'That Is How Democracy Dies': Single-Party Power Grab Flagged By Voting Rights Advocates 1

‘That Is How Democracy Dies’: Single-Party Power Grab Flagged By Voting Rights Advocates


LaTosha Brown, co-founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund, talks about why only voting rights legislation passed at the national level can protect voting rights from Republican attack, and how the Republican effort to distort democracy to cling to power is not only about Black voting rights but strikes at the heart of the American system of government. 
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  1. All the terrified little trolls keep repeating themselves here without a hint of coherence. Poor things.

    1. …so this is an infrastructure issue after all. Fix em bridges and the trolls will stay at home

    2. Not having 24 hr polling is NOT racist, not having drive thru polling is NOT racist and voter ID is relevant because the democrat TRIED to stop ID to vote

    3. @YouTube Censorship Sux There was ALWAYS Voter I.D. as we have to show our drivers license and our signature has to match the registry we sign BEFORE we can cast a ballot.

    1. Republicans seem to be totally fine with burning America to the ground, as long as they can rule over the ashes.

  2. Gloves off, people! This cannot stand. Thanks to legit advocates like this fighter, and legit reporters like Ali.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Hey Jr, you need help. Seriously. Try finding someone that will help you wean off the MAGA juice… it is really bad for your brain.

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Irrelevant repetitive short sentences. Set and forget computer program. You guys are talking to a bot.

    1. @Andy Womack Sorry but. He did not assault our democracy, He did not try to be a dictator, he did not and is still not trying to overturn a free and fair election… No bud trump is already considered the 4th worst president and will only go down hill. Obama is up in the top 10 and will only stay there. ( i did not agree with him on all things, but he though and considered… Not raged and screamed like a child’s temper tantrum.. that was 4 years of trump)

    2. @Dale Hartley My point is that by losing the opportunity of the 2008 election, and letting the Republicans set the agenda for the past dozen years, he laid the groundwork for awful Hillary and her defeat by Trump.

    3. @Andy Womack Yeah, I’m failing to see that. You are simply pushing opinions without any facts. Perhaps you should bring some data or facts to the point… Be clearer, and not just give your opinion.
      Your point is simply your opinion until you back it up…and I have seen NOTHING of that. ( I am not saying that your point is wrong, I am saying that it is simply an opinion without a base…thus by nature its wrong.. you have the opportunity to correct that)

    4. @Dale Hartley The number is almost a thousand. That’s how many elected offices changed hands from Dem to Repug while Obama was President.
      Then he paved the way for the nomination of Hillary, possibly the only person the Dems could find who could lose to someone like Trump.
      That’s on him and on centrist Dem moderate Republican policy.

    5. @Andy Womack So you are blaming Obama for a racist knee jerk reaction… I guess him being part black is just such a sin…
      Buddy, you are a racist, you are wrong, and you still have not proven your point. You are presenting YOUR OPINION still. Period. You have cited no data.. even the half arsed example you try to use is not data or fact, but opinion. You do not present its source so there is no verification, or checking as to its bias. What seats? Federal, state, local, school board? you give NOTHING… once again, try presenting evidence to support your point.
      btw I hated and still do hate hillary, however, the idea that he brought her about is BS. Your innuendo about him placing her there is innuendo. your conclusion that only she could have lost to trump is innuendo. The fact is that she WON the popular election and lost the electoral college. So your statement in factually incorrect on its face. It is also incorrect to say he placed her there… That was because there were MANY factors that went into her being there. People wanting a woman, people wanting someone with experience, and the DNC not wanting Bernie. That’s just to name a few.
      Fact is that trump was not known and played on racist, poor, ignorant, and sheeple republicans. No one seemed to look up his history and just took him at tv personality face value. People are ignorant fools.
      Now Unless you have actually data with verifiable sources to back it up… we are done. When you have that try playing again.. Till them Ta, and the final word is I won, you lost…. Word

  3. Democracies are destroyed because of elected leaders-presidents or prime ministers who subvert the very process that brought them to power. … Institutions alone are not enough to rein in elected autocrats. Constitutions must be defended by political parties and organized citizens, but also by Democratic norms.

