1. What’s amazing is we talk about anything in front of our phones it’s all over offering whatever info on it. Yet, this guy sends all this, and miraculously no one, NO ONE, knew a damn thing! Please!

    1. @Rick Rose Wrong. People in many different nations have access to Firearms legally and illegally. It doesn’t happen in other places because their societies are not as messed up as ours are.

      When our society was more Christian-based (don’t start, I am an Atheist but I am pointing out a proven point), more family orientated, and more morally responsible, we didn’t have school shootings as we do now. We didn’t have crazy people thinking they are entitled to be able to take a life because their life sucks. My father tells me of when he was in school and they took their hunting rifles and shotguns into school for “show and tell”.

      The difference is, people didn’t think about shooting a bunch of people up because it simply was wrong. Our society lacks that moral compass today. With firearms ownership in America well past 300 million and approaching 400 million as well as an estimated 8 BILLION, with a B, rounds of ammunition owned for those firearms, if guns were really the problem, we would know about it and daily mass shootings of more than double digits would be the norm.

    2. Actually, let me correct my comment, it DOES happen in other places. Per capita America is 61st in mass public shootings of the 86 nations that report them. Finland, Norway, Russia, and Switzerland have 45% more mass public shootings per capita than America. Those numbers from the other nations are rising at an alarming rate as well.

    3. @Thomas Joseph
      Thomas, I am probably as old or older than your father, and you are half right. But the people enabling this behavior — who glorify gun culture — are the ones who make the most hypocritical professions of Christian faith. They cynically wear their piety like a badge, as if they are members of an exclusive club, and it is nothing but the most contemptible hypocrisy. As if they would invite St. Francis to go deer-hunting.

      I had the good fortune to attend our public schools when they were still good, before we disinvested in them and increasingly privatized them. Neither of my parents graduated even from high school — as children of the Great Depression, they didnt have the opportunity — yet I was an undergraduate at Yale, and did my graduate work at Harvard and at NYU. Other of my friends went to Harvard and to Stanford, to Harvard Law and to Yale Med. We bussed tables, but we were able to graduate without student debt. (To give you an idea when this was, my college roommate was Andy Bundy, the son of McGeorge Bundy, the National Security Advisor to JFK and LBJ. Chris Buckley lived upstairs from me.)

      I have had loaded guns pointed at me three times — the first time in 1961, when I was eight — but before we became alienated from society and from each other, these events never occurred. We had the sense that society was a shared human enterprise. We attended school, theater, movies, stores together in a shared public space. As we have retreated into a fractured, isolated existence, increasingly, we inhabit echo chambers, never having to look one another in the eye, or test our ideas or perceptions of the world in the public arena. We retreat into a warped, subjective solipsism, and it becomes easier for other people to not be real to us. It becomes easier to lose our capacity for empathy, and in some this enables a capacity for cruelty and sociopathy. (Incidentally, don’t tell me gaming doesn’t at least contribute to this. Here’s a hint: IT AIN’T REAL.)


      These things are true in other western countries, too: in France, and England, in Scandinavia, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. Society has been fractured in these places, too. People have retreated into chat rooms and online existence. But they haven’t enshrined some atavistic relic of the 18th century (the Second Amendment) and have no history of worshipping at the altar of gun culture. And look at this:


      And I invite you to read this, from ‘The New Yorker’:


      Have a terrific day.

    1. @David C he wasn’t it’s been proven today on twitter that the person in the pic holding the trans flag wasn’t him but someone else named sam. They went on twitter to confirm that. I wish I can find the link.

  2. Law enforcement needs to do their job. Both of the last to mass-shooters were on the internet letting you know what their mindsets were. There are laws in place now that law enforcement can use. They choose to use them on certain people of the society and not others that is the issue.

    1. @John Downer how about parents teaching their kids right from wrong? How about teaching kids, consequences. Too many laws protecting kids from parents teaching their kids! “Time out” doesn’t work! When parents take drastic action against their children they are ridiculed. So stop ridiculing parents how they raise their kids

    2. This is not an issue with law enforcement.The laws say the kid could have a gun,and the ammunition for it,and he wasn’t even psychologically evaluated before owning it.The laws suck.You can’t enforce laws that don’t exist.Maybe we shouldn’t be handing guns out to just ANYONE.

