1. Banning books is asinine. If you don’t want your kids reading certain books, you need to handle that between you and your kids. It’s called parenting.

    1. @Alan Jay Obviously, there’s a very low standard of not shelving the Bible in the fiction section where it belongs.

  2. “The secret to freedom is in educating the people, whereas the secret to tyranny is keeping them ignorant.”


    1. All of my favorite creators on YouTube have been banned. The man I voted for is banned. Doesn’t that tell you something?

    2. @trainwreck told ya YouTube is a privately owned company. they have to make decisions that protect their bottom line. Maybe your favorite creators are just not popular enough to not be banned?

  3. Idaho is becoming more and more bizzare. I truly think that people move there because they are too freaky for normal society. I grew up in the NE Selkirk Mountains in Eastern Washington. I’ve been traveling to Idaho my entire life. I’ve watched how extreme, insane and gun obsessed they’ve become. They are so bogged down by their own hatred, ignorance and fear that they have truly crippled themselves. It’s no longer a pleasant place to go.

    1. @kathi That would cause a civil war. tucker would tell how the government is attacking innocent people just because they have guns and every red state gun toter would stand up with arms to fight by their side. They wouldn’t have a clue how bizzare the Idaho militia men are.

    1. @Shadow Yes! Here in Arizona the GOP are wanting to teach 1776 ciriculum! WTH? Contiuing to want to take us back in time. They are beyond out of touch!

    1. @Vlad the Inhaler Not a school board; this is a public library. And this group is deciding — with guns and intimidation — that no one can read the books they’ve decided God doesn’t like. If you don’t recognize what that is from history, nothing I say will reach you anyway.

  4. The simple fact they refuse to go on recored & be interviewed nor show up at township meetings when it’s known cameras will be there. Tells you all you need to know about their true motivations. If you’re embarrassed to be seen advocating for a point, you don’t really believe it yourself.

  5. Banning books is a symptom of a fragile and stagnant society, not a strong and thriving one. Love the “read-in.”

    1. @JR Porter you have the right to limit what you want your children to read. But you do not have the right to dictate other children’s reading material.

  6. So it’s up to parents what books a library can have on its shelves? If that woman doesn’t want to read a book then no one is forcing her. But this is about extremist Christianity so we’re not dealing with rational people.

    1. @Mem Nem Your comment to me was deleted for your bs. Ha. You may need a new troll account soon to replace this new one.

  7. When media shows up and asks them to expose their view for the whole public they scurry away like rats. Doesn’t give you the idea that they know they stand for what is really right.

    As a student I volunteered my time at my school library and loved it so much it pains me to see library and caretakers of the library, a place of education, free thought, and knowledge to be shared to all is treated with such disrespect.

  8. “God-fearing, liberty-loving” is an oxymoron. If you submit to absolute authority – not to God, if he even exists, but to preachers who claim to speak in the name of God – you are the opposite of free. Then you try to infect others with your fear to enslave them as well.

  9. If she wanted to make her story heard and a national problem why wouldn’t she speak to the press openly or any of them do that? Perhaps they’re ashamed of their actual oppression of others

  10. Well I guess they aren’t calling the librarians witches, but they are aiming for the same outcome. This is up to the local community to stand up to the crazies.

  11. These people are absolutely crazy, and they aren’t going away. Good people everywhere, no matter their political party, must make it clear that they will not hold their communities hostage.

  12. Honestly this is an insult to the men and women who sacrifice their well-being to protect our liberty and freedom of speech but the people they’re defending don’t believe and practice these ideals.

    1. They’re innocent little kids, I don’t get why people dont understand, leave👏the👏kids👏alone👏 LEAVE THEM ALONE.

    2. @Trucker Rawb what kids are u talking about ? Because your children are the only ones you have the right to speak of , who are you or anyone else to speak on how other s raise their children.

    3. @Daniel Triplett why in the hell do you think these books are banned from that library? In public spaces things should be neutral, if you wanna teach your kids on how to be gender queer then DO IT IN YOUR OWN HOME.

  13. My mother was a librarian for 28 years and she suffered sh*t like this in the 80s. I stand with librarians!

    1. @Maggie Hogland Makes sense. In Oregon in the 80’s, Neonatsies and militia-types were pushed out of the cities by groups like SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice), so they worked their way into the rural areas outside of the cities, unfortunately. The neonatsy/militias always had a “Christian” bent to them. Seems like that was enough to help them blend into the rural areas without the level of pushback they got in cities.

    2. D the music industry bacame a target under reagans washington wives (the self described “Moral Majority” 🙄), such groups as the P.M.R.C (Parents music resource center) banning or labelling albums they deemed offensive.

    3. @furiousapplesack what bothers me is ‘why isn’t there any political push to stop this type of extreme behavior’? It’s not like
      we are talking rich or heavily populated area

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