'That's not true': Fox News reporter fact-checks host on air 1

‘That’s not true’: Fox News reporter fact-checks host on air


As Joe Biden closes in on a potential victory, Fox News' coverage of the election has differed from show to show, and at times contradicted itself. CNN's Brian Stelter reports.
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    1. @Nontas Theodorides Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say. Good night to you as well my newfound friend, See you around! 🙂

    1. @R Mcdud goodnight….past your bedtime! Kamala will be the pres in three months and you’ll have your medicare!

    2. @James Schmidt whatever you have to think about so you don’t cry yourself to sleep tonight knowing Joe Biden is your president elect. Stay triggered

    3. @R Mcdud no! He won’t be my president! …just like Trump wasn’t your president! I heard your mommy calling for you! She has your participation trophy! She said Joe was going to give it to you, but he’s already forgotten what happened tonight!

    4. @James Schmidt thought you were going to bed oh triggered one. I love how you claim to know me Captain microcephaly when you don’t know anything. But feel free to call me a hypocrite while you project your feeling on others.

  1. The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it. – George Orwell

    1. @Amanda Mitchell Exactly. Honestly the President doesn’t determine how our lives personally turn out, so let’s all just accept the president and live our best lives. In all reality we seem to switch from left and right every couple elections. At the end of the day we are all Americans and I respect you and everyone else that deserves it

    2. @Vlams journey we share the same values and that is a start of being open to our views of what we want our country to be.
      Breaking down the barriers to over come the very thing that keeps us apart, misinformation. It’s hard to push ones values on another if our words are distasteful.

    1. @Lim Swee Keng wow you sure like to make assumptions huh? Actually I just got the biggest promotion I’ve had in my career, and I started from zero in this country I’m a daca recipient. Yet democrats want to tell me I’m oppressed lol, you sure make a lot of assumptions maybe you’re watching too much tv?

  2. The rats flee a sinking ship first. Remember that. They’re chewing each-other’s limbs off just to be out of there.

    1. @Baracus Obamus I’m not an anything ‘tard and I don’t know about Obama’s pastor, I was replying specifially to June Sanders above who alleges that Trump Jr and other members of his family are in possession of cocaine and crack hoards. She is the one you should be challenging about attacking a politician’s family, I merely pointed out to her in response to her attack on Trump’s family that it’s Biden’s son who is the drug addict, do you not believe in free speech?

    1. How about paranoid/Schizophrenia. Better , don’t be scared , a control freak narcissist has no choice. It’s a a treatable condition.

    1. @EG Mixes No. You need to check your eyes and learn how to read people’s expression. She was PISSED he corrected her then and there. Plus read the FOX NEWS ALERT BANNER. They were following the Trump campaigns lies and got FACT checked LIVE.

    2. Sooooooooooooooooooo, when a news reporter tells you 3 times “That’s not true”, then THAT make it true???? WHAT??? You REALLY trust the media? Fools.

    1. @Mohammed Mogaji Are you aware that none of them were trump supporters? They should have just had a Democrat and Republican read the vote.

    1. “Y does fox even have legitimate reporters? So tell me for 3 years CNN. MSNBC, CBS, ABC and the rest of the MSM went on about Russia . if any of the above had real reporters they would have investigated it, instead of doing so they just regurgitated the same crap day in and day out.Simple minded and or lazy people that themselves could not look up, investigate or research any of it

      “It undermines their whole M O” Tell me whats their MO.

    1. @Joaldavid Sutton I notice that, the left do the same here in the UK when they lose, trash their own shops and homes, I think it’s something to do with a man called Soros.

    2. What happened you Russian bots who were still in news in 2020 just till coronavirus came in news.
      Why Russian couldn’t rig this election? Trump was In charge this time ?

    1. And BLM is patriotic? Really? Did you see the video of one of the founders of BLM saying “We’re trained Marxists”. Check it out dude.

    2. I’ll just go to work for 12 hours a day to pay for the liberals free healthcare and wasted tuition. You’re welcome

  3. ” THAT’S NOT TRUE ! ” 
    ” IT’S NOT TRUE ”

    ……. On a Fox News Tee shirt.

    1. It is impossible to recount the ballot, but re-vote is possible. If a person receives three votes and two more votes, the recount is still the same! Fair? Or 11/3 postmark ?! Next time we should cheat in our life, steal their jobs, just like China. Blocked me.

    2. Hey guys take a look at Benford’s Law, a mathematical rule for detecting data fraud. On GitHub, there are some comparisons of different candidates in some places, but only Biden’s Numbers deviate significantly from the ideal curve.


      If you think there’s nothing wrong with the analysis, please tell the people around you to save this country together. Please( •̥́ ˍ •̀ू )

  4. How long before they turn on each other, start pointing fingers and start denying most of the lies they told and stuck by ???

    1. @S S Fox Fake News and anyone else Affiliated with Trump. I realize your being Trumpish but that’s perfectly fine. Hopefully one day you’ll put the pieces together or come out of the Fog. Until then, Best Wishes.

  5. ” THAT’S NOT TRUE ! ” 
    ” IT’S NOT TRUE ”

    ……. On a Fox News Tee shirt.

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