruz i bet he’s begging Biden for money but unlike trump Biden cares for other people even the ones that claim to hate him for no reason.

    2. I think he did already did, they asked for generators and he sent them. I can’t remember where I heard this.

  1. Texas didn’t believe it could happen again! This is what happens when it’s about making money over protecting the people! –Bonnie Robinson

  2. When utilities or any other business, the bankers, are unregulated, they only care about their bottom line. They don’t care if your bottom line freezes.

    1. Totally agree. There are times when the words “risk” and “management” are dirty words. Lets save a metric ton of money by doing no maintenance or upgrades. If something does go wrong, we have a pool to throw at media relations companies or legal fees. If not: bonus! That is often the unremarked, and at times very human, cost of an unfettered free market and of privatization.

    2. @Jeffrey Haines … Aaaand? The prices of everything from food to home taxes make up for that. They are not a poor state.

    3. @Technicolor YaYa so poor they couldn’t have primitive infrastructure security such as power.. NY has nuclear and more- we are very secure in more ways than Texas

    4. @Snodge Kat Uhhh… incompetent private business to be regulated be incompetent bureaucrats.

      Not good. Business needs to go bankrupt and be bought out by another company that did things right. Thats how the private market fixes it

  3. This guy on the left is just over it. Totally understandable if you’ve been warning ppl about something for years and no one who had power to do anything listened,then the bottom fell out and by then you’re…over it when they come asking you for answers to the things you’ve been saying for years.

    1. @R L T
      Why not camp out at Mar a Lago….plenty of room
      See how many cultists, ole Donnie boy, will put up….ha ha ha !

    2. Texas has no monopoly on stupidity, as you amply demonstrate by pointing your finger and saying “ha ha” instead of writing something meaningful. Why even touch the keyboard if that was the best you had to offer?

    3. @WARRIOR OF GOD With all due respect Brother Jim you don’t know a thing about me or Canada. I try not to play this eye for an eye internet game, and try to foster some sort of understanding because we’re all God’s children. I hope that the problems you are having in your life resolve themselves, and I will offer up a prayer on your behalf. Peace be with you Brother Jim

    4. @Bryn Carlson Thanks Tucker…..actually it is very beautiful in Palm Beach. I have been there many times…including the Everglades Club. Wouldn’t mind hanging out there one bit. Does your trailer shake when the washing machine goes into spin dry? (Oh I just tickled myself there. )Thanks Tuck. You are a savage for sure.

    1. @Geoffrey Cass Yes..but the likes of Rick Perry want to blame the Democrats for their mismanagement and greed!!!

    1. @My Pillow Guy correct ! Winter is still going to be Winter and Summer is Summer he’s to high on Red juice to understand

    2. The republican constituents are to blame, also for continuing to vote these people into office. They can not shirk their part of the responsibility, at all.

    3. @Texas-7111 TX voted against Sleepy Joe! Oh, yes you can blame them AND you for voting in your own failures. I lived in San Antonio for 2 years, it DID get down to 30 degrees several times during the winter. Y’all were warned 10 years ago of this failure and your Republican house decided not to do anything about it. SMH…

    4. While people are out of power and water. Republicans are stuffing their pockets and pointing blame. Shameful af

    5. @Texas-7111 TX voted against Sleepy Joe! you are as dumb as the senator that brought a snowball into senate floor to debunk climate change , its called Global Warming for a reason, it takes average temperatures around the world and specifically as a whole United States temperatures have risen records high moresc frequent than record lows and will continue to do so. Since your science education is less than a 1st grader this might be too complex for you to understand

  4. They never dam do care about anybody but there pockets people are gonna die behind them it’s about money.

    1. Well it was probably a conspiracy by BLM & Antifa that caused the power grid failure (joke). Or that will probably what the TX GOP will try to claim. I’m just sorry for all those people freezing their butts off & perhaps dying from this. Maybe a wake-up call for Texans?

  5. It’s not like driving a car. If the grid doesn’t work during a freeze, the entire community’s lives are at risk. Utilities have a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen as well.

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