    1. I agree partly. I many places authoritarian powers have use democracy to reach power in elections and once there start dismantling the possibility to remove them or make them face any “checks or balances”, e.g. Nazi Germany, Islamists, Poland, Venezuela. The constitutional idea was that congress, SCOTUS and president would check one another. However, it the ones in power can install their friends in the judicial system, then they feel safe from criminal investigation. Even if the power grabbers are a minority, they can rule, like in the Senate, or in states with gerrymandering. In a democracy, it is possible to make laws backed by at least 50% to e.g. deny Jews full civil rights or outlaw alcohol. In a liberal democracy, you must guarantee basic rights to ALL citizens, protecting them. E.g. 51% of the population should not force the rest to follow their “religious” beliefs about abortion or sexuality denying civil rights. The 2nd amendment should be scrapped unless it is enforced according to the constitution: “a well REGULATED militia”. In other countries where militia is in the law, the members are APPOINTED, they get arms from their ORGANIZATION according to their ASSIGNMENT, and every arm is registered, known by the police. Each member goes through training and must keep the weapons in safe storage. “Open carry” is a joke, surely liked by people that lack real manhood. For 150 years there has been no need for militia in the US, like it was needed elsewhere in the fight against occupiers in WWII. The threat posed by armed people that can mobilize against others if they don’t get political power in spite of losing elections is reprehesible to a democracy.

  4. The best way all Americans can protect democracy is to make sure and vote ALL Republicans out of office.

    1. @Bryan The 15th ammendment, just in case you’ve forgotten: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”

    2. @Bryan What do you think most of those people feel is an acceptable ID…. Most simply want to prove that you are a citizen, and have for YEARS been proven by various means. You bully bois want state ID… well let me tell you that is a scam. First off it is faked ALL THE TIME, kids wanting alcohol. people wanting to use a friends insurance, ETC. So state IDs would NOT secure anything, to be exact they would LESSEN security, because the poll workers would judge them safe ( erroneously) and then maybe not check other things as well. That I think is the end game with state ID calls from the republicans, they KNOW they can be faked, so they plan to fake them once they are the sole authority for verification.
      BTW, just curious, but where did you get your fact? ( yes I question every one of you cultist. you all lie like trump and are proud of doing it)

    3. @Ti A ribbon sheeple are republicans bud….trained to toe the line, trained to follow the leader, trained to repeat lies when told, trained to not take life saving drugs because… well just because ( there is no reason)….. it is just like when you guys called us snowflakes…. so who melted in the light of truth there bud… It is the big lie and its spreaders 😉

  5. My home state is among those that pulled these restrictive voting procedures, things like this make me ashamed to admit that I was born there.

    1. @Simgor2

      Lol ok junior . FYI I’m not a registered republican, I’m liberal right girl so no need to put your hair baby.

    2. @YouTube Censorship Sux With the way you’re trolling, I find that unlikely. But whatever, keep crying like a spoiled daddy’s girl.

    3. @YouTube Censorship Sux You might not be who I thought you are, let me explain. There’s a Trumpanzee I’ve butted heads with multiple times who’s made multiple accounts, his usernames always reference YouTube in them usually in regards to moderation or censorship. He also throws the mention of California around as an insult, another thing that made me suspicious. If you aren’t him, then I apologize. I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong.

    4. @YouTube Censorship Sux lol, gotta love you people. How are they going to screw up things? The right in the US does not even have a platform except “put out fascist leader in charge” LOLOLOL…. you guys stand for nothing, you have nothing to say that is original, you care for nothing ( not even your own lives that you throw away for a pointless political argument), and when it comes to arguing you fail every time because you have no facts, no solid data…NOTHING to take into court.. Just name calling, insults and innuendo

      So tell me how ANYONE can screw texas up more then the republicans have ( Power, water… both screwed by republicans for profit. Lives needlessly lost because of stupidity, lies, and fruitless political showmanship, and wasting money on a wall when there are better technologies at hand…. there just START with those)

  6. Sitting in Sinema’s office is a complete waste of time. That woman has just one agenda. And that is to please her Republican friends.

    1. You mean Republicans like Obama?
      “The truth of the matter is, my policies are so mainstream that had I set these policies in the 1980’s I’d be considered a moderate Republican.” -Barack Obama, Univision, 2014.

      The Obama Presidency will be seen as when democracy died, and that is the reason why.

    2. @Grogery 1 “The truth of the matter is, my policies are so mainstream that had I set these policies in the 1980’s I’d be considered a moderate Republican.” -Barack Obama, Univision, 2014.
      Sinema is simply doing the Obama.

    3. @Andy Womack Voter supression was some thing Republicans did in secret in the ’80’s pretended Jim Crow wasn’t their thing.

    1. @Gary Campbell What is being called fascism is just another countries laws. I am thinking that letting a state decide who the vote goes to is a very bad idea.

    2. @Jim River : The vote goes to everybody, and besides, elections are a state responsibility, not federal.

  7. When a GOP led senate can overturn the certification of county election votes where the county boards are the ones who certify, does not seem right

      A joint report by the FBI, CIA, and NSA have already confirmed that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Meanwhile, neither Trump nor the Republicans have any evidence to prove the 2020 election was rigged so they don’t have any real justification to change the voting rules other than to stay in power.

    2. @loudboy317 You mean change them BACK, Right? Hey if the report took 674 days do the Pubs get the same due process and time? Or is EQUALITY unfair?

