'That's just wrong': Ford calls MPP Sam Oosterhoff's ties to anti-abortion group 1

‘That’s just wrong’: Ford calls MPP Sam Oosterhoff’s ties to anti-abortion group


Ont. Premier Doug Ford says MPP Sam Oosterhoff's affiliation with a group comparing abortion to the Holocaust is 'just wrong.'

#onpoli #cdnpoli

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    1. No unfortunately haven’t had any news from the mainstream for a long time these clowns are sellouts and we have to pay for it to taxpayers if we still have jobs

  1. Everybody has the right to believe whatever they want to believe as long as they don’t believe they can venture to the beach or to a family’ members home when I say they can’t. If they do so they’ll be deemed “Yahoo’s”. Couldn’t make this stuff up.

    1. @zammmerjammer Not necessarily. Historically conservatives were always champions of government actually. Liberalism and progressivism has rather destroyed the very notions of conservatism to such a degree that most modern conservative parties are not even conservative, but ironically liberal

    2. @Grant Johnston Actually it denotes being socially progressive while fiscally conservative so its pretty apt.

  2. Hope is fired for conflict of interest, with his being Mayor Dictator, with his own Decal company. Which is allowed to remain open and running.
    While other Decal stores are forced to Close. WOW, DOUBLE STANDARD, RICH KEEP GETTING RICHER AND MORE POWER HUNGRY

    1. He still has a long way to go to reach the levels obtained by Wynne, and her corrupt predecessor….but he is working on it

  3. If the Covid virus is considered alive, why is a human fetus with a heartbeat, eyes, fingers and a face not considered alive?

    1. If you are equating the “living” status of a microorganism like a virus or other pathogen, with that of a living, breathing human, then your body is committing mass genocide everyday without you knowing it. And if you’ve ever taken an antibiotic you were complicit in it. And you can’t argue self-defence either because an anti-biotic wipes out a spectrum of bacteria, not just the harmful ones. I think however, you already know this and understand that “alive” is a relative term. Otherwise, I don’t think you’d be able to look at yourself in the mirror, lest of all judge anyone else.

    2. @Todd Pick I encountered several of them in my studies in a biomedical health sciences program. Now if you’re talking about trust in biologists and scientists when it comes to political opinions, I do believe there is a conversation to have there as a lot of scientists have the same biased viewpoints.

    3. @Sahil Deshpande I would say that a Virus is certainly alive its not “alive” in how we would define a human being but it is alive. Bacteria is also alive.

      I dont trust government at all nor do i trust science when its clearly being politicized. We had a freaking pandemic protocol and none of it ever included lock downs and day 1 we throw it out and go into the exact opposite of what a 10 year pandemic protocol stated we should do.

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