Texas Judge Temporarily Blocks Restrictive Law Against Planned Parenthood 1

Texas Judge Temporarily Blocks Restrictive Law Against Planned Parenthood


Elie Mystal and Amy Hagstrom Miller join Tiffany Cross to discuss the latest on Texas’ draconian abortion ban, and what the Biden Administration and Department of Justice can do to circumvent it.
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    1. @Reviewia ID No, you don’t make your whole family get an abortion, however what your abortion does is destroy a child for a Dad, if he wants it and she doesn’t, a grandchild for your parents, a sister or brother for other siblings. Abortion is not victimless, for starters, the baby dies every time.

    2. @Maryella Rose The handmaids in The Handmaids Tale basically the example of that. The baby is wanted by all of the people except the mother, even at the end the mothers some love the babies as well. But taking away the choice from what the mothers want basically just degrade her into a baby chamber until they’re born. I do understand the efforts of some people who wants to have babies, they will think even 1 week pregnancy as a blessing they always dream of. But for some others, who are not physically, mentally, emotionally, financially ready mothers, banning abortion wont stop them from doing it, but will only make her find other ways to do it, or worse repeating the cycle of violence and lovelessness to the next generation. It doesn’t mean that I wish the baby wasn’t born, but I wish she was given the choice before the baby becomes a baby.

    3. @Darren Hemingway Suggest you check yours, since Biden has been in office ha has directed 500billion to the abortion industry, through COVID funding, executive orders or work arounds

    4. @Darren Hemingway I accidentally sent send, but the point is that federal tax dollars are going to abortions.

    1. @N Q This is a TROLL! It joined, Aug. 22, 2021, just to TROLL. …. does this every day, seeking to get responses. Look at its site and hit ‘ABOUT’. IGNORE THE TROLL!

    2. ​@David um you can manipulate stats if you like, but it doesn’t make your alternate reality real! per capita none of that applies at all & right now no-one cares less about you giving them money, all anyone’s interested in is vaccines & America is the ONLY country in the world that refused to donate a SINGLE vaccine dose made in it’s country before offering the vaccine to every single citizen & setting aside enough supplies to give every single person 3 doses of it! While India was suffering massive death numbers, largely because of how many of their vaccines they had given to neighbours in more desperate need than them at the time, Biden was refusing to release any American vaccines, as the roll out in America had not been completed! He’s trying to make up for it now by offering to donate lots of excess supplies, but it’s too little, too late! People will always remember how selfish the US was on this! You are NOT generous! You give if it can be leveraged to help your own country ONLY! You’re the most selfish & egocentric country on the planet! & your welfare & health systems are a joke! That’s why you saw such high covid deaths, cause you refused to even pay people to stay home!

    3. Former Abortion Clinic Director: “Abortion Has the Smell of Blood. It Smells Like Evil”
      Abortion doesnt belong in a civilized society

  1. Under this republican law, anyone can rat out someone getting an abortion to get $10,000 in rewards.
    Because I guess they miss the old days of turning in runaway slaves?

    1. So, how long until people are burned at the stake again, simply based on accusations? You know, like the nimrods were doing early on in our country.

      Maybe they will start weighing all women and require them to be weighed every 6 weeks to see if they are a few grams lighter. That should be proof enough for Texas to file criminal charges, right?

  2. This guy is absolutely right. Whenever something like this happens I ask what would the republicans do? Because they are good at finding loopholes and if there are none, they create them,but the Dems are so by the book. That’s why they lose to a minority.

    1. @david lopez Democrats are weak no matter how much power we give them they will never have a clue how to use it .

    2. @maddierosemusic Hows that ? Your subscribed to fox and a sickophant trump cult member and you are going to try to talk about us lol

    3. @maddierosemusic really? Is that your best argument? I feel sorry you got last to the brain assignment. You gotta go through life without a brain. Sad

    4. david lopez, the Democrats could have codified this baby killing into law a long time ago. Do you know why they don’t? They refuse to codify it, thus making it untouchable, because they like to use the abortion debate as an axe against the Republican party. If they codify it, that is one less reason to vote for the Democrats in contentious elections, since the issue would be over. Yet you act as if they have any more principles than the Republican party.

      That’s one of America’s biggest issues – people act like either party cares about anything but themselves.

    1. @N Q if you had half a brain then you would know chump has been cheating people for 30 years and let 600000 people die

  3. Go after their guns with the same vigilante laws, watch how quickly SCOTUS will rule on the constitutionality of this crap.

    1. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. That is a constitutional right, this isn’t up for debate.

