Thanks To COVID-19, ‘Americans Are Too Dangerous To Be Let Out Of Our Own Country’ | All In | MSNBC


    1. It is compounded by the fact anyone who would go on vacation doesn’t care if they get the virus because a vacation and all the people contact is one of the best ways to get the virus.

    1. @MS. Parker people like you are asleep! Democrats sold us out to the deep state. Vote for them, plan on being a slave who is told what to think and do! You’d be a professional, you already used to it

  1. Obviously the most popular president of all time WOULD need to erect concrete walls around his house.

    1. @Sarah H Sorry about the post, I clicked on the wrong person. Don’t forget to add the noose and hanging tree as well, double the fun.

    1. How far is DC from the border, you guys have done it once already. It’s for their own good remember, just burn it up a little then head home again. Take that Constitution hostage, force them to write a new one if they want the old one back, they’d probably cheer you on as they watched.

    1. I don’t like Greg Abbot right now, cases are skyrocketing in Texas and in Houston but no stay at home order. It’s like we have to meet a quota in deaths to get it.

  2. Like a nuisance neighbour, trump is obsessed with walls, fences and other people living next to him.

    1. That’s the oddity of his base, Trump despises them, go to one of his resorts you won’t find anyone who looks like them, he wouldn’t even let them in. He is the very elite they rail against but hey he shares their racist ideology so who cares. 🙄

  3. So, Drumpf is walling off the people’s house (White House).

    That’s an admission of failure…the biggest, bigly!

  4. Can’t blame the over the pond folks, I’d do the same. Yep Once Great America is nearing a 2nd rate nation.

    1. That’s not an insult, it’s true. This Dam country created it’s history Based on a lie. To shame and disrespect black people. It’s shaming their damself. Only in a America.
      I’ve been waiting on this BS for over 50 years. When ever you dig a ditch for others, don’t forget Where you dug it.

    1. i don’t blame you…, but im a mutt and ive seen the signs of *American* when abroad… some are alright…polite, and have common sense…and a lot of the others? … like chads and karens…

    2. @Jakob Bennett
      Just scoped your comments.
      Dude, you seriously need to stop being a racist hater.
      That’ll get you nowhere in life.

    3. Frankly Speaking racist? Because I said your anti American for saying no American should be let in anywhere. Get out of here. Being short minded and just calling people racist and thinking everything is racist if you don’t agree won’t get you anywhere.

  5. Canada is keeping the borders closed to American’s also. Everyone knows the US is in chaos and can’t get their act together with regards to this pandemic and its going to continue circulating until Trump is gone and a real leader takes charge and gets things under control.

    1. Thousands of commercial vehicles are entering through Canadians borders daily. Canada is not properly protecting its citizens from Americans with Coronavirus.

    2. @James Christie almost all countries are still engaging in trade. But in terms of say, goods coming into Canada from the US, it is immediately dropped off in a warehouse and then disinfected before moving around Canada.

    3. For the last 4 years I’ve been embarrassed to be an American. I would imagine other countries hate us more than they hate China at this point, and I wouldn’t blame them one bit. Trump is just disgusting. 😩

  6. Europe is considering banning us from entering their countries.
    We’re leading the globe in deaths due to Covid.
    Our leader is tear gassing our citizens in order to perpetuate his propaganda.
    Sorry, America….but we’re third world right now.

    1. @Jakob Bennett lol!! Mexicans who are in Mexico right now don’t want to have anything to do with US. The world is turning it’s back on your shithole country.

    2. birdlynn hubbard it will take years and years to be as great where we once were. If Trump is in office for another four years, there may not be an America left. Americans can’t even escape anymore because no one wants us in their countries. That is truly sad!!!

  7. Sorry Americans, but yeah, we don’t want you here either and we’re actively petitioning Trudeau to keep you out.

  8. The world should ban american travelers from leaving america. Until the US gets this under control! This is just common sense! The US is the epicenter of the pandemic right now and has been for a while. Americans should stay in America to keep the rest of the world safe!

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