That's A Good Boy: Covid-Sniffing Dogs Screen Guests At Miami Festival 1

That’s A Good Boy: Covid-Sniffing Dogs Screen Guests At Miami Festival


a friendly, furry way to combat Coronavirus: Covid-sniffing dogs are monitoring the South Beach Wine and Food festival.
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  1. Meanwhile, my dog eats her own poop and proudly shows me when she has a stick. Love you though, Professor Fuzz!

    1. My dog is the kind of dog that burglars fear the most. They’re afraid of hurting themselves, by tripping over her in the dark. World’s worst watchdog.

  2. Scientists are training bees to perform COVID tests on nasal samples. They are going to use them in 3rd world countries that cannot get enough tests to meet their needs.

  3. Seriously seriously awesome!! I’d love to see those at every big event until the world stomps out Covid, however long the antivaxxers make it take!!

  4. It was disappointing that Donald Trump didn’t waddle by so that we could find out how savage the dogs become when confronted with the smell of something extremely rotten.

  5. My understanding is that dogs and cat can catch covid-19 and spread to owners..I think it’s great they are trained to sniff covid-19 but are the dogs getting tested?

  6. Only problem is that it’s possible to transmit coronavirus to dogs, and here they are making the dog sniff everyone lol

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