  4. I appreciate Elie Mystal’s passion for this, and wish the Biden administration would enact his ideas and solutions.

    1. @Jannett Snow Fine that he said so, but he needs to step up his act. These are Rebugniklans tactics to deflect from real issues that need to be solved.

    2. Mystal also has the answers for reorganizing the Supreme Court, which no longer even pretends to be other than undemocratic, and makes decisions based on their religious beliefs, rather than on justice and equal rights for all.

    3. ​@Jannett Snow Biden’s said a LOT of things! I’m glad I’m not in America! I was excited for him getting elected & finally seeing our allie get back on track, but from what I’ve seen, he’s been pure political propaganda as he screws your country 🙁

      He doesn’t seem willing to do what’s needed, cause it might upset some of those that would never vote for him & he wants to make everyone love him.

      He’s done it with covid, then your voting rights bill, then Afghanistan & now this! He just rolls over & does as the trumpsters want, while giving his supporters political spiels that stop you hating him for it. Very very disappointing!

      Real shame your people weren’t willing to elect Hillary, I have no doubt she would have been willing to do what it would take to fix this! She wouldn’t have given a dam if it made the whole country hate her, as long as the pregnant women were protected!

  5. The law is effectively suborning perjury by paying citizens to bring “suit” and indemnifying them against costs, but requiring defendants to pay all legal costs of such suits. In other words the “deputized” citizens are encouraged to file false suits against “possible abettors”

    1. You have not yet seen the potential for this law. It will create a society of fear, where we won’t trust neighbors, doctors, counselors, or legal professionals. This is how the authoritarians in Texas want it: everyone too afraid to resist their minority rule.

    2. @Anonymous User Even if the defendants win they still will have to pay their own legal fees to fight it. That part of the law was designed to bankrupt clinics by drowning them in legal fees and forcing them to close.

    3. @Korrin1 The SCOTUS in failing to strike down this law basically ended not only SCOTUS as a force but the entire federal government. States are now a loose confederation (Confederacy anyone) of autonomous units. The United States of America began on July 4 1776 and ended last week.

    4. @L Whitaker It’s a myth that the GQP wants to turn back the clock to the 1950s. 1650s is more like it. Taxation without representation, slavery, fundamentalist “Christian” law, and King Donald I on the throne.

    5. @txmack1 Close. It’s actually modeled on Nazi Germany. In my lifetime calling the GOP fascist has gone from gross hyperbole spoken by actual card carrying communists to factual reporting. Very very sad.

    1. One thing about MSNBC, you can always depend on them to stir up the racism and hatred of the anti-abortion crowd.

    2. @jdw3848 fenton can you please remove your hood and robe, and stop hiding. it’s 2021 there is no need to hide….

    1. @Maria G. what prevents you from voting? No vote is being g suppressed . You need an ID for almost everything so why can’t you show the same ID to vote?

    2. The judges were probably placed there during the Trump administration after the GOP Senate spent months/years blocking new judge appointments during the Obama era – leading to a flood of hyper conservative judges in the legal system.

      Needless to say the country has only just begun its descent, the impact of the Trump years will be felt long after his heart finally explodes from his terrible diet.

    1. @My Favs
      What GOP racists and traitors need is education and mental health care not guns and walls, deplorable unamerican magats, Hillary had it right klan in red caps

    2. When things were at their very worst:
      2 Suns, Cross in the sky, 2 comets will collide = don`t be afraid – repent, accept Lord`s Hand of Mercy.
      Scientists will say it was a global illusion.
      Beware – Jesus will never walk in flesh again.
      After WW3 – rise of the “ man of peace“ from the East = Antichrist – the most powerful, popular, charismatic and influential leader of all time. Many miracles will be attributed to him. He will imitate Jesus in every conceivable way.
      Don`t trust „pope“ Francis = the False Prophet
      – will seem to rise from the dead
      – will unite all Christian Churches and all Religions as one.
      One World Religion = the seat of the Antichrist.
      Benedict XVI is the last true pope – will be accused of a crime of which he is totally innocent.

      “Arab uprising will spark global unrest – Italy will trigger fall out”

      “Many events, including ecological upheavals, wars, the schism in My Church on Earth, the dictatorships in each of your nations – bound as one, at its very core – will all take place at the same time.”

      The Book of Truth

  6. Thank you Ellie!! It is heartening to see a man that cares about women’s rights as passionately as we do

    1. I’d say he cares WAY more than at least all republican women do! 42% of Americans say abortion should be illegal? You can bet there’s a lot of women in that 42%!

