Texas’ Voter Suppression Bill Is The ‘Most Draconian’ In U.S. History 1

Texas’ Voter Suppression Bill Is The ‘Most Draconian’ In U.S. History

Texas State Representative Diego Bernal shares the highlights from his time speaking to Democrats in Congress and the Senate to support voting rights legislation and explains why Texas’ new voter suppression bill is one of the ‘most Draconian’ in this country’s history

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    1. @Lee Donald and yet Republican states are dead last in education, infrastructure and are the poorest in the nation. Yup sounds you lemmings are doing a bang up job.

    2. @Izzywizzy yeah it’s not like Republicans in Oregon did the same thing 5 times or anything hypocrite

    3. Leftists should be stopped from voting in Texas. Leftists are locusts who ruined California and now want to bring their third world policies here.

  1. Arent they investigating over 100 cases of fraud from last year only? Also reinstating some of the laws and rules that were in place before covid is Not suppression… U guys have a real problem with language and definitions

    1. Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Maryland all have found very troubling issues with the election.

      Call your elected officials and hound them to audit

    2. @Jason M i was more pointing to the fact that the guy in the video that said they have only had 150 cases in the past 17 years is probably lying.. Or if hes not lying then the fact they have over 100 from last year alone shows massive fraud last year… Also 1 case of fraud does NOT mean it was 1 vote… Maybe u should Think before u speak huh?

    1. @Jason M Aw, you’re upset. Face it, don’t you think it’s time you stop perpetually whining about a man who’s been out of office for 6 months? I mean, even Jesus knew when to pull out of Mary Magdalene so pull yourself out of Trump. He can’t hurt you anymore.

  2. I’ve yet to see anything that could even be considered “suppression”. There are 13 days of early voting, with options for polling places to open on Sunday. If you don’t have an ID, you can use your SS number. There are still drop-boxes and absentee ballots. Can anyone tell me what is in this bill that actually prevents people from voting?

    1. @Ramses it’s not a voter suppression bill, it’s because they saw the clusterfuck here and are smart enough to not want that kind of BS

    2. @EL34Glo Jan 6th is your boogeyman, but no complaints from riots destroying small businesses, billions in damages and just a few mostly peaceful murders. But yea Jan 6

    3. @Matthew Estrada I suggest you look at win percentage in Arizona Georgia and Texas. Republicans are the only party in a democratic election process that want to win in spite of more voters voting against them. Conservativism in this country is a joke. You only care about the deficit if a Democrat is in charge. These voter bills are all in states with shifting demographics

  3. Voter integrity isn’t restrictive to anyone legal, or living. This narrative has utterly failed. Stop the gaslighting.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera So you ARE saying you’re ignorant, and you ARE saying you didn’t read the bill…. Sounds about right then.

    1. @T3J4N0 No, Democrats do.
      We’re too stupid to use the internet.
      How am I even on here

    2. @The Morose Pittbull Why do you form hate groups that target groups of people who are not white Prodestent?

    3. @T3J4N0 He never said he did? Why in the world are you trying to pick a fight? Also, yeah. If we want to argue against it and we just happen to resemble a color of white, we’re labeled racist when race isn’t even a thing in the topic. For example, I wanted a scholarship because my family is poor and can’t get help since my parents were smart enough to buy a house and pay it off over 20+ years. I couldn’t because of my color despite having a 1.0 higher GPA than them from my hard work and 100 more hours of community service, if not more.

      Tdlr: Why are you trying to pick a fight and what he claims is true. We kinda just have to sit here and take it…

    4. @T3J4N0 .. I’m in a Pathfinder 2e group and a non-profit clothing ministry? If you mean my PFP, that’s a TF2 animation reference that sadly stopped… It was such a great fan animation.

    1. @Zanman I am an American citizen. When you can’t refute the facts, go straight to Russian bot. You are one step above those who claim racism. At least have some facts to back up what you say. I asked you 3 times for how it makes it harder.

  4. Please, anyone, explain how this “suppresses” a single vote. So far not one person can illustrate a single measure in this bill that suppresses anyone in any way.

    1. @Jason M Yes, I did. And there is nothing in the bill that suppresses a single vote. Which is precisely why you can’t illustrate a single thing. Funny how often the left feel the need to chime in to say literally nothing. So whenever you can illustrate how a single vote is suppressed in any way, come on back like you have a relevant point to make.

    2. The Left has nothing.

      Thats why, like all arguments, they scream “racist” when theyve lost.

    3. @Ramses “Look it up” in other words you can’t BACK IT UP. That’s because you are regurgitating a spoon fed narrative, from a position of ignorance. Next time try forming an opinion, instead of being informed of one.

  5. Yep cause suppression is using an ID to vote and making voting more secure, cause nobody has an ID it looks like to the the dems

    1. Yep it’s the communist directive of 1943 all over again. There is even more propaganda now though, it’s crazy people buy the crap. The state of Delaware has stricter voting laws then TX. The reason the Dems and their press are screaming over it all is because they know it will make it harder to cheat. There are 13 counties doing audits in Texas now to fact check the results.

  6. MSNBC: Safeguarding election integrity violates your right to vote
    Also MSNBC (speaking of forcing people to take an experimental injection): “We’re too worried about people’s rights”.

  7. If we don’t speak out, this propaganda will continue.
    Call your elected officials and tell them to audit

    1. Take the matter up with the extremely conservative Heritage Foundation that researched voter/election fraud and found that there was an insignificant amount of either. Don’t believe me. Go to their site yourself and see the results for yourself.

  8. Person trying to vote: “An ID? That’s racist. YOU ARE SUPPRESSING ME”

    Person getting vaccine: “An ID? No problem, got it right here.”

    1. @Kris Morris True. They only required them in my county when vaccines were in short supply and I had to show proof of residency.

  9. I don’t understand how it’s “voter suppression”. All it’s doing is keeping y’all from cheating

    1. @Zanman so Russia fixed the election, but the Democrats say theres no way Trump could have lost the election to fraud…

      you just contradicted your own argument genius….

      yeah, youre a snowflake… hypocrisy is the litmus test that exposes your nature.. well that and your abject stupidity…

    2. @daniel guth No one said Russia fixed it. They influenced it. They have been for years. Lots of conspiracy theories and right wing posts you see on the internet are from Russian bots. Historically there has never been major fraud in any of our elections. Including 2020. That Arizona audit is meaningless by the way.

    3. @Andy Trumplicans believe things where there are no FACTS or even proven FALSE and don’t believe in things where there are FACTS proving it true.

  10. A bill that lets the bipartisan poll watchers break the law. WTH kinda bill is that?! Bet a bunch of deceitful minds got together and summoned this up for sure! Smh

  11. Meanwhile you are pushing to shoot us up with experimental vaccs like that isn’t as draconian as it gets lolololololol

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