Texas State Rep. Is ‘Hurting For Texans’ Over New Restrictive Voter Law 1

Texas State Rep. Is ‘Hurting For Texans’ Over New Restrictive Voter Law


Texas State Representative Jasmine Crockett (D) joins Nicolle Wallace to explain her state’s new suppressive voting bill that will ban drive-thru and early overnight voting.

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    1. You are right Republicans are primed to win in everyday. No way democrats survive 2022 and if they lose, democracy is lost in 2024

  1. Thank God we have a far right Supreme Court systematically overturning voting rights gee who would’ve thought we’d have a shadow government undermining the Constitution actively operating as a wing of this fascist party.

    1. @Neighborhood Watch yeah I love how they bring up jesus while the murder unborn children,what hipocrites!

    2. @MyndGod AndPsyche
      Speaking of crap.
      How about providing us legitimate American documents that you’re American?
      Like five years of your property assessment notices for the last five years.
      Should only take you a few minutes.

  2. This goes completely through in TX and other states……………………then I will no longer have faith in our voting system. My hope though, is that people will go that xtra mile to make sure their vote is cast. That they show these people who are trying to turn the vote their way, that it won’t work.

  3. I lived in Texas for a few years and just about everyone I talked to wanted Texas to secede from the Union.They seemed to think the rest of the country was vastly inferior. Maybe they should do that and make Trump the president of their new country, put up their own Texan border wall shutting the rest of us out and just go along doing their own weird “thing” while giving the rest of us a chance to live more decently and respectfully of each other.

    1. Good idea, except there are at least 50% of the population in Texas who are just as disgusted with racist republican Trumpists as the rest of the country. We need a constitutional amendment to deport all evil republicans and Trumpists to their own state and then let them secede.

    2. Where in Texas did you live?

      A bill for a Secession Referendum was introduced in the Texas Lege last session. Lots of silly bills passed but even Texas Republicans had sense enough to let this one die.

      Voter suppression laws and even gerrymandering can only trim off votes here and there. Texans need to turn our in strength anyway. Blue Texas? The question is not if but when. That is why Republicans are terrified.

  4. Abbott makes me sick! I pray we are able to vote him out in 2022 along with his gang of corrupt Republicans, but the re districting in my state by corrupt Republicans can make that almost impossible I’m just waiting for that map to drop to see what damage the Republicans have done.

    1. @Bobby Rios you seriously don’t understand what blacks people actually go through in this or white people’s abject eternal contempt for them if you think that

  5. Government officials openly threatening the democracy they’re supposed to protect should warrant capital punishment. This isn’t funny, this isn’t cute, this kind of garbage can lead to real bloodshed. I’d rather see a few heads roll than let this escalate further just because some selfish “elite” idiots can’t be held accountable. An example needs to be made or this will just keep happening.

    1. @Richie Tattersall it sets a precedent however. If both sides just start adding judges to get their way. Soon we’ll just have a thousand judges.

    2. @Texas Pride
      The Republicans have ALREADY screwed with it, Mitch McConnell, BRAGGED about blocking anything and everything Obama tried to do, even Bi-partison from the House.
      He refused to even bring Judges up for discussion on the floor of the Senate at any level of Federal Court’s while Obama was in the White House. They slammed through a law that it no longer required a 2/3rd majority to approve and appoint all the way up through the Federal Courts till it topped out at the United States Supreme Court.
      The voter registration turnout went Democrat, just under 3 Million in 2016, just over 10 Million in 2018 and just over 7 Million in 2020, but the majority of Federal Judge SLAMMED thru over the last 8 years have been Conservative.

  6. So are all the dictionaries going to reflect the new definition of “identification” to also mean “restriction”?

    While they’re at it, perhaps add “systemic oppression” to the definition.

    I can’t wait to try it the next time I get pulled over for an illegal left turn………

    1. Do you really want me to answer that question? The original bill only allowed one ballot box for mail in voting per county. This included Harris County with over 3 million people. It gave the governor the right to veto all of the ballots if the governor didn’t like the way the people voted and s/he could give all of the electoral votes to whomever they chose- regardless if the people didn’t vote for that person. It required multiple signature confirmations regardless if the person had a stroke or was deformed since their last signature. It limited voting hours guaranteeing that people who worked late or irregular hours would have trouble casting a vote. It stopped or limited Sunday voting which is a very common day for inner city people to vote… Shall I continue? The old system was functioning. There was no need to change it. If it ain’t broke, don’t break it!

  7. the federal govt has the power to usurp state elections when their making a mess for any voter. c’mon Jo you got our backs

  8. I don’t know why Republicans there in Texas are still hiding it: really they should just pass a law that only a republican can hold office. I mean why even bother with elections, right? With their current shamelessness I wouldn’t put it past them.

  9. It’s going to back fire as many of their votes came from those they seek to block! haha They are that stupid.

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