  3. Let us all hope that no child will get left alone in their fears or thoughts about it all. Survivor guilt could also factor in for children who just had so many close relationships with the victims…including teachers. It is such a difficult job for everyone involved. I think parents have to struggle to find the right time to weep and mourn their loss without impacting negatively on their children or their close ones. Please stay safe and healthy as you all reach out to one another through suffering. God is right there with you all…promise!

    1. “Gods” promise is not here. “Gods” promise is in the after life, (death). That’s where “God” is, not here, he’s not here, he’s in the after life (death).

    2. @Branches Tarot & Shadow Healing I don’t see what’s wrong with that. A psychopath might be a resilient one with little to no signs, can’t really blame the girl. What had you done if you were the girl?

    1. @Christian 153 No, what we need is more sane people open carrying to defend themselves against these murderers. We also need stricter background and mental checks for the firearms licensing process.

  4. I just heard reports that the cops at the school engaged the shooter but no gunfire was exchanged and the shooter was able to enter and create carnage. Then the shooter had at least 40 minutes in the classroom. The cops did not immediately rush in. They pulled Columbine tactics and waited for a tactical team.

    1. @Aloysius Apparently so, after 40 minutes and 21 dead. All while the ones that were supposed to protect those kids were cowering in their office. Scandalous.

    2. @wvang0013 Active shooter training now is you go to the threat and eliminate it, immediately Not wait for others. I’ll wait to judge after getting a definitive account.

  5. Stop blaming mental illness, almost none of the mass shooters were found to be mentally ill.

    1. @Cutthroat what do you think where u are? HINT: Its Youtube he can post whatever he wants its not the cementery…

  6. Stopping this is such a simple solution, but no one wants to do it, nor ever will. These cowards will continue to do these things, and everyone will just talk talk talk smh

  7. GOOD help isnt even close to affordable for 98% of the country, and the “free” or “cheap” mental health is almost worthless, these ppl can tell that nobody really cares and when u have a therapist that dont care much we can tell

  8. I suggest the first thing to do is to raise the standard for gun ownership. There must be a minimum number of hours of supervised training, number of different areas technical knowledge, income level and knowledge of the laws. This should weed out the worst of the offenders.

    1. Idk what the solution for America is, but the rest of the world looks on in macabre curiosity grateful their country isn’t like that.

    2. Or even just some NeuroPsych evals before handing out guns at the nearest Walmart. It’s preposterous how he could buy guns before he can legally buy ALCOHOL!

    3. @Jefferson Jacinto
      Is that true? In America you can buys guns before alcohol?
      Actually in Australia I think we have a junior licencing system too. Oh we might be the same.

  9. I hope they also research the friend he was texting. The way he/she responded calmly “I just saw the news…” seems like it didn’t shock him/her much

    1. @Kyle Cash whats the purpose? The political systems will still be stagnant, just a waste of time effort and resources for the powers that be

    2. Yet the gun laws are better I’m Germany so people can’t cause so much damage before getting stopped

  10. The Aussies have as big a mental health problem as we do but they have reasonable gun control laws. Their federal government sets strict background checks with no exceptions. They have guns for hunting and protection. They don’t have assault weapons or the NRA and gun maker lobbyists lining the pockets of politicians. If the Aussies can do it, so can we.

    1. @Adam Adam I suggest you actually read the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. You will find that guns ARE a right. Every right is there to be taken advantage of as every American wishes. Educate yourself.

    2. @Adam Adam Second paragraph “It’s not a right”. Yes, you did claim that gun ownership was not a right.

    3. @Annabelle Lee
      Read the entire post as a reply to the original comment. Read the entire thing where I clearly state gun ownership in the US is a right. Do I have to draw it for you?

      The initial comment was about Australia, I’m replying to that. Mental health programs (in Australia) and gun ownership (in Australia). Then I speak about gun ownership in the US.