      No, I mean change them so that noone will have any voting access. The pubs are limiting mail ballots, in-person, and election day voting with stricter ID requirements and limited hours or narrower eligibility to vote absentee. It is unfair because they are rolling back the second reconstruction act.

    4. @loudboy317 Show me information you speak of because all I’ve read is voting laws are going back to pre-covid standards……..

    5. @THE ANGRY QUAD “Never Accept” can have a range of meanings. I’m in the UK and I don’t accept the recent general election result in the sense that I hope it gets overturned next time. I also think the case put up by the winning side was bogus. I also think the FPTP electoral system they won under is flawed. But I accept they got the votes that they got and that they won and are, to my regret, in power as per the law and our (unwritten) constitution. In that last sense the Democrats accepted the ’16 results. When the results were in they accepted they had lost. There was a peaceful and dignified transfer of power. But the majority of Republicans have not behaved in the same way in ’20. The attempt to say there is a comparison between the way the Democrats reacted to the ’16 results and the way Republicans reacted to the ’20 results is straightforwardly dishonest.

  8. Republicans like to say “it’s just voter ID laws! what’s wrong with that?!” but they never talk about the other parts of the law: the part that limits number of voting places in high population areas, the part that limits voting hours, the part that limits mail ballots, and of course – the part that allows state legislature to overturn the results on a mere “suspicion” that something wasn’t right

    1. @Michele ‘HemlokHex’ White

      So your not an American citizen, if not than you can’t vote here in the states right? If you are an American citizen than you know what to do

    2. @YouTube Censorship Sux correct. I don’t want to vote there, lol. I only come over to see friends nowdays. We were discussing democracy, not voting anywhere in particular

    3. Democrats whine about voter ID but they are fine with ID and background checks to buy a gun even though that is a constitutional right. You wanted ID’s, So do we. How does it feel?

    1. @YouTube Censorship Sux Americans used to think you terrorist sympathizers were funny too, until you started attacking our country. Now we don’t think you illegals should even be entertained like this, you shouldn’t even be allowed to play with cell phones

    2. @Sean Breen

      I’m glad we can admit your full of lol, thx again kiddo. Tell your mom I’ll hit here up again

    3. @Sean Breen Democrats by far use the most drugs, they are always depressed, naturally dependent on gov. from birth to death & your correct Democrats put more people in jail for drugs than all other political parties combined.

    4. @Roy Batty Seriously, what makes it Jim Crow? Everyone is quick to say that, but have nothing to back it up.

    5. @Jeremy Backup Um, I do live in the USA. What exactly is happening to voter laws that is so “Jim Crow”? Just tell me if I’m so naive. You won’t because you can’t.

    1. @Mr. Majestic Not sane people. There is a reason why a big chunk of the 554 Insurrectionists arrested, are now using the defense that they have mental illnesses and are claiming Trump took advantage of their handicaps.

    2. @Jeremy Backup 8-weeks in prison for “insurrection”? Oooo Republicans must be shaking in their boots!

    3. Simply because no one has made them cease yet tbph. It’s gonna take more than just one person, like, they need to be *stopped* at this point

    1. This is upsetting to you? The fact that we have a corrupt cheater in the White House is not upsetting? It’s very upsetting to 60% of this country! If the democraps cheat again January 6 will look like nothing! Just saying.

    2. @N 827
      Trump is the real corrupt cheater. He’s the one try to rig the election so he could stay in office and he’s passing the blame onto Joe. He tricked his fans and the republichumps into believing that the election was stolen which led to the January 6 riots. The republichumps are the real cheaters because like you, they refuse to accept that the 2020 election results are legitimate so they’re passing laws that violates everyone’s voting rights.

    3. @Jeremy Backup

      Republican aren’t suppressing votes junior, you kids just want everything easy and convenient now because your lazy. Whites wait in the same lines that POC do kiddo lol, gtfo

    4. @loudboy317

      Aren’t these laws the Republicans are passing only to ensure the accuracy of the votes? Not having 24 hr voting isn’t racist, not having drive thrus to vote isn’t racist, not getting food and water bribed in line isn’t racist and certainly making sure state ID is valid isn’t racist

    5. @YouTube Censorship Sux
      State IDs won’t be enough if these laws are passed.
      Using your birth certificate and signature to prove you’re a US citizen IS racist. These laws give Republicans the power to disqualify your vote and most of the voters are people of color so this is also racist. To deny people (especially minorities) enough time to vote or the right to eat and drink while they’re in line IS racist.

  9. This needs to be played on loop. State GOPs are doing everything in their power to rig elections permanently and legally.

  10. If Republicans are able to overturn a election they will do it every election and there would be nothing but crooked Republicans in office.

  11. Why aren’t Democratic and Independent led states strengthening voting rights laws? All I see is the Democrats complaining not acting!

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