  7. “My body, my choice” ? Must be a double standard…
    Texas can’t manage their power grid, but they want to monitor every womb. smart
    Put a bounty on the governor

    1. @Adam Clearly you didn’t comprehend what I stated. The risks of taking ivermectin out way the benefits of it therefore it’s not a good treatment option. It’s obvious that I don’t want to see anyone ill hence the reasoning behind me making the statement to begin with. Your claiming that it’s a cheaper option but getting the vaccine is free, wearing a mask cost little to nothing. Yet you have these fake companies setting up websites that you have to pay for a consultation then pay the fake online doctor then pay for a so called covid “treatment” that’s only going to do more harm than good. To top it off you have right wing politicians and media influencers pushing it who have been ousted for having stocks in the same companies that make it. Make it make sense!

    2. @Naya Angel False again. Name the former acting FDA commissioner and then tell me what board he resides on now (Pfizer.) After you are done with that look up “Who paid the largest criminal fine in US history?” (Pfizer again) Masks don’t work like you think they do. It’s a false equivalency. Why are the vaccinated getting sicker at a much faster rate than the unvaccinated? Ivermectin has worked for decades and it costs almost nothing. The Vaccines being free is a FALSE EQUIVALENCY. They’ve made 26 Billion since January alone. Is there a reason you side with big pharma who has been responsible for so many people perishing over the years?

    1. @quan Brooklyn kid It should be choice yea 100% but If you cared at all a out others lives you will make the choice to get it, i’m pretty sure that’s the point here.

    2. It appears that the ship of caring has sailed away from Texas. So has honor, dignity, equality, and integrity. Freedom is next. She doesn’t want to go but these sick legislators are molesting her and strangling the life out of her.

    3. Oh my! Try to read closely, many of them do. Yes, there are those who don’t but there are many more that do.

    4. @Geo78 And I would feel differently about abortion if the express purpose of the procedure was not to harm someone else.

    1. @james north No arts, like literature, painting. sculpture ,theatre, movies, only money, money, money, that is so sick. Hand me a Hot Dog!

    2. @doris affissio , Democrats are captains of the Titanic singing as it goes under. Sick Anti-Americans who have ruined every beautiful city in this country with their policies and now intent on destroying the nation. Is that clear enough for you?

    3. @doris affissio I don’t. He never received 81 Million votes. Not even close. Especially when he lost 18/19 bellwether counties who have predicted every POTUS essentially since the beginning of our Nations history. Do you think he won completely fair with no cheating and or added anomalies?

    1. @Sara Mill Yes, the brainwashed women do because of religious and political propaganda. Separation of church and state is embedded in our Constitution. Let’s keep it that way.

    2. @Barbara Wilson When and where did I EVER say anything about religion? Get this and keep this in your head; killing the unborn is wrong. WRONG! I support abortion in only limited, special circumstances . Be a human being, please. After all, you are alive to have an opinion.

    3. @Linda Scott Ne he didn’t. That’s a lie you tell yourself to validate your own cheating. Pride is a strange thing. Wonder how long it will take before you destroy yourself for good?

    1. @Arcturion Blade Yet strangely enough it was Democrats leaving brown people have off of planes in Afghanistan.
      See, making stupid comments is useless isn’t it? I have disavowed both parties, but this kind of crap is just petty and false. Do you know any Republicans? Because I know a lot of them (I live in a red state) and I will you honestly, they are some of the best people I have ever known. Always willing to help when someone is in need, and they are kind and considerate to people in the office, including black and brown. People, what a shock. You guys really need to get a grip, most of these folks just get up, go to work, pay their bills and take of their kids just like the rest of us. They really don’t have time to sit around thinking up ways to hurt other races.
      Oh and they also hold a LOT less mean and hateful thoughts for you than you do for them.

    2. @Mike Harder Nonsense about pro-life…..so just to be clear it is your position that if a child is going to be born in less than ideal conditions, they have no right to live…got it.

    1. @Maryella Rose Why should babies die? Let the Mother lay down her life for her child. Oh wait that is too much integrity.

    2. @jk lauderdale I would agree with you here on reporting every single donation publicly except for the tendamcy now days for people to try to destroy what they don’t like. A lot of people who make small dollar donations can’t afford to defend themselves against things like that.

    3. @Maryella Rose But they’re willing to fund the foundation whose name they’ll hide behind and let the foundation sue people who can’t afford it – Turn about is fair play. If it’s OK for you to donate towards the lawsuits and it’s all public record then your name too should be a part of the list of plaintiffs and would therefore be a matter of public record.

    4. Nothing says MURDER like you fools that think that the murder of Gods creation is a woman’s choice. You follow the liar and Deciever Satan that wants to destroy you in the same way

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