Texas State Rep. Donna Howard On 'Going Backwards’ On Abortion Rights 1

Texas State Rep. Donna Howard On ‘Going Backwards’ On Abortion Rights


Texas State Representative Donna Howard and media editor for the SCOTUS Blog Katie Barlow on the Texas abortion law going into effect, banning most abortions and depriving women of control of their own lives.

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    1. @thegreen iguana “Could you please explain what communism is?” Right-Winger: “No, I don’t have to because that’s communism”

    2. @thegreen iguana require men and women to be responsible and use protection. Why do you think we have an STD epidemic in the US, with drug resistant variants all over.

    3. @CynAnne1 well take birth control then, don’t leave it up to others to prevent pregnancy. Again goes back to personal responsibility. Pretty simple and if you sleep with a guy who refuses to wear protection, then again that is your stupidity

    1. ​@Florida Man 13 military. 11 Marines, 1 Army and 1 Navy. All because Trump released the Taliban leader and 5,000 fighters from prison. On Feb. 29, 2020, the Trump administration signed a deal with the Taliban to pull all American troops out of Afghanistan by May 1, 2021. and did nothing to withdrawal. Get your facts right.

  1. But once the unwanted children are born the Republicans don’t want to take care of these same children. Let’s pass laws to control a man’s body!!

    1. @Piotr Trebisz Yawn, China has a birth limit because of overpopulation, total opposite from Texas..keep trying..actually try harder..LOL

    2. @thegreen iguana Not 100% effective. And some women can’t take them because of allergies. What do you suggest in that situation?

    3. @thegreen iguana Well, I vote for vasectomy – which can be reversed and takes 20 minutes. Hysterectomy is major surgery.

  2. Republicans: “Don’t you dare tread on me, while I’m busy trying to tread on you.”

    It’s a bottomless pit of hypocrisy with Republicans.

    Fact: If men could become pregnant, there would be an A Clinic in every gas station, sports bar, auto parts store, and every Home Depot in America.

    1. @Mari Oka women’s rights are limited in patriarch society. They have different biological differences than men, therefore they have different roles to play in society. Women should study Bible and frequently attend church. If religious education are offered to women, they will have better faith and morale values. We need to stp the culture of legal prostitution as well as aggressive feminism which downgrades the morale values of a peaceful, lawful society

    2. Romania banned abortions in 1966 (Decree 770). The result was an entire generation of hundreds of thousands of undesired children which ended up either living homeless on the streets or in orphanages which rather resembled death camps, like the infamous orphanage Cighid. It is very likely that the abortion ban in Texas will have similar consequences. The right-wing republican government of Texas follows the footsteps of communist Romania.

    3. David J man yup are creating false words about abortion are going to listen to MSM don’t know about baby’s dying learn your history

    4. I mean think about it. The government of Texas, which calls itself conservative and anti-socialist, does what communist China does, namely reproduction control, just in the other direction. What a bitter irony. They should be at least honest enough and ban abortions only for white, blonde women.

  3. With this “law”, can you imagine the no. of unwanted children who will be born – most likely to a very challenging life! Protecting “life” is a priority – but “life” AFTER BIRTH – the 70-80 years of life – should be given the MAIN PRIORITY of all pro-life advocates!!

  4. Y’all wanted Republicans. Well, you got Republicans. Stop voting against your own interests. The Texas Taliban controls the state. Do something about it, for crying out loud.

  5. Open gun carry with no license and now 6 week abortion ban. At this point they should pack the court. Texas is a joke. Dems should use this in their campaign.

  6. LOL, “My body my right”, apparently that right is only reserved for people who don’t want to wear mask during a pandemic.

    1. @Gabe West So you are in favor of giving rights of individuals to overrule another’s autonomy to live? Give me your left kidney then. I need one.

    1. @Joseph Harrison Bad judgement call. I most certainly believe in God and also am aware of the extent to which his words have been twisted by man for selfish purposes. My wife was a “Special one” and there is a long story there, but her task was on the surface a simple one, to be a litmus and that is a standing task set by God in the eternal realm that entities volunteer for and many are born in every race and religion to serve that purpose. That Latino, African American, Asian , first Nations, or white etc person you abuse or mistreat may well also be a Litmus and you brand yourself for all eternity.
      If you care to investigate, the Bible teaches Life Begins with the First Breath.

    2. @j bryant I never said you made that statement, but if you cared to read the original post that I responded to, you wouldn’t have made that objection. The entire discussion that got this started was the comment that said religious ideologies have always held this country back, and then you made an idiotic statement that had nothing to do with the premise

    3. @j bryant well if you honestly thought I was stretching the truth, then maybe make a reply that actually argues against the claim I made instead of a straw man argument. I never claimed that everyone had to be a christian. So you comparing me to the Taliban is just an ad hom, fallacious argument.

    4. @J . P Goodwin The Bible is full of tons confusing contradictions, but I do remember Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Many Christians use that as proof their god creates life before it’s formed.

      My belief in unborn life however is not religious. The fact is a pregnancy will *always* develop into an adult and is not a random blob of flesh. A child is it’s own unique person and set of cells. I find it funny people advocate for eviction moratoriums but will murder defenseless children.

      Now yes, you are right, the system does need to take better care of the mothers and allow better access to health care. But it does not excuse murder. Ever.

  7. Is anyone surprised? Supposed allies call women Karens and it’s considered gospel and gets a round of amens. Support women or don’t. But don’t pretend you are an ally when you don’t believe women have a right to dissent.

    1. @Byron Mist Democrats and Republicans do it. The fact that you are hiding Democrats doing it by omission means you are part of the racist system.

    1. I thought so numerous times, for some reason the republicans are still winning in certain states… Let’s just hope they’ve finally gone to far…

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