  11. My condolences to the families of gun violent victims who lost their loved ones, but
    there is a place in the US 🇺🇸 that
    – has no guns,
    – is “safer” than China 🇨🇳,
    – you always have enough foods to eat, and
    – has the *same level of freedom* as China.
    It’s called “prison” in the US.

  12. How this man could post and text about this before and during the shooting is just sickening! It’s like he wanted to tell the world of his atrocities just to get a kick out of it! This guy is just evil to do these things!!

    1. his dehumanising of kids says a LOT about his home life ..violence this young is never NOT to do with how a parent behaves towards their kid .. a parent models to their kid that their feelings and problems and confusions matter to them and can be dealt with together .. and that they like seeing them happy and growing into a confident, responsible adult.
      this is what this shooters moms boyfriend of 1 year who moved into the family home said of the boy ““He was kind of a weird one. I never got along with him. I never socialized with him. He doesn’t talk to nobody,.. When you try to talk to him he’d just sit there and walk away.””
      that is not an adult you want in your home with your teenage son – the kids come first .. even if hes 18 …the moms boyfriend is judging a kid in his own home .. this family is a mess and it’s time we started removing the drivers that increase the chances of kids going insane and violent

    2. He likely didnt. The guy with the gun and the guy on the screen are likely not the same. This reporting is suspicious and doesnt make sense

    3. Saying “He’s just evil”, “He’s the devil” is just plain ignorant. He wasn’t possessed by a ghost, this is a case of mental health going unchecked and spiraling out of control, AGAIN. Yes, of course this was one huge cry for attention, but that’s because all of his previous cries have fallen on deaf ears. Providing young people with proper mental healthcare is not some communist dystopia, it’s what a developed country should have by default.

  13. I send my prayers to the grandmother and everyone who lost their lives from this tragedy 🙏🏽

  14. This is so sad and awful.

    Violence is never an answer or an option.

    My deepest condolences to the families in Texas. 🥀

  15. I’m an 18 year old and I must say I am disgusted for what this individual has done to innocent children. I’ve researched a lot of information, including text messages he has sent before the tragedy; “I just shot my grandma on the head”. He wrote these words to someone on iMessage.. I’d also like to say that we should blame Congress for this- like why would you let an 18 year old have access to guns?.. our government is so mess up. My heart goes for these poor children, my condolences for their family members. Fly high little angels. ❤️

    Edit: 2nd amendment shouldn’t be a thing.

    1. @Saarza I agree with you. There are millions of schools in the United States and all we are going to do is “focus on mental health/illnesses” no— we need to do something MORE. It’s literally 12 AM right now and just reminding myself of this I cannot fall asleep.

    2. I would like to suggest to you that the 2nd amendment isn’t the problem… However, considering the degree to which morality in our culture is broken, and how many families are broken, I agree that well thought out gun control is needed… 18-year old kids of broken families need to be looked at very closely… I think anyone depending on anyone else for living should be considered a kid (or dependent) and looked at very closely… family and mental stability checked closely, references checked, etc… This kid was showing up to school with cuts on his face because he thought they looked good and clearly had a broken household. 2nd amendment or not, legal or not, criminals will surely find guns. Our war machine has produced far too many and we have armed far too many terrorist organizations and cartels for way too long… you can’t really get rid of them, and if we do take them away from the good people, they will be defenseless against criminals in an urgent situation… When you can see that the government can easily fail to protect you and your future family and household, you will find much more value in your right to own arms if you find yourself in a dangerous community. I don’t own guns, but I live in an extremely safe community… at least that’s what I let myself believe, because I would really rather not need to own one… Just giving some food for thought. Given that our society is somewhat in decline, we really ought to have more armed guards at schools in anticipation of the crazies and consider decentralizing school more…

  16. What do kids need emotionally to understand or deal with this tragedy?: They need adults around them who care about them, who can provide them with a stable environment with structure and with a room to communicate about what they know, what they think they know, how they are feeling and what concerns they have about what happened.

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