1. McCarthy isn’t going to stand up to trump. He’s afraid of loosing his power. He doesn’t have any integrity.

    1. The pig didn’t have to kill an unarmed woman. He could have tazed or pepper sprayed her, not shoot her. The pig murdered her.

    2. @Keepskatin you can’t talk sense into a liberal. The hypocrisy is crazy. Ex: replace Hunter Biden’s name with Don Trump Jr. Do you think they’d be interested in a Trump, crackhead, dirty foreign money, laptop? Hmmmm…

    3. @Dicky Jonesmaybe you can spring for one of McCarthy’s red “MO RON” shirts. You would be stylish

    1. @Sara Mill the ones who want more COVID are the ones who want to ban masks and spread fake news about the safe and effective vaccines.

    2. @Gail Butcher 72 percent of Americans think Biden is directly responsibly for Inflation and Gas prices. No the President doesnt set the prices you nimrod. I didnt say that. But even a blind man can see that Bidens actions as President have done nothing to help the price of goods but in fact have hurt them.

    3. @Gail Butcher i like how you said “maybe” bc thats true. Its 100 percent your opinion as to why. But the fact of the matter is under Donald Trump, regular Americans could fill up a truck for 40 dollars. Right now it costs me almost 75.

  2. America – Stop talking about the outrage and do something about it. The whole planet knows exactly who is responsible for every one of those deaths.

    1. The pig didn’t have to kill an unarmed woman. He could have tazed or pepper sprayed her, not shoot her. The pig murdered her.

    2. @Debra Johnson what?! Joe Biden is is a racist and dividing the country?! I wanna laugh but it’s not funny. Did you just wake from a 5 1/2 yr coma? Or did you misspell Donald Trump? I refuse to believe that you are a real person. I have never, in MY lifetime (52 yrs) seen ANY POTUS divide this country like Donald J. Trump has. He’s still actively doing it!! Unbelievable.

    3. @apathetic marsupial Nice excuse kid …. Democrats are cancer hence the nazis , kkk , and you the Digitalnazis…….
      That’s just in the west …..

    4. @Keepskatin Which is why we need to know exactly what type of rules of engagement were ordered that day as well as escalation of force

    5. @Andrew Gillum 2024 Reveal ur true identity. The real Andrew Gillum is a liberal & a modern Democrat who denounces KKK. The Old Democrats KKK are dead OR the New KKK GOP. U are a perfect fit for the new KKK GOP……R u scared to reveal your true self?

  3. We have to keep reminding ourselves just how bizarre and abnormal The Former Guy’s behaviour really is. This is outrageous and we mustn’t forget it.

    1. A dangerous fruit loop who cannot function without his fantasy being perpetuated. Easy fix is to get him into your on charges of insurrection, inciting violence, plus all the fraudulent claims about the election.

  4. They need to turn their back on them, stop trying to protect them, especially when they out right lie, not appreciated at all.

  5. “This is what the former President should do”. “This is what McCarthy should do”. Stop saying meaningless phrases. Both are out of control and both plan to stay that way

  6. The coward in chief if they were coming for him he would be hiding in his bunker. So much for the republicans being for law and order.

  7. trump being guarded by the SS for the rest of his life is like Luca Brasi getting his pay check from tax payers.

    1. The pig didn’t have to kill an unarmed woman. He could have tazed or pepper sprayed her, not shoot her. The pig murdered her.

    2. @KittenMittensMeow You know, they are hanging out with the usual suspects or the Republican cesspool; Matt Gaetz, Ed[ward] Henry, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Howard Kurtz and that guy who wanted to date his own daughter… ah yeah Trump.

  8. Why is this man still able to spread his lies and threats? He should be taken of the board since a long time! What is the justice system waiting for?

  9. It is like America is living in a Dark Violent Fiction Series on Netflix where all the bad guys get to walk away to be heinous another day.

  10. Enough is Enough, why aren’t these HeinousTraitors, including the most Heinous, Trump in Jail?

    1. Because everyone in the Senate who voted against conviction, even after Jan 6th, are either grifters or don’t want to lose voters. Trump IS the republican party, now… So any republican that goes against him won’t get voted back in. They are terrified of losing their positions, because then they’ll lose their donors.

    2. Because everyone knows they do nothing besides trespassing and disorderly conduct. However Democrat Commies are holding political prisoners in violation of the law and human rights.

  11. The longer trump goes free the more damage he does and the more difficult it will be to hold him accountable

    1. @Mario Manti-Gualtiero -If it were BLM storming the Capitol, not only would many more have been shot but you guys would have applauded it and said they deserve it. Your double standards never cease to amaze me!!

    2. @Nancy Beveridge Taylor She was crawling through a window! Pepper spray YES , bullet to the head NO!

    3. @Erica Hayward Aren’t you the people who love guns and say you would shoot anyone who tries to break into your house? You should be happy then. This is what you want.

    4. @Erica Hayward she was crawling through a window that was just broken by a mob – she had a backpack on, which, considering the circumstances, might have concealed weapons or an IED.

      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


    History: deleted
    Phone: yeeted
    Holy water: needed
    Meat: beated
    То чувство когда все застыли, а люди сзади идут

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